Volcanic and seismic awakening of Pan-America

Volcanic and seismic awakening of Pan-America

“The seismic and volcanic awakening of Pan-America is now well underway,” says this article on the Extinction Protocol.

The whole region is becoming more violent as geological forces increase plate pressures on the region and the sea-floor is violently stirred along the Puerto Rico trench. The trench has an unsettling history of producing very powerful earthquakes- 8.1 magnitude earthquakes struck the region both in 1787 and 1946.

As a result of the mounting seismic tension on the western region of the plate, we’re already witnessing the volcanic and seismic awakening of much of Pan-America.

  • On November 20, Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano unleashed a 5 km ash cloud.
  • On November 22nd, Guatemala’s lofty Fuego volcano followed suit with a 2 km cloud of dark ash.
  • On November 25th, the alert status of Colombia’s Gelaras volcano was raised to orange.
  • On November 26th, the dense upper volcanic belt of El Salvador was shaken by a swarm of over 700 tremors in a 24-hour-period.
  • Now Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano is the latest telltale sign that the time-bomb in the Atlantic is still ticking. (See https://iceagenow.info/2011/11/ecuador-volcano-throws-boulders-mile/ )

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10 thoughts on “Volcanic and seismic awakening of Pan-America

  1. “The Extinction Protocol” site has a habit of publishing PRO Global Warming articles..just a observation..

  2. I still wonder if there is any correlation between the rapidly decreasing magnetic field strength, polar reversal and earthquake/volcanic activity. Seems to be an AWFUL lot of both lately.

  3. Well there they go again, and again, and again as Ronald Reagan would have said if he were still alive. Folks, the signs are everywhere. We are headed to some kind of not so nice peak. Hope we can survive!

    good luck :}

  4. Could it be as simple as that with less heat from the Sun, the Earth cools and thus contracts, and that contraction is cracking the exterior creating openings for pent-up magma?

  5. Tom makes a good point that “contraction is cracking the exterior creating openings for pent-up magma” – Also, could the global redistribution of H20 (due to very heavy precipitation such as the ongoing flooding in areas like Thailand) influence what is happening? Water is very heavy… – Just a thought.

  6. There once was another theory about planetary evolution referring to an expanding Earth. Expansion of the planet, rather then shrinking, would be a better source of plate shakeup, if you will, and greater earthquake and volcanic activity. But that is just one of those “different theories,” along with every other different theory that one can think of. Had some good points, though. One of the interesting things about theories, such as tectonic plate theory, is that they somehow become “facts” even though they can’t always truly be proven, just assumed. You know, one of the great mysteries to me was the earthquake off Japan that moved Japan some distance like 5 mm. What I never knew and was never stated, was in reference to what?

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