Volcanic ocean warming in action

Volcanic ocean warming in action

Sea temperatures around El Hierro much higher than normal – CO2 emissions SEVEN TIMES greater than normal.

“With the underwater volcanic eruption in el Hierro continuing, I keep a daily eye on its activities,” says reader Hans Schreuder. “I spotted this latest update on the dedicated Canarias 7 newspaper page.”

“According to the article, the difference in surface sea temperature around the underwater eruption is now 4.9°C higher than normal, as measured on January 7 this year, and higher than in December last year, when it was 3.0°C higher,” says Hans.

“It also states that the emission of carbon dioxide has reached 2.398 ± 115 tonnes per day, some seven times greater than normal. Other reports by the same authority stated that the emissions reached 1,665 tonnes a day so there are large variations.”

“This little volcano proves once again that carbon dioxide comes from within the earth and enters the atmosphere via the oceans and that the seas are warmed from below by the uncounted eruptions and black smokers.” (Italics added.)

“For the alarmists to claim that atmospheric carbon dioxide enters the oceans and causes “acidification” is plain nonsense and untrue.”


Late last year this report was filed:

Thanks to analytical chemist Hans Schreuder for this info
Visit Hans’ website here:

Here’s the untranslated version of the article:
La diferencia térmica en el ambiente superficial de las aguas marinas afectadas por la erupción submarina de El Hierro ha llegado a ser de 4.9ºC, según informa el Plan Especial de Protección Civil por Riesgo Volcánico de la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias (Pevolca).

Los registros fueron realizados el pasado el sábado 7 de enero por científicos del Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER) y son ligeramente superiores a las obtenidos durante el mes de diciembre de 2011 que no superaron los 3.0ºC, según una nota de prensa del Pevolca.

La emisión difusa de dióxido de carbono (CO2) en la actualidad por el edificio volcánico insular de El Hierro alcanza las 2.398 ± 115 toneladas diarias, casi 7 veces el valor promedio normal considerado para la emisión difusa de dióxido de carbono (CO2)en la isla, informa el Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (Involcan).

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  1. Robert, what you fail to understand is the AGW most likely CA– USED the eruption in the first place, and the volcano is probably spitting out the AGW
    CO2 that mans recklessness infused it with. It is all spelled out in the latest computer models! Don’t you pay attention?

    Signed IPCC panel on global governance and the world socialism council!

    • You fools are total whack jobs! To say global warming causes volcanic eruptions is absurd! How can you goons look yourselves in the mirror? Talk about bafflegab!

      • I think Mr Geary is being sarcastic surely no-one could believe that. Even James Hanson hasn’t claimed that I think.

      • I concurr with C.Peter Davis.
        To believe that AGW exists or causes volcanic eruptions is unscientific, absurd and has less credibility than the hollow earth and flat earth theories.

        • Although it flies contrary to the current “scientific” credulance, nevertheless it is a fact, of real science, that given the laws of physics as we know them to be, there is therefore no way that the Stars and Planets of the Universe are as solid to the core as common know how teaches us them to be. In my opinion, arrived at through the scientific process, all Stars and Planets are hollow. Magnetic forces that hold atoms together as molecules, and the crystals there of, are far stronger than the gravity that would crush everything into a single point in space. Therefore the magnetic forces in atoms will create hollow planets and stars. Even “Black Holes” have a hollow interior too. The hollow nature of atoms, photos, and electrons is proven science too. So if the Earth is a hollow sphere in space, with a lithosphere of no more than 55 kilometres thickness, then one can ask the burning question, what is it that is driving volcanic activity and Earthquakes ? The answer is Cosmic Ray induction. The same Cosmic Ray induction that drives the Sun to be so shining in the sky. Also in my opinion the Universe is Steady State. There never was any Big Bang and there never will be, because the Universe is not expanding. However explaining about Steady State Cosmology requires alot more space than is available here. Geologists who know their stuff are coming around to the realization that indeed the Earth is hollow. For a good source of information about the Hollow Earth, as seen from a scientific angle, you need to look up the professional geologist JAN LAMPRECHT to listen to his lecture on YouTube at the following link


          Since the Earth is a hollow sphere we can thus easily understand that Plate Techtonics and Crustal Displacement are certainly not in the realms of fantasy. I invite you to read FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS by Graham Hancock where in he explains the importance of crustal displacement, a theory presented by professors Albert Einstein and Hapgood. Here is the link for a free PDF copy


  2. To: Dean Geary
    One has to be a first class Joe-six-pack to believe what government is telling us these days, especially IPCC.

  3. “Acidification” in the water is actually this chemical, “CH2”, which is called “Carbonic Acid” if you think of it in a pure chemistry sense, but looking at it from the point of view of a biologist, he would see it as Hydrocarbon or Carbohydrate, which is organic chemistry, the first signs of life. Indeed the higher levels of “CH2” in the ocean means greater numbers of Jelly Fish, which are low in the food chain, thus food for higher numbers of proper fish. “CH2” is “Jelly Fish”. What is there to be complaining about ? Here is the equation for those who can read it. Notice that higher amounts of Carbon Dioxide entering the water turns into more Oxygen in the water. Once again what is there to be complaining about.

    H2O + CO2 = CH2 + O3

  4. Ha ha Dean, look what you have done. You should have ended with sarc off/. Anyway I saw the funny side of it. The only good thing the AGW theory has produced is a huge increase in the number of sceptics. On a more serious note, has anyone taken seawater samples from around the volcano and tested the pH to see if in fact there is any significant lowering of the water’s alkalinity due to increased CO2 emissions?

  5. Dean Geary says: “Robert, what you fail to understand is the AGW most likely CA– USED the eruption in the first place, and the volcano is probably spitting out the AGW. CO2 that mans recklessness infused it with. It is all spelled out in the latest computer models! Don’t you pay attention? Signed IPCC panel on global governance and the world socialism council!

    Sorry to have to inform you of your error “Mr Dean Geary”, but CO2 levels are certainly not driving volcanic activity in any way or shape or form whatsoever. If the IPCC are thinking that CO2 levels bring on greater volcanic activity then once again the IPCC have gotten everything upside down, wrong way around, and inside out. The IPCC are not very clever are they. Volcanic activity spews out CO2. However levels of atmospheric CO2 have absolutely no effect on volcanic activity whatsoever. Volcanic activity is driven by Cosmic Ray induction. Since there are fewer Sun Spots lately, thus levels of Cosmic Rays are increasing. Also according to National Geographic the Earths magnetic field is going into “Imminent” reversal, and this is allowing greater Cosmic Rays to get in too. Thus the increase in Cosmic Ray induction that is driving the increase in Earthquakes and volcano’s over this past year 2011/2012. More volcano’s erupting will block out sunlight. Cosmic Rays create more clouds too. Both these phenomena will mean cooler temperatures on the ground, meaning hello to the next major Ice Age. In my opinion it is the increase in the amount of Cosmic Rays getting into our Earth that is driving us into the next Ice Age.

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