Volcano near Mexico City blasts out ash

31 Aug 11 – Popocatepetl volcano spewed ash more than 3,200 feet (1 km) into the sky four times on Tuesday, Mexico’s national disaster prevention agency said.

The agency said there was a possibility ash could fall on to Mexico City overnight, and urged people to stay at least 7 miles (12 km) from the crater.

The three-mile-high volcano, pronounced po-po-ka-TEH-peh-tel, is located about 36 miles (65 km) southeast of the Mexican capital.

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2 thoughts on “Volcano near Mexico City blasts out ash”

  1. I predict ALGORE will find a way to blame this on either the oil or coal industry– “…the earth is just simply reacting to injury from the hand of mankind, dontchaknow? And if you pay me to shut up by purchasing carbon credits, then the earth will magically HEAL….”

  2. I’m surprised “Popocatepetl pops it’s top” wasn’t the lead headline.

    Until I found your old site I had little knowledge of the changes in the earth’s magnetic field or the incredible rate – ~40 km per year – that the north magnetic pole is moving.

    Now with all the vulcanism and earth quakes and associated tsunami something is obviously happening and I doubt CO2 has much to do with it.

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