Volcanic-like activity in Niger

25 Aug 11 – “Nigerian authorities and France’s Areva group have sent experts to investigate eruptions, smoke and fumes spouting from a mountain in the West African nation’s northern uranium mining district of Arlit,” says this article on Reuters.

Earlier this week, residents heard explosions that they thought were caused by an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.

“The mountain rumbled, giving the impression that it was collapsing. Black smoke rose and there was a smell of gas, as it was coming from fuel.”

Geologists and chemists visited the mountain on Tuesday to take samples. They found cracks in the mountainside and rocks 400 metres away.

Volcanic activity in the area is long thought to have ended.

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2 thoughts on “Volcanic-like activity in Niger”

  1. It would appear that “volcanic activity, long thought to have ended” seems to be more and more the norm and less and less a fact. Just as those are saying the same thing about the “extinct” volcano near Christchurch, NZ, may also be in for a surprise. The Earth does appear to be becoming a little less predictable, but I am sure the AGW folks will blame it on fossil fuels.

  2. This could actually be a second natural nuclear fission reactor. The first was found in 1972 in Gabon, West Africa and it had already burned itself out many years ago. I would be very interested in Geiger counter readings near the new site.

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