Washington state counted suicides, homicides, and overdose deaths as Covid-19 deaths

No wonder the death count is so high. Are other states committing such flagrant abuses?

“WA Dept. of Health to stop counting deaths improperly attributed to COVID-19,” reads the headline

“One month after the Freedom Foundation reported that Washington state’s method for tallying COVID-19 fatalities could result in an inflated count, the Department of Health (DOH) has announced it will start removing deaths improperly attributed to the virus,” writes Maxford Nelsen.

“In a new fact sheet, DOH explains,

“Until now, we counted all people who died that tested positive for COVID-19. This method identifies people who had the virus, but fails to tell us whether COVID-19 caused their death… We will change the way we report COVID-19 deaths in two phases. Phase 1 will take place on June 17, and Phase 2 will roll out over the next few weeks.

Phase 1: Remove deaths where COVID-19 did not contribute to death from our death count. For Phase 1, this will result in seven deaths being removed from our current death count, including two suicides, three homicides, and two overdose deaths (emphasis added)… Additional non-COVID-19 deaths may be removed throughout the course of the COVID-19 outbreak.

When death reports in each county are corrected, there could be many more such “accidental” classifications.

Are other states committing such flagrant abuses?


12 thoughts on “Washington state counted suicides, homicides, and overdose deaths as Covid-19 deaths”

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  2. Antidotal story I heard second hand… but I believe it.
    A man in Virginia died from a fall off a roof. When his mother went to the hospital to claim the body they had listed the cause of death as covid-19. When the mother ask why, she was told that the hospital gets more financial aid based on the number of covid deaths.

    Again to repeat… I heard this from the dead man’s cousin but I’ve also heard other similar stories.

    • You’re not the only one with stories such as yours, Justin Case. My sister in law’s close friend, an ER nurse, told her of an old woman who came to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. Of course, all patients who present to the ER are screened for Covid-19—she was positive. She had another massive heart attack and died.

      Cause of death? Yep, you guessed it …. COVID-19. An extra $13000 per patient reimbursement from the federal government makes it hard to turn down labeling everything you can as coronavirus.

  3. The most flagrant abuse(s) came from “Global Warming Is Caused By Humans” liars like Andrew Cuomo (Democrat governor of New York State in the United States) who put people infected with Wuhan Coronavirus in with (healthy) old people in nursing homes. This was guaranteed to cause the number of deaths to skyrocket, which it did. Of course, the Leftist Socialist Identity Politics media treats the guy like a hero.

    I learn lately that the Leftist Socialists in Ireland did the same; they did the same in Italy, in England and every other country that had a huge death-toll.

    It’s almost like the Socialist Left Identity Politics people Really Hate old white people. Considering that Karl Marx is an old white guy, nah, their hatred of old white people must be imaginary.

    • In the UK it was just good old incompetence at work not leftie politics that saw the deaths in our care homes. At the root of this you have to understand that the UK was working to a plan. Sadly this was for flu not SARS put in underlies every blunder. The foremost blunder was in not using temporary hospitals as the only place to take virus victims and because of this the health quango ordered 15000 elderly patients be dumped out into ill-prepared and equipped care homes. The majority of homes could not stop this.

  4. The CDC and Dr Birx admitted to this as their guidelines; if tested positive, cause of death. Even if just assumed. My bet is the true death totals due to Covid-19 are so miniscule as to be statistically negligent.

  5. Looking from the UK, is there an anti-Trump element in this where is seems that leftie states are trying to push up the death toll to make Donald look bad. In some cases there could be real deaths and not just flagrant mis-recording.

    The anecdotal story of cash per head could be all too true and in the UK with the NHS being given sainted status – when in reality it is the frontline workers we should laud and not the incompetent organisation – you can see the NHS trust bosses (already overpaid and undertalented) reaching out for more cash. Health quango Public Health England barely mentioned a possible epidemic in its last report while wittering on about 5 a day and don’t go out in the global warming.

  6. Its’ garbage in, garbage out! Global warming, the ‘Vid’, racial divide, guns. It’s all been about either selectively using certain data, or stacking the numbers, to deceive people into believing false narratives. And, a dumbed down people who don’t question what they are taught or told, is ripe for the psychopaths who want to control us all!

  7. When first asked about this inflated COVID death toll reported by the Freedom Foundation, our clueless governor in Washington, Stay-home-Jay Inslee, referred to it as “fanning conspiracy theories from the planet Pluto.” But, I have a question. Is Pluto back to being an ordinary planet again, governor?

  8. “Until now, we counted all people who died that tested positive for COVID-19. This method identifies people who had the virus, but fails to tell us whether COVID-19 caused their death…”

    This is the singular question everyone should be asking … are patients dying FROM coronavirus, or WITH coronavirus?

    As an example pre-pandemic, if an elderly person with diabetes, hypertension, and COPD had a fatal heart attack, would the medical examiner put on the death certificate “Death due to diabetes”? If not, why not? Why is Covid-19 any different?

    We may never know what the true death count from the pandemic is, but it most CERTAINLY is not as high as reported.


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