Wales – Rate of cooling has increased dramatically

According to reader, cooling since the year 2000 is 3-4 times previous rate.

22 Sep 11

Hi Robert

I have been admiring your website. I am an interdisciplinary scientist and electronics engineer with a keen amateur interest in the weather.

I have wales uk records going back to 1981.

My conclusion wales uk cooled very slightly between 1981-2000 at rate of about .09 C per year.

But since 2000 is cooling at 3-4 times that rate so very soon we will have arctic winters and next to no summer

This will murder food prices and cause revolution

We need to find a way to warm the planet fast.

The severely increased cooling seems to have come about since the advent of widely spreading aircraft contrails.

I believe some call these chemtrails but not having done any pH analysis of my garden couldnt confirm this

Best regards
Chris Barnes

Thanks Chris. I agree that the cooling will “murder food prices and cause revolution.” As I say in Not by Fire but by Ice, I fear that we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice.

However, I think the cooling has to do with the ice-age cycle rather than the chemtrails. And unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything that we can do to change it.

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  1. In essence Mr. Barnes is claiming that Wales had cooled by 5.4 degrees C (almost 10F) in 30 years.
    I would love to see the supporting data for this claim.
    Having looked at Cardiff data for 30 years, I see no such trend.

  2. I have to agree with Mikizo regarding the figures Chris Barnes has come up with. I live in NI where we had many mild winters between 1981 and 2009 with just infrequent outbreaks of really low temperatures as in January, 1982 and December, 1995. Snow amounts had declined during that period compared to the 1960’s-70’s. The past two summers and past two winters have been colder than normal. Is this the start of a new trend? We’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Jet fuel is basically kerosene (JP4). I do not believe there is enough jet exhaust generated to have any effect on the Earth’s vast atmosphere.

    Contrails have been a favorite conspiracy theme for many years. Believers imagine the government puts toxic chemicals in the fuel to accomplish some nefarious objective.

    • theres USA Govt records showing approvals, of chemicals in the air. I was doubtful but after reading it, sorry they admit nd have patents and it isnt all harmless cloudseeding. its insane, but then so are a lot of Dod and other stunts.
      what do you think the latest pumping of sulphur into atmosphere is going to do?
      global dimming
      which IS what the thousands of flights add to daily with or without added chem.
      911 big bonus was a few days of clean air.

  4. Regarding the statement about chemtrails that scizzorbill sort of laughed off, I agree that “contrails” are insignificant, and when you watch that jet fly over head, that contrail will only be about 20 to 50 times the length of the plane and dissipates quickly. At least they did for the first 30 years of my watching high flying jets. Those slow to dissipate, and ever widening bands I see following jets across the sky certainly are very different fron contrails.

    As with all “questionable things” that go on today, if you can make a joke of it and call it a conspiracy theory, everyone pictures a bunch of half wit kooks talking gibberish. big problem is there are a lot of pretty smart people that question what it is that is in those “man-made clouds” we see behind jets. And one last point, since they act as clouds, there is no reason to believe they aren’t, in affect, reflecting heat back into space, especially since that actually was one of the projects that DoD considered as a means to combat “global warming.” Of course, if DoD is involved, you know there are alternative reasons for their showing interest in something, too.

    • Rapidly, or slowly dissipating contrails (chem trails to conspiracy buffs) are a result of wind speed in the contrail area.

  5. I continue to be flabbergasted at the spectacle of schizophrenics inventing imaginary evils with real evils literally developing under their nose as they speak.

    This guy is worried about “contrails” by the “shadow cabal.”

    The natural onset of a new Ice Age is going to kill a lot more people a lot sooner than barium added to jet exhausts, even if I humor you and pretend such a thing is happening.

    I think a lot of these guys are not capable of comprehending what a new Ice Age would be like, so they fall back on something they can understand, like the shadow cabal and jet contrails. It’s simplistic and allows them to focus their fear and anxiety about the future on a human subject rather than the impersonal forces of cruel and arbitrary mother nature in action.

    Sudden climate change is scary and makes humans seem like screeching apes who can be killed in a few weeks with a couple degrees of cooling, whereas the cabal represents something more tangible they believe they could oppose and control.

    Anybody who understands what a new Ice Age would entail would forget about all that crap and devote themselves entirely to preparing for the future that seems imminent. No humans to blame for this calamity, it’s just geophysics killing people en masse like flies. Nothing personal and no anthromorphic malice involved. The planet does it all the time and wipes out countless species overnight if they fail to adapt.

