We are already using long-life solar chemical batteries in a hydrocarbon/coal form

Hydrocarbons were formed in the early atmosphere.

We are already using long-life solar chemical batteries in a hydrocarbon/coal form

J.H. Walker

The propaganda-led snowflake society depends on cheap energy and cheap food grown on massive farms and plantations at the cost of the wild environment which occupied that space previous. They are living a lie, they should be evangelising the aspiration to uplift every human to the same economic level, rather than dumbing down everyone to pre-Iron Age levels.

Remove that reliable energy in favour of expensive intermittent energy provided by fickle winds (or not) on a cloudy sky, or when those expensive solar panels are covered in 100 mm of snow and produce nothing, and the snowflake energy society fails crumbling into the ice and snow of a 140K year glaciation period.

The modern economy depends on cheap energy to manufacture, to farm, to fish, to trade, to extract the resources needed to grow and upgrade the world infrastructure, to provide services, and to provide employment for a gainful improvement in living standards, while at the same time providing a tax base to fund a government which matches the needs and apparitions of each individual nation.

What is not observed is the fact that the hydrocarbons were formed in the early atmosphere of the earth’s nitrogen/hydrogen/methane/CO2 cloudless atmosphere bathed in a high UV from a variable star. Titan is a current example. Since the water/oxygen change 700 Million years ago, solar energy has been sequestrated in carbon-based oceanic methane stores and land-based coal. We are already using long-life solar chemical batteries in a hydrocarbon/coal form.

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    • Yet without the additional CO2 emissions leaving the Tropical oceans from the excess CO2 sequestrated in Polar regions during the LIA, which takes 500 years to flow into the Pacific via the deep returning overturning current those trees would not be able to grow or sequestrate CO2 into new coal productions.
      LIA periods are also cyclic on at 2000 to 2500 year reoccurring event all due to the effects the four Jovian Gas Giants have on the Sun orbital path around the Solar System BarryCentre
      The CO2 cycle is series of long term cycles, all driven by the Sun and it brief cycles of warmth and 140K year of cold with the Coal cycle over millions of years, ever wondered what happens to Coal and Hydrocarbons when they sub ducted back into the magma region.
      Carbonates when sub ducted or heated by geothermal action, turn into Marbles, deep (7000m) ex-Marine rocks rich in organics turn in 100Km in area Hydrocarbon kettles; there is usually one under every major Oil field.
      The Earth is one giant hydrocarbon chemical factory and the Greenies whinge at humans using some of the excess.

    • yawn…aussies copped the million trees agitprop years ago
      theres reasons trees dont grow in some spots not just the thinking that man cut em all down for pastures..sure some spots we did but vast areas never HAD and never will be suitable for trees due to poor soils mineral deficiency and LACK OF REGULAR WATER as well as native animals munching young growth etc majoroty of aus doesnt get enough/regulare rains to enable much but scrubby grasses and woody weeds to a foot or so high to grow..and yet? our crappy biomass pretty much equals our “supposed” carbon emissions anyway

  1. If we removed half the CO2 from the atmosphere life on earth would grind to a halt, if we doubled the CO2 in the atmosphere, life would thrive. Which way are the “environmental” groups leaning?

  2. Furthermore, the hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc.) — on an energy content per weight unit basis — contain roughly 50 times the amount of energy than the best batteries.

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