Volcano Spews Lava in Yemen – A first for the region says locals

A volcano erupted near Saba Island in the Red Sea on Monday, said fishermen from Salif port city in the west of Yemen.

The fishermen said that the volcano can be seen 3 hours away from its center and that it has been popping up red lava that reached 20-30 meters high.

The fishermen said this was the first volcano they ever seen in the region.

Thanks to Wanda and Tim Austin for this link

“I find it interesting that there was a fairly substantial earthquake cluster (mostly mag 4+) about a year or so ago in the red sea, followed by the eruption in Eritrea of the volcano Nabro (I think that was the name) last summer and now this,” says Tim.

“The rift valley is getting restless…”




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  1. I wish we had as detailed data and documentation for volcanic activity as we have for EQs (in the USGS site for example). I have a feeling that this year is above normal for volcanism, but can’t find enough data to confirm my suspicion. For EQs we have had two intense years in 2010 and 2011 and overall the XXI century has been above normal for very strong EQs, M8-9. We’re returning to levels of M7 that we had in the first half of the XX century and my guess is that this is related with (low) solar activity… just saying.

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