Volcanoes cooling our planet

“Particulates ejected to altitudes above 32,800 feet (10 km) have a direct cooling effect on the planet.”

Volcanoes cooling our planet


Powerful high-level eruptions have been ongoing at Raikoke volcano, Russia ever-since the massive unexpected explosion that took place on June 21-22.

According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo, that eruption sent volcanic ash to an estimated 38,000 feet (11.6 km) above sea level, which is now shifting at 20 kts in a NNE direction.


On June 18, multiple major-level eruptions took place at Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano in just 24 hours, continuing the stratovolcano’s powerful uptick of late.

According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Washington, the largest eruption fired a thick ash column to an estimated 42,000 feet (12.8 km) above sea level, and comfortably into the stratosphere.

And on June 9, Sumatra’s incredibly active Sinabung Volcano exploded in spectacular fashion again, sending volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. The explosion also coincided with a minor G1 geomagnetic storm.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin is warning of a thick ash plume rising to a lofty 55,000 feet (16.7 km).


And another one just popped….

Manam Volcano just Exploded to 50,000 feet (15.2 km)
June 28, 2019 Cap Allon

Yet another high-impact eruption took place at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea on Friday June 28 — following the previous day’s explosion to 12.2 km, and the general uptick which began last year.

A thick volcanic ash plume, rising to at least 50,000 feet (15.2 km) above sea level, was spotted by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin at 06:59 UTC on June 28 using HIMAWARI-8 satellite imagery.

The eruption comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s ejection to 40,000 feet (12.2 km).

From: https://electroverse.net/manam-volcano-just-exploded-to-50000-feet-15-2-km/

With all this volcanic debris in the atmosphere will our fellow cAGW believers now say ‘global cooling’?

Particulates ejected to altitudes above 32,800 feet (10 km) have a direct cooling effect on the planet.

From https://electroverse.net/category/volcanic-seismic-activity/

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  1. The weather is indeed becoming very unpredictable all ove the world – and indeed unstable in places – with extremes of temperatures which ARE indeed influenced by major volcanic eruptions. Next week WEATHER PREDICTIONS show it snowing in the mountains of Norway for the full range of mountains from top to bottom in July of all things?!*. On the other hand we hear of temps being outrageously high in parts of France and Spain this past week from Wed -to Fri at a max of 45C. An unbearable temp, if you are not acclimatized to it – like those in certain parts of Saudi Arabia. These extreme temperature differences could bring great FAMINE. The USA is struggling with being able able to grow 40% of its crops which is very reminiscent of the last mini-ICE-AGE. How to prepare for coming ‘much colder winters’ and lack of FOOD is the big question that concerns me!

    • You missed out the real cause of the wild swings in temperature.
      Meridional Jet streams in both Hemispheres.
      They are much more apparent during the low part of the solar cycle once it reaches reaches 25 full sized spot which can be seen by a 40 MM optic prior and after the Solar Max period.
      The reason – UV the phage area around a full sizes spots contributes up to 16% of UV received by the earth during solar max and a corresponding 16% drop in UV levels during a spot less solar Minimum.
      Our atmosphere of Nitrogen and Oxygen plus 1% water vapour is particularly sensitive to the effect of UV.

  2. What’s interesting to note is Halturnerradioshow.com reported that the Ash cloud from Raikoki was headed to the US and Canada. If you went over to VolcanoDiscovery.com to see the current satellite images (from Nasa), note this webpage has been taken down


    When the web page was up earlier this week all the NASA images were blank white squares. It is common knowledge NASA selectively filters what the public can see. Although I don’t recall the exact date, I believe it was during this past week of June 23, one evening the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth, Texas) area got a very red sunset, perhaps even a deeper red that this:


    Is it connected, I can’t confirm for sure, but it seems coincidental.

    As to the story on the Hal Turner Radio show website, it has disappeared, however you can see a snapshot of it (and the story) on Archive.org’s waybackmachine timestamp of June 23.


  3. I don’t think weather is really becoming more unpredictable – it was NEVER predictable !

    I don’t believe temperatures are more extreme than ever before.

    Gullible people choosing to virtue signal is responsible for the mass hysteria whipped up by the absurd belief the Sun is only capable of heating Earth to minus 18°C without the help from “greenhouse gases” whilst it is widely acknowledged the Sun heats the Moon to ~121°C. The only reason the Moon gets so cold is it’s surfaces have reduced sunshine for ~3 Earth days before the Sun finally sets for more than a fortnight !

    From what I’ve seen it is debatable whether the 45.9°C temperature in France is a reasonable record.

    Here is a site that reached 44.1°C on 28 June 2019 AND a “Feels Like” 45.9°C


    What is really amazing is the temperature sensor is mounted above a tiled roof !!!!

    Anyone who doesn’t think the air temperature readings from this site are worthless is dreaming.

    The tiles on my roof reach temperatures well above 60°C in summer and the ceiling space can reach similar temperatures.

    Perhaps I should install weather stations in both these localities and break all Australian temperature records as proof of the power of “greenhouse gases” ???

    I also saw a recent story about wildfires in Spain implying the demon CO2 is responsible.

    Anyone who thinks CO2 has any role in wildfires is ignorant beyond belief.

    CO2 is non combustible, absorbs only a tiny amount of the IR spectrum and actually puts fires out !

    Seriously, if you insist of being terrified of atmospheric gases at least pick one that is highly reactive and promotes wildfires – in fact is essential to all combustion !

    Oxygen destroys all of man’s creations – either slowly by natural oxidation (rust etc) or catastrophically as in fueling wildfires.

    I say we are emitting too much oxygen for the good of the planet and we need taxes to save us all from Armageddon by hellfire fueled by too much oxygen.

    What a joke alarmists are !!!

  4. The increased volcanic activity may be a result of the Grand Solar Minimum. It happened in the last little ice age. A paper done by a Japanese scientist showed that silica volcanoes were sensitive to increased cosmic rays. Moreover, the increased cosmic rays increased cloud cover.

    • They are also more sensitive to gravity perturbations which have a tidal effect of the Tectonic plates as the Sun’s orbit changes direction during the Suns GSM trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre, when the largest object in the Solar System experiences angular momentum so does the Earth, the majority of stars which exhibit spots are variable with high output during high numbers of spots, and low output during spotless periods.

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