    I figured out what Robert was talking about ten years and dropped the book, went out in my backyard and started digging with a shovel. I knew exactly what the guy was talking about.

  6. I am with you Mikizo.

    Here in the PNW we have seen plenty of *Global Warming* where in the winter months we are having more SW flow rain or inversions where cold air gets trapped down low and warm air above melting any snow that does happen.

    I just go along with the ice age thinkers as it’s kind of fun actually but in reality we seem to have a harder time to get that mountain snow.

    It was mere luck we managed to capture a cold spring to extend the ski season.

  7. I agree with Mikizo. I have lived in Wales all my life and there is no way these figures can even be close to reality. If anything temperatures went up between 1981-2000. Although i fully support the theory of a coming mini ice age / 30-40 year cooling trend, i think that presenting such fudged figures as evidence of this will only harm the credibility of those trying to put across legitimate scientific proof of the cooling.

  8. I agree that the impending ice age is the predominant thing to prepare for. But that does not mean we should ignore the actions of those who manipulate every opportunity they get to increase their power and wealth. And that includes using the global warming hoax to increase taxation, siphon money off via grants and profiteering from over-hyped unnecessary technologies (wind turbines here in the UK) and increase their control. The point is that this reduces our ability as individuals to prepare for an ice age – it is OUR money that is being wasted preparing for global warming rather than an ice age. Doubtless those that have our money will use it to ensure they are safe whatever happens to the climate. And if you don’t believe ANY conspiracies exist, can I suggest you look at the evidence supported by 1,598 verified architectural and engineering professionals at That should generate a healthy scepticism about governments. Unless of course you can disprove every single one of the pieces of evidence presented there – not just the one or two easy targets. Best wishes, Nick

  9. Whilst I’m on the subject of governments not having our best interests at heart, thought you’d like to know that Piers Corbyn at Weather Action has often made life-saving information available free to various governments around the world. Here’s his comment from a recent thread on his site: “Two other examples of State Ostrich-like behavior in the face of our offers of help to prepare for potential disruption and disasters have been 1. Floods UK 2009 Gordon Brown own constituency got some floods in line with our forecast so we wrote to him saying there would be more in North UK around the next weekend – no reply then there were floods in Northern Ireland; 2. As Hurricane Irene was bearing down on USA coast we wrote to NOAA / National Hurricane centre, FEMA, US Dept Homeland Security head & NYork Mayor pointing out we predicted it all along and that its track would be more offshore than they expected and offering to help get these storms advent and tracks right in future. NO REPLY NOT EVEN AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – letter is on WANewsNo14 Piers has a very accurate weather forecasting method, which confirms Robert’s work – specifically that we are entering a period of climate cooling and that man-made global warming is a hoax. You can follow Pier’s work at and!/Piers_Corbyn

  10. Looking and analyzing the countless historic temperature charts including the one on the right of the screen ‘WARMER DURING MOST OF PAST 10000 YEARS’ we have the solid evidence of cooling trend.
    Stock market principal Indexes (not individual stocks), are routinely analyzed using the same principle, with the same predictability and accuracy, which is often close to 100%.
    Right now, the forecast, based on US Dollar, is for Hyperinflation to kick-in somewhere in the early months of 2016.

    That is what is also expected to happen if the cooling ravages the crops and food prices start to sky-rocket, or rather hyperinflate.
    I left Canada 2 years ago and I now live in Philippines where I am developing a tropical farm for self sustainability.

    Although I am not sure what will be like living in Canada in 2020 but I can imagine life in UK, Ireland and Scotland once the Gulf Stream has stopped.
    The recent cold winters may be an early alarm for those who want to hear the message.

  11. I can’t help but notice the slams taken at the mention of chemtrails and the supposed “conspiracy theory” of them. I will agree that they are probably best not discussed here, but the truth is, to far too many people, “Not by Fire but by Ice” is also nothing but a “conspiracy theory,” but one that we all here have “boughten” into. So rather than knock those that mention something you don’t believe in, why not just ignore it, which makes it go away? Incivility, including mine, is not necessary, but easy to do, and really accomplishes nothing. But again, anything that looks like a cloud, acts like a cloud, and when that happens, it does enhance the cooling. Who knows, those unmentionable conspiracy theory items may accelerate the new ice age.

  12. For at least the last 6 months I’ve been talking to my fellow factory workers about the need to get into survival gardening along with having hardier fruit trees, even container gardening and a 3 months stock of dry good but all I get from most of them is blank stares. The political brainwashing has rendered too many, but not all, incapable of independent thinking, they just parrot what they have been told.

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