Warm world? Look at the cold all over the map

If you were to believe the mainstream media, you’d think our world is burning up. But that is not true.

Yes, there were places on our planet where it was warmer than normal today. But many parts of the world displayed normal or even colder than normal temperatures.

Look at all of the white and blue on this map.

  • Large portions of the Atlantic Ocean were normal or colder than normal.
  • It was colder than normal across a lot of Africa.
  • It was colder than normal across almost all of the Arctic and the Arctic Ocean.
  • It was colder than normal across almost all of Greenland.
  • It was colder than normal across almost all of India.
  • It was colder than normal across almost all of Mexico.
  • It was colder than normal across central Europe.
  • It was colder than normal across most of Brazil.
  • It was colder than normal across Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • It was colder than normal across all of Antarctica (and remember, Antarctica is twice as big as the contiguous United States).
  • It was colder than normal across almost all of the Southern Ocean

Please, please remember that the media is not giving you the full story.

World Temperature Map – 9 July 2018

Thanks to Larry Brodkorb for this link

20 thoughts on “Warm world? Look at the cold all over the map”

  1. Quite simple. People do believe what they will believe. The moment we can skate in oktober they will say the climate has been changed due to our efforts to reduce CO2 and it happened in short time, luckily.

    • Good point Henk and most people take a position without looking at data and fall for the kindergarten view of warming or cooling being the main game of climate. On a planet that usually has +40C and -40C at various points every day I reckon the average temp is secondary to a host of other climate factors.
      We have been “wetting our beds” over changes of less than one miserable degree over a whole century.

  2. I never pay ANY attention to these retards who keep screaming about all this climate change trash and GW. Ignore them!
    I could not care less what any of them have to say at ANY time in the last 30 years, including NOAA, NASA….etc. Their stuff is agenda driven and mostly always warm-biased. Everyone should know this by now how they manipulate and redwash the data and spit out lies to make agenda-driven conclusions. It’s absolutely nothing new.
    They are just wasting your energy and will shorten your life for 10 minutes whenever you get your blood pressure up all for nothing.
    The ice age has long arrived – it doesn’t matter what happens to these little temperature fluctuations month to month or even yearly. Forget the temporary heat in summer – it is not important.
    Better stock up on food before our crops completely freeze in the years ahead! The cold over land is going to intensify greatly along with record breaking and deadly snowfall in future years.

    • Trouble is when those “retards” include the presidents and prime ministers and energy ministers, you have to pay attention if you want to see how much it is going to cost you to hope to survive, It doesn’t matter if we have the data and even if we have the actual majority, they still have the power, and if you aren’t “paying attention,” you may be facing death or detention.

  3. crappy map too
    why the hell is 4 and 14 almost same colour?
    so the fast glance crew think its the highest on the map of course.

  4. And don’t forget that the majority of that “hotter than normal” temperature is an anomaly based on “average” daily temperature, not daily high temperature. That “higher” temperature comes from all the new cement and asphalt being put down in cities that hold the night temperatures much higher. So, not only is the media lying about how the world is getting warmer, it is also hiding the truth that the daytime highs are declining by telling you about the average daily temperature. If it was truly warming, the average daily temperature would be going up, but so would the daytime highs.

  5. you only need to look at the top right hand corner. The anomaly level is 0.117 C
    what happened to the 1.5C warming that was already supposed to have happened?

  6. It would be nice to compare this with NASA’s ground temperature, or is that what this is?

  7. The biggest temperature anomalies this year were the extremely cold temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast for March and April. My problem with the AGW crowd is that they always shift the benchmarks. In March and April, they were talking about the hotter than normal polar region. Now, they are discussing the hotter than normal temperatures in some parts of the world. That is the way it is. Some parts of the world are always going to be warmer than usual and some parts are going to be colder than usual. I think this has to be pointed out when they bring up temperatures in the U.S. during this period which have been warmer than the usual temperatures.

  8. don’t forget on many of those world maps, they paint areas which have been average in light red color, and paint areas that were below normal as average. If some places were much below normal, that is painted with just light blue. This is how they fool the public if they are gullible.

  9. If you read the newspapers back to whence they began being printed (around 1300); you will notice a trend of the hysteria and hype around EVERY time there was a rise or fall in the temperatures around Europe. Earth was leaving its orbit and flying off in space where we would freeze to death; or the Earth was being drawn into the Sun where we all cook! Now simply cerebrate on the implications for “NEWS” over 700 years, and you see the problem. And I notice that Germany is buying Gas from Russia, and the Trump said we have a more stable supply? The most gas I have ever seen is caused by THE MEDIA!!!!

    • Bad news in banner headlines sells fake news and the advertisements that go with it. Bad news creates profits @ the expense of truth. Good news, normally truth, gets a few lines of print as filler, few read it, this is part of Human nature that you have avoided the misfortune of others
      Bad news in the shape of predicted models of supposed Human Induced Climate Change creates the guilt for human turkeys to vote for a Taxation Christmas and follow the consensus like good little wage slaves.
      Real climate change based on the Sun’s known variability and its massive impacts on the earth climate environment, which periodically, in turn kills vast numbers of humans via drought induced famine is not reported, because the politics of the green socialists consensus do not want to do anything about alleviating the future drought caused famine. The Dalton GSM period of significant drought in the Sub Continent and Asia is a prime example.
      History, politics and religious conformity to the current consensus, repeats its self, act after act on the world stage. During the period 1300 to 1200 New Kingdom (1549–1069 BC) Main article: New Kingdom of Egypt
      A major civilisations was active, this according to verbal history contained a slave nation of builders with a leader predicting 7 years of famine much as Moses suggesting to one of the New Kingdom Pharaohs. By taking action the famine was averted by creating grain stores prior to the famine starting.
      This time line covered a Dalton like GSM from 1400BC to 1300 BC with a Gleissberg cool period 1300BC to 1200BC which followed it.

  10. Hello
    I m from Marrakech , Morocco. We always have 45/49c by day and not below 25c by night in July & August. Scorching heat is a Marrakech thing. But this year until now , we didn’t have it. The maximum was 42 for 3 days but with cold night and the last 3 days we have 35 an 15 by night !!! Apparently it is because of a cuttoff low bringing cool air and we really apreciate it . If it continue like that , then after the snow in the South in January, Morocco is really seeing its weather pattern changing. To be continued …..

  11. I’m from and live in Marrakech , Morocco. Since decades , we always use to have 45/ 49 °c by day and not below 27 by night during July & August. Marrakech is known for its scorching temperatures in summer. But this year it is beginning unexpectedly . We only had a 5 day period of 42 °c maximum but cold nights and now we’re having these days below 40°c temps with 15 °c by night !!! This is not normal . Apparently it is due to a cut off low near the coast of Morocco // Iberia . If this trend continue for the rest of summer then something is changing .

  12. Of course they will come up with a reason that a Volcano showed up under the ice shelf that has something to do with automobile emissions.

  13. I have to laugh every time I see the Antarctic/Coldest place on Earth animated to look like a puddle of molten lava.

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