We are being lied to

“US Gov website falsely inflating Care Home Covid deaths,” reads the headline.

We Are Being Lied To


Look at this article on MedPage Today:

“Early this month the US CDC launched their Covid19 “care home tracker” website, which claims to list all the care homes in the US which receive government aid, along with the numbers of Covid19 cases and deaths for each.

“The trouble was, as an article for MedPage Today pointed out, at least some of the recorded numbers were “insanely inaccurate”. Here are some notable examples:

“The Saugus Rehab and Nursing Center in Saugus, Massachusetts was listed as having 794 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents and 281 cases in staff. The facility only has room for 80 patients, maximum. Of which 45 tested positive along with 19 staff.

“Southern Pointe Living Center in Colbert, Oklahoma is listed as having 339 residents die of COVID-19 despite only having a 95 bed capacity, and officially reporting not one single case of covid19, let alone a death.

“Dellridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Paramus, New Jersey is listed as the worst affected carehome in the US, with 753 deaths. The reality, according to their marketing director, is they have a 90 patient capacity, and have had only 20 deaths.

“These are the three listed examples in the article, but it would be foolish to assume they are the only three care homes – out of the roughly 15,000 listed on the site – whose numbers are inaccurate.”

It’s bald-faced examples like this that enable you to awaken your friends to our danger.

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  1. The whole Cv19 has been full of lies from the beginning. Lies about the number actually dying of Covid, the hospitals inflating the numbers to get extra reimbursement, and the latest, counting people as covid patients without confirmed lab test results. Govt scam

    • Two things I’ve been told about the testing lately. First, because of the wide spread availability of testing now people are getting tested to see if the HAD the virus. Those tests are being reported as positive if the antibody test shows they had the virus even it they’re totally recovered., And second, some suspicious nurses who were taking the nasal swabs sent in a number of clean unused swabs for testing and they came back positive!

  2. Compelling evidence that SARS-CoV-2-virus was manmade by Pierre Lescaudron on sott.net . Highly recommended !

    • frederik, thank you for this. What a powerhouse of an intellectual he is to have put this all together. I can’t get my mouth to close, had no idea that viruses were such a great part of our DNA (or any).

  3. https://www.globalresearch.ca/no-one-has-died-coronavirus/5717668

    “No One Has Died from the Coronavirus”
    Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

    “A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent.

    Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.”

  4. Well, at least the massively exaggerated number of so-called deaths is finally being publicized. Maybe, just maybe, the politicians will take it into account, but I will NOT hold my breathe waiting for them to do so.

  5. First, the media, the DS, won’t ever publish any study that counters the ‘fear’ mongering spin! But, even a casual observer (caveat – with a brain), has to question the reaction to this virus when almost 8,000 people a day die in the U.S. with not a second thought by anyone or any news outlet! Diseases like several strains of the flu, take their toll every year and we’ve never taken such draconian action for those! We even had one of those serious flu strains during Obama’s term and nothing was done! The real question remains why the reaction … the timing of it is highly suspect and the push for a round 2 of lockdown is equally suspicious!

  6. Coronavirus is a media staged hoax.

    It was long planned out:

    Lockstep: Rockefeller plan details government takeover through pandemic martial law

    “A Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network whitepaper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be able to more easily take over society and institute a total and complete Orwellian police state by locking down the remaining few humans that survive a contrived pandemic outbreak.”

    To stage the hoax they reclassified normal flue virus deaths as a pandemic. This is why the deaths have gone down even though the (faulty) test shows more people infected.

    Many doctors and nurses testified on youtube that anyone dying of anything (including knife and gun wounds, heart disease, pneumonia, etc) were put on the death certificates as Covid-19. (That is a felony BTW, to intentionally fill out death certificates inaccurately)

    All the supporting evidence to the Covid virus is a staged hoax.

    even the word “COVID” is a psyop, Certificates of Vaccination ID

    It is doubtful that the purported virus is real.

  7. UN “Peoples Vaccine” Governance – A Global Wake Up Call
    And then perhaps a vaccine would appear in the next nine months or so, and would be distributed as a global public good, a “people’s vaccine” available and accessible to all.

    If this happens, and if the economy starts up progressively, we might move towards some kind of normality in two or three years.

    But there is also a second, bleaker scenario in which countries fail to coordinate their actions. New waves of the virus keep occurring. The situation in the developing world explodes. Work on the vaccine lags — or even if there is a vaccine relatively soon — it becomes the subject of fierce competition and countries with greater economic power gain access to it first, leaving others behind.

    In this scenario, we could also see greater movement toward fragmentation, populism and xenophobia. Each country could go it alone or in so-called coalitions of the willing to address some specific challenges. In the end, the world would fail to mobilize the kind of governance needed to address our shared challenges.

