We Are Being Enslaved!

“It’s time to stand up and fight back and stop being the gutless cowards we’ve been for the past 9 months!”
– Benito Lorez

We Are Being Enslaved!

Benito Lorez

Fauici suffers from the “Napoleon Complex.” He’s a little man with a big ego that must be fed massive amounts of laurels in order to feel good. The man is an absolute joke imo. He’s gone from an allergy specialist to a pandemic expert and now to transformer of human civilization as if he were a god of some sorts. And I’m sure he thinks himself a god or at least a demigod.

This whole pandemic is geared towards destroying freedom and transforming humanity into something we were never meant to be. Everything that comes out of Fauici’s mouth is contrary to nature! And now get ready because he and his cronies are about to ramp things up another notch as the “flu season” dawns. I’m sure he’s an expert on that too.

Fact is humanity is being pushed into subjection to those like Fauici and George Soros who think they are the only ones on the planet who know best. We are being ENSLAVED! If these psychos succeed human life will become something most of us do not want to be a part of any longer. In fact, they want most of us dead so they can use their wacky science to turn the planet back into “Eden.” But that “Eden” is for them and for them alone not for us.

These people, including Fauici, are psychotic and outright evil. They are far more than simple charlatans and snake oil salesmen/women. It’s time to stand up and fight back and stop being the gutless cowards we’ve been for the past 9 months!

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  1. When enough people agree with the sentiments of this article, then, and only then, will there be a revolution. In the meantime, the “bread and circus” will go on.

  2. The recommendations Fauici makes about sexual activity are absolutely the worst. For example, wearing a mask and not kissing ever, but it’s OK to go hunt up some stranger for casual sex on TINDR or advocating the use of glory holes. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “glory holes”, that is something gays used to use (may still who knows) for anonymous sex – cut a hole in a wall, stick yer whinie into whatever/whoever is on the other side), and have at it.

    This despite supposedly being in some high position during the AIDS epidemic, both those types of activities positively identified as making the spread of AIDS much worse.

    Sheesh…. what a weirdo!

  3. Throughout history (after the advent of agriculture) the Golden Rule was always followed. That is, those with the gold ruled.

  4. I have a personal game plan to educate myself prior the the covid-19 vaccine coming out… so I can decide for myself if and when I want to get a vaccine. I am sharing this with you all in case you want to use a similar approach.

    1. Learn about viruses in general. I have a college background and years of experience in public health but I never took a course specifically in microbiology, this is the series of lectures I’m looking at to educate myself. Its a free, online course you can take from Columbia University and so far I’d say it’s a very good course (you don’t have to register or anything, just look at the lectures). There are a total of 26 lectures (look up Virology 2020 on YouTube to get the full list or follow my link below). I have listened to the first two – which were very good and pretty easy to understand for someone with reasonable amount of intelligence but a limited background in that subject. I do not recommend binge watching, unless you are an expert in microbiology… it’s pretty intense and takes some time to process the material. I’m looking at one lecture per day or every other day.


    2. After educating myself on virology, I plan on educating myself on immunology. I haven’t yet found what lectures I’ll look at.

    3. After educating myself on immunology I plan on digging a bit deeper on the subject of herd immunity. I have previously assumed herd immunity was possible for the covid-19, but I’ve been hearing lately that may not be possible so I want to dig deeper into that subject once I’ve got my basics down.

    For this I’m also going to review the literature on rinderpest, which is a viral respiratory disease in herd animals which I find particularly fascinating. (At one point in the past rinderpest has been thought to kill off over 95% of all herd animals in Africa… so that started me thinking, why didn’t herd immunity stop that disease?)

    4. Finally I will review all the literature that comes out about what clinical trials were done about whatever vaccine or vaccines are out there and being recommended. I have a background in research design (and worked for several years for a clinical trial and for several years participated in institutional review board reviews for medical research proposals at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital) so I will apply my background understanding to that. Only once I’ve done these things will I decide what I personally want to do if and when a vaccine comes out. Should keep me busy plus exercise my brain in the next few months!

    If anyone is interested, once I find a good lecture series on immunology I can share that link with you all.

    • Social Vandal, I have found in conversation with others that there is near-universal understanding that
      –There is no medical necessity for lockdown, masks, distancing, or a
      –These measures are politically inspired & ominous.
      –That our liberty and economy are being threatened.

      About half of those whom I engage in conversation mention the NWO and the necessity for us to have a revolution.

      It is an error to infer from mask-wearing that people are stupid. They simply don’t want to pay a fine or confront store personnel. Store personnel make at least token efforts to enforce masks because they don’t want to be closed down or pay substantial fines.

