Volcanoes Melting West Antarctic Glaciers, Not Global Warming

“Geothermal heat under the glaciers is likely a key factor in why the ice sheet is currently collapsing.”

Thwaits Glacier
The edge of the Thwaites glacier – NASA photo by Jim Yungel

“A new study by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin found that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is collapsing due to geothermal heat, not man-made global warming,” says this article in The Daily Mail.

“Researchers from the UTA’s Institute for Geophysics found that the Thwaites Glacier in western Antarctica is being eroded by the ocean as well as geothermal heat from magma and subaerial volcanoes.

“The geothermal heat under the glaciers is likely a key factor in why the ice sheet is currently collapsing.”

Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice continues to break records, reaching the highest level since measurements began in 1979.


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11 thoughts on “Volcanoes Melting West Antarctic Glaciers, Not Global Warming”

  1. At last . . . some common sense . . . and I can’t understand why it’s taken so long . . . a mystery.

    Check the temp records . . . the air in Antarctica is below freezing almost everywhere almost all of the time . . . air temps below freezing cannot melt glaciers.

    Therefore the heat has to come from something else, and the only logical plausible source is volcanism, geothermal heat, but of course that happens beneath glaciers, out of sight, out of mind.

  2. “UT” is the University of Texas at Austin

    “UTA” is the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas

    The articles’ author (not you) made the mistake

  3. But the global warming scientists have already written articles saying that global warming is creating volcanos and geothermal heat. (Not making this up).

    So global warming is melting the glaciers after all.

  4. Ever since reading Robert’s books I have been suspicious about what is going on under the ice. As a matter of fact, when Surtsy erupted in 1963 (is that the right date?), I started wondering about what was warming the ocean. Volcanoes have seemed the most likely candidates. Do you suppose Mt. Erebus is about to pop off?

  5. Sorry, Wrong, AGW Zeolots theorize that Green House Gas is agent causing the deep ocean currents to warm, and thus displacing all of the cold water to the ocean surface, where, we have yet to see any Atlantic hurricane achieve more than a category two for any considerable period of time. Additionally, through July this year the North East has seen as high as a 14F delta between surface air temperatures inland vs. the ocean front. For further consideration, lets not forget that the polar vortex is due to warm air pushing the cold air down in a Southerly direction over the US.

  6. More evidence that Gore has it wrong!

    Of course, look what pops up today in a normally pro-AGW site: “Report: Bill Nye, Al Gore Get The Physics Of Global Warming Wrong”

    From: http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/11/report-bill-nye-al-gore-get-the-physics-of-global-warming-wrong/

    “Back in 2011, Nye and Gore teamed up to show that global warming was real using “a simple lab experiment.” The problem is that such experiments have been discredited by scientists who the say these demonstrations show heat transport, not global warming.”
    “Although not an accurate demonstration of the physics of climate change, the experiment we have considered and related ones are valuable examples of the dangers of unintentional bias in science, the value of at least a rough quantitative prediction of the expected effect, the importance of considering alternative explanations, and the need for carefully designed experimental controls,” according to a paper by scientists from Tufts and the Technical Education Research Centers.

    And another anti AGW article: “How the EPA ignores the public and science”

    From: http://nypost.com/2014/08/10/how-the-epa-ignores-the-public-and-science/

    I like the comment:”we need to understand what the sun is doing, he said”.

    “Dr. Fred Goldberg, director of the Swedish Polar Institute and a leading authority on polar history and exploration, discussed how the extent of Arctic glaciers and sea ice have been highly variable over the past millennium. Though “warmists” have cited some recent retreats in sea ice as evidence of man-caused warming, Goldberg showed that ice retreated dramatically in the 1920s — prompting US Weather Bureau fears of “a radical change in climatic conditions and hitherto unheard-of-temperatures in the Arctic zone.” But temperatures dropped again and the ice came back. By 1977, Goldberg noted, fears of a coming ice age dominated the press. To understand future ice conditions, we need to understand what the sun is doing, he said.”

  7. The amazing thing is that all of this was common knowledge for years. Researchers don’t know nearly enough about what’s under our feet (and flippers), but they’ve known enough about Western Antarctica to know it’s a volcanic belt.

    It’s a bit like pretending that sea level rise is a new phenomenon, or that the Holocene hasn’t been entirely a continuum of major and minor temp fluctuations.

    Beats me how they get away with it.

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