Volcano erupts on same island as earlier quake

More than 1,400 dead from the powerful earthquake and ensuing tsunami on Friday … and now this.

The eruption of Mount Soputan, on the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, came just days after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck central Sulawesi.

The eruption spewed ash 19,700 feet (6,000 meters) into the sky.

Scientists have not yet determined whether the eruption was directly triggered by the earthquake. However, some volcanologists suspect it was.

In the meantime, soldiers and other forces have been deployed to the stricken port city of Palu to guard key infrastructure, fuel depots and the airport to prevent looting.

Soputan is one of the island’s most active volcanoes. It last erupted in 2008.

Just hours prior to the eruption, authorities had issued a statement that both thermal and seismic activity at the volcano had increased in recent weeks.



Horror difficult to erase for Indonesians as toll tops 1,400
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Volcano erupts on same Indonesian island of Sulawesi as earlier quake



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“Once again, on the Ring of Fire,” says Sonya.

“This area has made it cold before,” says Benjamin. “About 75,000 years ago, a volcano in this area knocked humans down to about 3,000 breeding pairs according to some geneticists. I am hoping this settles down. The sun seems to support more activity than less.”

2 thoughts on “Volcano erupts on same island as earlier quake”

  1. “both thermal and seismic activity at the volcano had increased in recent weeks.” probably the other way around quake follows volcanic activity. If it was solar triggered, then probably both related.

  2. now the govt has said to shoot looters
    if they were like the poms and american looters stealing electricals then you see why thats fair
    their poor people havent had food or water delivered to the majority areas at all yet
    it appears food water and clothing is whats being taken.none of which is going to be saleable in any case.
    add to that their own govt is refusing fuel offers from other nations while limited to around 10 suppliers that might? have enough to be able to provide some for basic needs like generators for hospitals and food/med storage.
    masses of dead still in rubble and serious issues like cholera will happen very soon;-(

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