      I was in a larger city all day today, and my experiences are extremely heartening. They include:
      –Within a multi-dentist practice every person I spoke with– 6 people–
      was outspoken against what is occurring. Their speech was
      triggered by my refusal to wear a mask. The dentist insisted that we
      should “do something.” They all continued to wear their masks to
      protect their jobs.
      –Every bus driver as I moved around — 7 of them– wore their masks at
      least part of the time but ignored that I didn’t. Two removed their
      masks to engage in anti-lockdown conversation with other
      –At a county-run medical clinic where I saw a chiropractor all the staff
      wore masks and ignored that I didn’t. While the chiropractor
      worked on my back he trashed the lockdown nonstop. He was
      triggered by my saying, “Don’t wear that stupid visor on my account.
      This whole thing is ridiculous.” He closed the door, removed it, spoke
      of how it’s mandatory and LAUNCHED on related topics.
      –A perfect stranger, a woman who gave me a ride when she saw me
      waiting at a bus-stop, spoke vigorously about the necessity to do
      something to keep them from destroying “this great country.” She
      had clearly given me a ride in order to vent– and she had had Covid
      and been fairly sick with it. But she was unequivocally against

      People KNOW what is happening. They are NOT stupid. They simply don’t know what to do about it. And neither do we.

  5. Yeaugh I’m totally disgusted in this non-existent country and why stupid Americans are putting up with this garbage!

    This isn’t America!

  6. George Soros is a geriatric, remorseless gangster who thinks that bankrupting the Bank of England made him a moral vessel.

    Ho ho ho.

    Why anybody takes the first bit of notice of him is quite beyond me.

    He has no principles, no morals and endless avarice.

    The absolute antithesis of the sort of leadership normal people look up to….

    • why?
      hes donating to ngos and anyone he can thats in on agenda NWO goals
      hes hugely hated with good reason
      but his money buys all the protection and life sustaining treatments he needs.
      while he pays for others to be harmed
      personally I await hearing of his passing quite eagerly.
      though he spawned and you can bet the kids are going to follow daddys evil agenda quite happily;-(

    • There is far more to Soros. He is actually taking orders from the Family that “discovered” him (his gift for languages, etc.) and he fronts for them. Soros is NOT the problem. The “Family” is.

  7. After crushing Napoleon, the emerging oligarchy, which owed no allegiance to any nation or to any philosophy of life, attained power because it knew how to defeat its foes, the republicans and individualists of Europe; but its foes had no idea how to combat, or even to identify, its cleverly camouflaged enemy, because these people were a biological throwback in the continuing development of humanity. They were persons who were unable to become productive members of any society, and who could exist only by maintaining a parasitic attachment upon a host. Incredibly, they seized upon this striking difference as a sign that they had been chosen to rule all of mankind.

  8. George Carlin once said in a comedy routine that it’s scary that the average I.Q. is only 100 and even scarier when you realize that half the population is dumber than that! Or something to that effect.

  9. Here’s how the radical left works. This morning on GMA California’s governor Newsome was standing in the midst of ashes that were once homes jacking his jaw on how the fires in California are proof of “climate change.” That was after GMA ran a report on how many of the fires are believed to be arson and that police arrested at least one man for one of the fires.

    Sorry Newsome but I think it probable that MOST of the fires are arson and that is NOT the result of “climate change” but of eco-terrorism! The left will do or say anything to “prove” their point and push their agenda. Question is, how many people watching GMA this morning connected the two dots? Likely not many!

  10. A decisive LEADER is the one thing missing on behalf of those of us who know we should fight back and end this crap. I voted for Trump in 2016, I will not vote for him again if he doesn’t STEP UP and fire Fauci before the election. I will stay home and refuse to participate …I have principles. Trump is supposed to be known for firing worthless jerks …well, Fauci fits. Why would I vote for Trump to maintain a status quo that retains our enemies in place to further subjugate us? The positive side of my staying home and not voting is if the democrats end up controlling all of Washington the outcome from their over reach will be a rather quick full fledged rebellion and revolution, which to ALL the democrats surprise will be the complete end of their wrath as good men and women finally stand up and eradicate them once and for all. Enough said!

    • Chet, while I generally agree with your sentiment, I disagree with your conclusion. I believe that Trump knows full-well that Fauci is a weasel and someone who is in the pocket of Big Pharma (financially and otherwise). But since The Weasel has HUGE public appeal, Trump must play the long game here and WIN THE DAMN ELECTION! That is priority #1. And note: Scott Atlas recently jointed the Covid Team. Yes, it is hugely frustrating that he has essentially been kept under wraps, but let’s see how this unfolds in the coming weeks. Remember: Trump must win the election.

  11. I agree with all of you.
    I stopped wearing the damn mask. Even at places with security at the door. “Where’s your mask sir?” They ask. With authority I say. “I’d rather not.” I tell them. Their eyes bug out with confusion. Then I just walk in.

  12. We are already enslaved. It’s called government.

    What is happening is that we are being further domesticated to embrace our slavery.

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