Volcanic ash shuts down 5 Indonesian airports

 Thousands stranded as millions try to head home for Eid holiday.

17 July 2015 – The closures were sparked by eruptions at Mount Raung and Mount Gamalama.

On Thursday evening officials ordered shut the airports serving Surabaya and Malang in East Java – near Raung – and Ternate in North Maluku, near Gamalama.

Thousands remain stranded at other airports including Juanda International Airport at Surabaya, Indonesia’s second biggest city.

Two other airports have remained closed since last week – Banyuwangi and Jember near Raung.

Eid holiday marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


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8 thoughts on “Volcanic ash shuts down 5 Indonesian airports”

  1. time to look at boat travel I reckon.
    had me curious that so many aussies who got stuck there didnt look to alternate routes to make other airports for flights
    for what the accom food etc costs to stay n bitch about it, get on a boat:-)

    • Our society is much too anxious to put all its eggs in one basket. Someone always wants to sell the Big Solution. Right now in international travel, it’s air travel. That’s The Way to Go, and it’s gotten promoted and developed to the exclusion of other modes of travel. The Big Solution usually works pretty well, until it doesn’t, then it doesn’t work at all, and you’re stuck, because you haven’t put any money or resources into developing viable alternatives. It’s the same, alas, with food production, and many other products and services.

    • Too right Laurel – the Indonesians already have a flotilla of orange boats kindly donated by the Australian government.

      One naval vessel and a long rope and every Aussie trapped in Bali could have been in Christmas Island in a trice.

  2. Volcanic activity will continue to increase as the solar cycles weaken. There is some speculation that increased cosmic rays activate the magma chamber. While the AGW crowd blames volcanic activity and not decreased solar activity for the “regional” Little Ice Age, I say they go hand in hand.

    • That is not speculation. To learn how increased galactic cosmic ray activity causes more explosive volcanic activity read “Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays: Volcano as a bubble chamber” Toshikazu Ebisuzaki et all, Godwana Research (2010).
      Also, I suspect planet Earth lost a little angular momentum more than the usual interaction with moon during the near line up of the gas giants each time it crossed the near planetary line-up. This caused some slight slowing of its rotation. Hence the two extra leap seconds that have occurred in the last few years. There would have been a slight gain of internal heat because of the conservation of energy. This then also resulted in a higher incidence rate of cat 8+ earthquakes since 2003 compared to the 2nd half of the 20th Century.

  3. 7.0 quake hits off Solomon Islands: USGS
    See: http://news.yahoo.com/7-0-quake-hits-off-solomon-islands-usgs-035215492.html

    A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands on Saturday, the US Geological Survey said, but the threat of a Pacific tsunami in the tremor-prone region was thought to have mostly passed.

    The shallow tremor was centred about 78 kilometres (48 miles) west-northwest of Lata in the Solomon Islands and about 583 kilometres from the capital Honiara, it said, after revising it down from an initial estimate of 7.5

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