Virginia NASCAR Race Snowed Out

“Climate Change is even ruining auto racing and consequently beer sales,” says reader.___________

The postponement at Martinsville Speedway came after upwards of 6 inches(15 cm)  of snow fell in the southwest Virginia region Saturday night.

Snow began falling in the track area Saturday afternoon, and several inches accumulated overnight.

This is the first Cup Series race to be postponed by snow since March 1993.

See photo. There’s definitely a lot of snow on the track.

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9 thoughts on “Virginia NASCAR Race Snowed Out”

  1. Didn’t they tell us back in 1990 that snow would soon be a thing of the past? March 1993 and 2018 prove otherwise.

  2. Adapt 2030

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  3. smiling trying to imagine them racing wearing chains;-) maybe they could soup up some treaded bobcats?? double bonus they can clear their own paths;-)

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