If I wanted America to fail – Video

“If I wanted America to fail, to follow not lead, to suffer not prosper, to despair not dream, I’d start with energy.

“I wouldn’t take it by force, I’d make America feel guilty about using the energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their business, and powers their economy.

Teach them that they're causing a new ice age

“I’d make cheap energy expensive, so that expensive energy would seem cheap.

“I’d empower unelected bureaucrats to all but outlaw America’s abundant sources of energy

“If I wanted America to fail , I’d use their schools go teach one generation of Americans that their factories and their cars will cause a new ice age.

“And I’d muster a straight face so I could teach the next generation that they’re causing global warming.”

“If I wanted America to fail, I’d create countless new regulations … so complicated … that small businesses with big ideas … wouldn’t stand a chance.

“I’d never have to worry about another Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, or Steve Jobs.”

This great video brings the agenda of the AGW and New World Order people into focus.

“The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact.”


Thanks to Steven Rowlandson and Robert van DeLeur for this link

11 thoughts on “If I wanted America to fail – Video”

  1. Hey Robert,

    I just re-read that new report that talks about the Homeric minimum and says the wind suddenly increased apparently quite a bit.

    If it should happen again maybe all those windmills will suddenly make more sense.


  2. Loved it so much made my kids watch it which inspired an hour long discussion, which my neighbor overheard and came over to participate in which led to a couple of beers which led to us grilling some steaks and having both families sit down and enjoy the spring evening togther.
    Serious stuff though. Pass it on.

    • Too bad we can’t make it available to every kid in America to watch it.! And every adult too..!!

  3. I,d foster a belief that the American people and where they live is the land of the free .I’d then incarcerate a couple of million of them and pay the majority of the remaining population next to nothing and work them half to death .I,d start exporting productive capacity to other countries where labor was cheaper until domestic labor costs became compatible .Whoops sorry its already happening-better not tell anyone shush .

  4. It is not just America that is at risk of failure in more ways than one but pretty well all of the western world and may be more. All that needs to be done is nothing. Keep the current crop of politicians, intellectuals, banksters, secret societies and special interests incharge and mankind will be back in the dark ages and that is if we are lucky enough to be still alive.
    What the powers that be envision is a world where they rule as kings and gods over a slave population of 500 million or less. No freedom, self determination, property or posessions and no physical cash for the slaves/ serfs. All power , privilege and property is for the elites who wish to lord over all. Politics and finance as you all know it is a means to bring the world as you all know it to an end only to be remolded into a global government with the elites in full control with out opposition of any kind any where at any time by any means. If any of you have seen the movie escape from Sobibor there was a scene where a young gold smith had to go from the labor camp to the death camp to get a gold coin to mount on the handle of a whip. On the way there was a long curving trail with a gate at each end and the side were barb wire fences with trees and vines growing to hide the wire. As prisoners went in they could not see the end from the beginning and by that time it was too late to turn back. For the prisoners in the labor camp it became obvious that there was only one chance to survive and that was to fight back and escape. For people that value morality, freedom and property there comes a time where they must defend themselves and take what ever measures they deem nessesary to ensure their survival and victory over those who would destroy them, enslave or plunder them. The attack of the enemy is gradual, made legal and is totally diabolical. When the shepard is a wolf the flock is only so much meat. Think about it.

  5. Obama and the Fascist Left are doing a mighty fine job of Shutting Down America…

    Toss the Bums OUT..!

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