Virginia power customers use record amount of electricity during cold snap

Gives you a real warm feeling to know that Obama is trying to force electricity costs to skyrocket, doesn’t it?

“Dominion Virginia Power on Wednesday met a record winter peak demand for electricity from its 2.4 million customers while cold arctic air blasted the region,” says

“Dominion supplied a peak 19,870 megawatts of electricity around 8 a.m. Wednesday. That is an increase of 85 megawatts over the previous winter peak demand record of 19,785 megawatts, set on January 30, 2014.”

So… record usage in January 2014, and now again in January 2015. Where’s all that global warming


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Meanwhile, Obama wants to shut down more power plants.

He warns that he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar.

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” says Obama.

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3 thoughts on “Virginia power customers use record amount of electricity during cold snap

  1. Of course he and his family will be alright.

    I presume ex-presidents receive an income for life after leaving office ? I also presume this would not be unsubstantial ?

    • Of course they receive an income for life. It’s $200,000 annually, not including “benefits” of being a former president.

      What gets me is the hypocrisy in Obama’s promise – causing electricity rates to spike, whether or not he kills coal power in the process. If he wants dirty fossil fuels to end in favor of transitioning to renewable energies, the process of building out the infrastructure for that means it’s going to take an immense amount of money, which will be passed along to the consumer. So the average person is screwed either way. I’d call that hypocritical of this president.

  2. The primary reason for the big spike in electric usage is all the newer homes have heat pumps and when it gets really cold it switches on resistance heat coil that can use a good deal of electricity and think I’m kidding just look at the panel box and see if there is a 60 Amp or bigger breaker in there.

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