Villages isolated by snow in Iraq

Temperature drops to 6 below zero

4 Jan 2016 – A local official in Erbil reported Wednesday that snowfall and low temperatures in mountainous areas disabled transportation in some areas.

The director of the border Sidekan north of Erbil, Karwan Karim Khan, said that “last night saw the fall of the estimated amounts of snow with 12 cm in the center,” noting that “the temperature dropped to 6 below zero.”

“Specialized teams are working to remove snow to open the roads leading to the villages of the region.” said Khan.

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  1. Euronews, last updated: 05/01/2017, with video
    Snow storms strike much of central and eastern Europe
    Severe snow storms and strong winds have caused chaos across much of central and eastern Europe.
    Transport has been disrupted and power lines brought down in several regions within the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland.
    In Hungary the river Tsza froze after temperatures plunged.
    Forecasters warned that as much as half a metre of may have fallen in areas close to the mountains in Poland.
    The wintry weather is expected to last until the weekend.

    In the mountains snow is poured next afternoon, still cool
    We watch online January 5, 2017 7:07 with video
    And on Thursday, meteorologists predict snow showers, which are mainly in the mountains even more intense. Temperatures during the day should not get above freezing afternoon in addition will further cooling. The snow thus dissolved and combined with the fresh wind shall drivers count with snow drifts and languages.

    Transportation to many places complicated by snow and ice
    Prague – Temperatures this morning, moving a few degrees below freezing in most areas is cloudy, in some areas still snowing, such as Giant is the reported wind gusts. Heavy snowfall and ice complicates transportation in the Usti region, the highlands are snow showers and strong winds creating snow on the roads languages. Transport in the Liberec region is complicated by strong winds, which mainly consists of mountain roads and snow drifts languages.
    South Bohemian Region
    Snow complicates traffic on some roads in South Bohemia. These are mainly Prachatice, Pisek, Strakonice or Českokrumlovsko. All roads in the region are in the morning only passable with caution. This stems from the current information dispatching administration and maintenance of roads of South Bohemia.
    For example, on the roads of the first class of Prachatice is a layer of new snow. In other districts covering the road again driven slush or snow.

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