Washington ski area closed – Too much snow

More than 9 feet of snow — 112 inches — was measured at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Ridge snow stake, according to the Peninsula News. More snow is in the forecast.

“Sorry, road closed today so we will be closed.” said a Tweet from the Hurricane Ridge ski area yesterday (Jan 27).

Today’s Tweet said, “Due to the Hurricane Ridge road closure we will again be closed today…. Sorry.”

The road was also closed on Friday as park crews worked to clear it and the Ridge parking lot — where high winds had sculpted snow into 14-foot-high drifts.


I don’t know how many hours it took for this 9 feet of snow to accumulate, but the Friday update on their Facebook page said: “Careful what you wish for is the moral or this update. 5 feet of new snow and 50 mph winds completely buried the ski area.”

The record amount of snow at the Ridge was 62 feet in the winter of 1998-99, according to Olympic National Park.



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4 thoughts on “Washington ski area closed – Too much snow”

  1. It’s been constant. Probably why the warmists have had to be surprised the equator is warm recently. Someone should tell them the equator is warm during ice ages too.

  2. a friend was complaining about low snow a couple years back, blaming warming..
    after i wrote why i reckoned he was…well.. utterly wrong;-) he doesnt email me..but i BET hes out skiing somewhere now and forgetting warming;-)

  3. Just imagine how HOT it would be now, from Man Made C02 Global Warming, if we weren’t having this Man Made C02 Global Cooling, now.

    Count our blessings.

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