Warmed from underneath – This is why the ice is melting

Lake Vostok, the largest in a web of nearly 400 known subglacial lakes in Antarctica, “is warmed underneath by geothermal energy.”

“Here, on MSN, but wonder how many will actually catch this? asks reader Bjorn Sefeldt. “warmed underneath by…..” “This is why ice in areas of Antarctica is melting….not because of our CO2.”

After more than two decades of drilling in Antarctica, Russian scientists have reached the surface of Lake Vostok, says this article on MSN.com.

Lake Vostok, a gigantic freshwater lake hidden under miles of ice for some 20 million years, is 160 miles (250 km) long and 30 miles (50 km) across at its widest point.

Similar in area to Lake Ontario, Lake Vostok lies about 2.4 miles (3.8 km) beneath the surface “and is the largest in a web of nearly 400 known subglacial lakes in Antarctica. The lake is warmed underneath by geothermal energy.” (Italics added)

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Good catch, Bjorn. This is exactly why the ice is melting.

And did you notice the size of this lake? It is similar in size to Lake Ontario, and is part of a web of nearly 400 known subglacial lakes … all warmed from underneath by geothermal energy. It’s the same thing that heats the ocean

As I say in “Not by Fire but by Ice,” “it’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, caused by underwater volcanoes.”

7 thoughts on “Warmed from underneath – This is why the ice is melting”

  1. It’s summer in Antarctica and the thermometer reads 89 degrees Celsius below zero? OMG, all the ice must be melting soon /sarc

    • even funnier?
      the Arctic reports of extreme cold were dissed as being unreliable as their thermometers are only rated to about 40 below..
      and they managed to report around 69? below before the components died.
      but they seem to be refusing to record the extremem lows in the records ..
      gee cos it would shoot their warmist claims out of the water mayhap?

  2. Isnt it funny how the Antarctic ice melts at below zero C when all other ice in the universe melts at above zero C! Of course we know that the warmists have new physics. The ice at the poles doesnt melt due to air temperature, the snow sublimes , in fact it doesnt snow there the water vapour freezes out of the atmosphere.

  3. I have wondered if this was happening – and maybe a lot more than we realise in other places around the world. Additionally, I also won’t be surprised if pollution from airliners flying over the Greenland coast is acting like some kind of anti-freeze.

    I must not say “chemtrails”
    I must not say “chemtrails”
    I must not say “chemtrails”
    I must not say “chemtrails”

  4. The ice in a skating rink melts under the pressure of the skate blade, likewise ice under a glacier.
    So, what is the temperature of the water of high pressure Lake Vostok?
    And one news report says the Russians are leaving because it’s becoming too cold to work. Hey Folks, IT’S SUMMER IN THE ANTARTCTIC.

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