Washington DC – Coolest May high temperatures since 1882

Washington Post tries to explain it away.

So far this May, Washington, D.C. has had “the coolest high temperatures since 1882,” admits the Washington Post.

“This May’s afternoon highs are running an incredible 15 degrees cooler than last May’s,” says the article. “And they still haven’t hit 80 degrees.”

This May’s average high temperature is just 66 degrees (18.9 C), the second coldest on record month-to-date.

Month-to-date, the only cooler year on record  is 1882, which boasted an average high of 65.5 degrees.

All 22 days have had highs below 80. The only other year not to have an 80-degree day this deep into May came in 1935.

And there’s more!

With 15 (out of 22) days where highs remained below 70 degrees, D.C. is tied with 1954 for the most below-70-degree days on record.

And finally, they’ve had five days (out of 22) with highs remained below 60 degrees, which ties for 4th most on record.

The D.C area has also endured a record number of rainy days (19 of 23).

So what does the Washington Post say about this? Their headline reads, “D.C.’s worst May ever, explained.”

They flounder around a bit with their explanation, but the sentence I love is, “It is perfectly normal for the D.C. area to be caught in the jet stream’s meandering flow during May.”

It’s like they’re trying to make it sound normal!

Wonder how long it will be before someone announces that May was the hottest month ever in Washington, D.C.


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8 thoughts on “Washington DC – Coolest May high temperatures since 1882”

  1. of course mr theres no problem for usa greater than warming ohbummer
    isnt there to notice is he?
    hes off spending your taxdollars on OS trips and golfing

    was great to see the Holder fast n furious gun running scandal got aussie media attention
    another one of the son to be ex presidents coverups n appointees
    hes sure got a lot of them on board

  2. Wonder how long it will be before someone announces that May was the hottest month ever in Washington, D.C.

    June 1.

    • Right on point.
      On a hot day in July, the NOAA will announce May 2016 as one of the warmest in history and the media shills will repeat this over and over.

  3. The most egregious two lines in the article are thus:

    “This May, however, the usual northern jog of the jet stream hasn’t yet occurred in the Mid-Atlantic, although it’s right around the corner. While it’s tempting to try to find an explanation for this, there isn’t one.

    Why is it that unusual cold events are passed off as merely natural variability or of unknown origin, but any high temperature streak is irrefutable proof of climate change and/or global warming?

  4. How about a new phrase from the global warming, climate change, keep moving those goalpost topics hoping something sticks, “Limited Heat”. Yes limited heat to explain the coming cold.

    I’m going to leave a link to a video, at 9:31 locate England.

    There is also a second video that explains China growing crop losses just this year.

  5. If it is perfectly normal for the jetstream to meander in May why are all these records being set for low temperatures? This would suggest that it is neither normal or common. It most obviously isn’t unprecedented. And what say they of the reason for the meandering? Bad luck? Where has all the settled science gone?

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