Volcanic eruption expanded ozone hole to record size – Video

Volcanic eruption expanded ozone hole to record size – Video


The eruption of the Chilean Calbuco volcano on April 22, 2015 stretched the Antarctic Ozone Hole to a record size nearly as large as Africa, according to new study.

Not caused by  humans!

Susan Solomon, an atmospheric chemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, authored a 2016 study in Science suggesting Calbuco’s volcanic aerosols had eaten away at the ozone layer.

When volcanoes erupt, they spew sulfur dioxide into the sky. The sulfur dioxide then condenses into tiny airborne particles that tend to congregate into clouds over polar areas, where chemical reactions ultimately deplete portions of the ozone layer.


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6 thoughts on “Volcanic eruption expanded ozone hole to record size – Video

  1. between volcanos and extreme cold n dry spots in the upper atmosphere that also create ozone depletion
    the crap we got told re its ALL mankinds fault looks ever more fraudulent by the day!

    • O3 is very unstable so it breaks down on the slightest of contact with dust, SO2, Cl2 etc.
      NASA predicted the ozone reduction over Antarctica during the 1980s eruptions of Mt Erubus.

  2. I thought R-12 refrigerant and aerosol/spray can deodorants were at fault What a bunch of liars those climatologists have been.

  3. Interesting that the “Ozone hole” was discovered in 1984 after 6 VEI 4 or larger eruptions over the previous 3 years.

    There have only been 12 in the 33 years since.

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