Warmest West Coast waters in decades – Maybe EVER

Warmest West Coast waters in decades – Maybe EVER

What does it mean for winter?

Nothing short of historic

“Waters along the west coast of North America, from Baja California in Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, are warmer than they’ve been in decades,”  says this article in the Washington Post. “The plume of warm water bleeding up the coast is nothing short of historic.”

Sea surface temperature difference from normal, November 3 (NOAA)


Maybe the warmest EVER

Writes the Seattle Times:

“The North Pacific hasn’t been this warm ever, as far as anyone knows. It’s really strange,” said Bill Peterson, oceanographer with NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Newport, Ore. “It looks like an El Niño, but it really isn’t. We don’t really know what it is.”

(I’m guessing that it’s caused by underwater volcanic activity. I wish we could follow that heat back to its source so that we would know.

“Marine biologists are stunned by an onslaught of outsider warm-water species up and down the West Coast,” the article continues.

“A likely contributor to the warmth is the high pressure (or ridging) pattern over the western U.S. this year. In this pattern, winds from the south push warm water eastward, allowing it to converge along the coast. More commonly, winds from the north hold warm waters in the tropics and produce upwelling which brings cold deep water towards the surface.

What does this mean for winter?

“They may portend more drought for the West Coast this winter, and cold, stormy conditions in the East,” the article concludes.

The warmer waters may also bring some drought relief in Southern California by enhancing the tropical moisture feed from the Pacific into the southern U.S.

See entire article:

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  1. And the science journals put out articles about asphalt seeps, which on the related news had articles of ” volcanoes” in the pacific, what are they drumming up now? “our cardox” makes volcanoes? do what? oh! Mr Carter! they make …hey make hot watah!

  2. Would easterly winds perhaps be shifting warmer waters from the east, piling those warmer waters up on the west coast of North America; whatever the source of the warming of the waters might be, i.e., that end up there?

    Or, would water or ocean currents moving from east to west result in such; again, the question of what warmed the water in the first place, that arrive there perhaps, still the $ 64,000 question?

  3. Taking winds from the west, in that case would one expect warmer surface water to “pile up” on the east coast of Asia; westerly winds (i.e., those coming from the west and blowing east) blowing surface water away for the west coast, a process which would also pull up, presumably, deeper colder water along the west coast of North America in a scenario like that.

    On the shore of Lake Huron where we visited every summer a breeze into shore always brought warmer surface water in to the beach for great swimming; if the wind was blowing out from the shore, to the water, all we had was cold water o swim in.

    • Cam,
      Surface winds blowing on the surface translate to upper currents to run perpendicular to the source. In the northern hemisphere it is a negative 90 degrees (envision the unit circle), and Southern Hemisphere runs positive 90 degrees. The phenonmenon is called Ekman Transport and as you might have guessed, it’s a function of the Coriolis Effect.

  4. It could mean that more warm, moist air will spill across the western states and hit the frigid colder air which the jet-stream will push south across the eastern states, just as it’s doing this week. The outcome? Just as Mr Felix suggests in his book ‘Not by Fire but by Ice’, where the two air masses meet, it will dump huge amounts of snow. Remember folks, ‘this is just the beginning’!

  5. Current understanding is that it’s caused by slower coastal winds, resulting in less deep [cold] water upwelling. Persistent HP ridge blocking weather must be in play.

    Of course, previously they’d predicted that AGW would cause stronger coastal winds.

  6. Hmmm. i was wondering why the west was staying warm and dry while the midwest and east looked like it was about to repeat last winter and then some and think i have it now.

    imo, those warm waters break up into warm dry air when it hits the west coast and is keeping the west warm and dry and pushing against the polar winds that would be hitting the northwest usa now.

    my speculation is that keeps up the whole winter.

  7. As a tuna afficianado, this makes me think “More Albacore!”

    (at least for those of us who go after those longfins)

  8. What happened to the high pressure system in the western pacific that was so stubborn supposedly causing the drought in California and the western states? Was it true that the Fukashima debris field was the cause of that high pressure system sitting there for the past couple of years. Maybe it has moved east and with it the radioactive (hot) debris is still causing havoc with Pacific weather patterns.

  9. “They may portend more drought for the West Coast this winter, and cold, stormy conditions in the East,” the article concludes.

    The warmer waters may also bring some drought relief in Southern California by enhancing the tropical moisture feed from the Pacific into the southern U.S.”…..

    So basically, they have no clue. It could be wetter or drier, hotter or cooler. My vote is for massive snowfall in the mountains and upper midwest.

  10. Speaking of volcanic activities, perhaps this is part of the warm water issue? This map was taken from the website http://www.oceanweather.com/data/.

    The Aleutian Islands have been very active this year on the surface for certain. Who knows what is going on subsea. These ocean currents could be pushing this warmer water down from that region.

  11. The interesting thing to measure will be snowfall near the coast (say within 5 miles) and snowfall inland (say 25 – 50 miles inland).

    I’d put my money on less snow (but a lot of rain) near the coast and huge snow depths inland.

  12. “In order for ice masses to have been formed, increased precipitation must have taken place. This requires an increased amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, which is the result of increased evaporation from the surface of the ocean; but this could be caused by heat only.”

    This was written more than 60 years ago, by Immanuel Velikovsky. According to him a large celestial body would approach us in the early 21st century. He said that as the object neared, the planet’s core would heat up which in turn would cause the heating of the ocean, as well as landmasses. He also said the heating would lead to more frequent quakes and volcanoes.
    The heating core and rumbling earth weren’t the only thing Velikovsky got right. According to him the celestial object is surrounded by a massive debris field and we could expect to see an increase in large meteorites…which we are seeing in record numbers.

      • You’d have to ask NASA…they’ve been tracking it for decades. The only thing I know for sure is that Velikovsky made many warnings for the people of the early 21s’t century that are now coming to pass.
        I can tell you this, the debris field is coming from Aquarius and when we have Aquarian alignments in early Spring and early Autumn,we get more volcanoes, solar flares and bigger quakes. In 2010 NASA came up with the cover of “fireball season” to explain why we get so many comets in March and April. If you do a search “fireball season,” you will see the term didn’t exist prior to 2010, because prior to then, large fireballs happened once every few decades…now there’s one every few days.
        Also worth noting, the object is coming up from the southern hemisphere and based on ancient descriptions it’s most likely a brown dwarf.

  13. Having spent the summer and fall watching high-altitude Air Force tankers spraying aerosols up and down the CA coast, ad nauseum, this “inexplicable heat” is invariably caused by HAARP; my photographic and satellite evidence is irrefutable. Question is: WHY? Why create a CA drought? Folks armed with high quality geiger counters should band together, organize, and take samples up and down the West Coast to determine if this is actually the cause of the artificial drought, or if there is a more insidious purpose.


  14. I go to the beach every now and then, and the water in socal is freezing. I don’t know about all this warm water stuff your talking about.

    • henry – if you look at the top of the map it says these are anomalies, meaning deviation from normal, whatever the normal is they’ve determined, 30 years or whatever.

  15. I’m sure it’s a combination of natural & man-made events causing this. Geoengineering programs have altered the weather patterns so extensively that GeoengineeringWatch.org (Dane Wigington) tells us there is NO natural weather any longer! I’ve studied his site and watched his videos extensively, and I believe his website offers deep insights into these phenomenon.

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