Warren Buffett thinks shareholders shouldn’t worry about Climate Change

The world would be smart to prepare, but Berkshire Hathaway shareholders shouldn’t worry.

“When you are thinking only as a shareholder of a major insurer, climate change should not be on your list of worries.


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11 thoughts on “Warren Buffett thinks shareholders shouldn’t worry about Climate Change”

  1. basically hes openly defying the groupthinkers..but caveat only ok for him to do that
    pretty amusing how money talks to him..
    he mustnt have enough greenscams going to make it worthwhile bullshitting like the rest

  2. Wonder if they insure roofs? If so, they better worry. Hailstones, heavy snow, trees falling. . .but what does he care, he’ll be crawling underground with the rest of the elite before long.

    Perhaps his dwelling will be on the same tunnel as Obama, Trump and the Clintons. Not to mention Brangelina and DiCaprio. Great party, but they would do well to read “The
    Masque of the Red Death.”

  3. Growers are gloomy about peach and cherry crops this season

    The Hudson Valley’s peach and cherry crops will plummet this year because of a sharp dip in temperatures around Valentine’s Day, after what had been a mild winter.

    Those are among the earliest of the tree fruits, draws for tourists whose spending boosts the economy beyond the pick-your-owns and farm stands.

    There won’t be a verdict until late June on whether fluctuating temperatures have affected apples, the region’s king crop that spawns harvest festivals.

    “For peaches and cherries it looks like a very limited crop in the Hudson Valley,” Dan Donahue, tree fruit specialist for the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Ulster County, said Monday.
    He said the percentage loss had not yet been calculated, “but it’s hard to find any peaches in local orchards at this point.”
    Town of Newburgh farmer Rick Lawrence said his 15-acre peach orchard was a total loss.

    “This is the first year since the early 1960s that we lost our peach crop,” said Lawrence of the Lawrence Farms Orchards. “We had such a mild winter that the trees weren’t ready for the cold.”

    The 10 acres of cherry trees that Lawrence tends have been devastated, as well. “Economically it’s a total loss,” he said. “You can find a couple of cherries on a tree, but that’s about it.”


  4. Snow in Montenegro:

    “Montenegro turned white, cold wind is freezing everything in it’s path.”

    “It is snowing in most of northern municipalities.”

    “Žabljak and Pljevlja under the snow several centimeters thick this morning, which is RARE for this time of year.”

  5. of course it should! we are headed into a massive solar minnimum that is going to cause an ice age! its called solar cycles! these are the main controllers of climate change! It should say share holders shouldn’t worry about man made climate change since climate change is mostly if not all natural and mans emission of co2 into the atmopshere has very little if anything to do with climate change. the 1998 pause in no 18 years of warming proves that man doesn’t cause catastrophic climate change!

    almost every graph on here shows no global warming since 1998:


  6. The article focuses on future warming. If society wants to prepare for the future it must be more resilient. For instance, we must be prepared for another ice age whether it comes next year or 3,000 years from now.

  7. I think good ole Warren Buffet ought to rethink his position and do some research regarding the consequences of a big or little ice age.

  8. A couple years ago Mr. Buffett bought up properties in Texas residing over the worlds largest natural aquafier giving him drilling rights to majority of the water.
    I am quite sure he has done extensive research and rubbed elbows with insiders years ago and would have a general idea of what is coming down the pipe line for humanity.
    That said Mr. Buffet has set himself up rather nicely for the number one commodity needed in times of crisis on a large or small scale.
    From oil baron to water baron, let hell and high water come baby. And it is in a region that should survive an ice age.

    Most of the really wealthy and rich I have met met think of only one thing….themselves.

    How Sad

    1. OOPS!!

      Woke this morning and ding!
      Boone Pickens is the oil turned water baron.

      Had so many things going on.

      Stand me correct please.


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