  8. Epstein-Globalists Covid Diversion
    As just one index barometer, the ever-revealing, infamous black book belonging to Mossad sexual blackmail operator-child rapist-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, himself a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission,[8] contains the names of well over a hundred prominent members of these pedophilia-linked deep state groups, a veritable who’s who of planetary owners and controllers. At the top of the list are two Illuminati gurus and lifetime members of every Luciferian club known – Henry Kissinger and the late David Rockefeller. Other famous VIPs on “the list” are unprosecuted fellow child rapist-Pilgrim Society member Prince Andrew, Serco CEO-fellow Pilgrim Society member Rupert Soames, disgraced Canadian Pilgrim-Bilderberger-Trilateral Commission-media magnate Conrad Black, Pilgrim Viscount William Astor (of the notorious Illuminati bloodline clan), failed US presidential wannabe-Trilateral Commissioner[9]-Malta Knight-Jewish billionaire Michael Bloomberg,[10] four Rothschild overlords and literally dozens of royalty and former heads of state from around the globe.[11] You’d best believe that all of these global movers and shakers knew exactly what Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad partner Ghislaine Maxwell were moving and shaking. After all, these same powerful individuals are the backroom planners of all wars, killer viruses, economic Depressions, globally trafficked children, human organs, drugs and arms.

  9. Although Greta might be genuinely concerned about climate change, those behind her have a much darker agenda: To create a generation of children riddled with anxiety and depression, giving the elite carte blanche for drastic measures, ranging from tax hikes to the loss of personal freedoms. And let’s not forget the main goal of it all (which is also the main goal of the elite organizations behind Greta): The creation of a single world government, ruled by the world elite … to combat climate change, of course.



    Fear is the main controlling mechanism of the illuminati… as we are also finding out with coronavirus – “ use media to increase sense of personal threat”

    UK Coronavirus committee document shows increasing fear is a tactic. It appears that having nearly perfected trauma based mind control on a personal scale, that they are doing this on a macro scale eg 911, false flag shootings, climate change, now coronavirus.

    2003 Jan 3 Greta Thunberg was born in Sweden as Greta [Rin]Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg [illuminati MK child puppet]

    Remember this from 18 months ago:



  10. UofA female feminist professor publically shunned and canned by libtards for non-idiot-think – planned demolitions, plandemics, planned fake everything and plannedidiocracy… diversions.
    Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate
    The Climate Inquisition

    Don’t mess with inquisition censors and thought police especially now in 2020, of course we’re being lied to, but pointing out the obvious hasn’t paid off for millennia.

  11. Does Covid Encourage Obedience?

    “Published research has revealed that in enhanced brain MRIs performed on COVID-19 patients, frontotemporal hypoperfusion was noted in every single patient. It suggests that SARS-CoV-2 might particularly affect this specific region, for which the most frequent condition is called frontotemporal dementia, one of its main symptom being automatic obedience. Similarly, in healthy individuals subjected to Milgram-like experiments, the obedience to authorities is associated with lower activity in the frontotemporal region. Along the same line, when subjects are asked to make a decision with moral content, it is the temporal lobe that becomes active.”

    “SARS-CoV-2 was definitely not engineered to kill; quite the contrary, carriers had to stay alive (low fatality rate). More than that, carriers were supposed to be invisible (low pathogenicity) and the virus was to spread widely (high transmissibility).

    “SARS-CoV-2 was engineered to spread widely and silently and to reach the brain, affecting the region relating to moral-based decisions and obedience. What were the designers aiming to modify in carriers’ brains? Was the objective of the virus to increase obedience?”

    These quotes are from a well-researched article, the link for which was supplied by Frederik Wisse https://www.sott.net/article/437083-Compelling-Evidence-That-SARS-CoV-2-Was-Man-Made

    Before this part author Pierre Lescaudron briefs us on some of the highlights of the powers of viruses– and of those who manipulate them. Rather reinforces the need to find effective political resistance to the hellish possible consequences of any vaccine.

    Do look. There’s an extraordinary bit of education here.

    • Poppy, given the background of Pierre Lescaudron, his relatively advanced “correlation between periods of authoritarian oppression with catastrophic and cosmically[ray] -induced natural disasters” perspective since 2014, the link/article you recommend above is definitely a:
      “Do look. There’s an extraordinary bit of education here.”
      Likely a must read twice, especially for “the hard of thinking”.


      Pierre Lescaudron – definitely barks up a very similar tree as we.

      Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection
      The Secret History of the World Volume 3
      by Pierre Lescaudron, with Laura Knight-Jadczyk
      Jet Stream meanderings, Gulf Stream slow-downs, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor fireballs, tornadoes, deluges, sinkholes, and noctilucent clouds have been on the rise since the turn of the century. Have proponents of man-made global warming been proven correct, or is something else, something much bigger, happening on our planet? While mainstream science depicts these Earth changes as unrelated, Pierre Lescaudron applies findings from the Electric Universe paradigm and plasma physics to suggest that they might in fact be intimately related, and stem from a single common cause: [written in 2014]. Citing historical records, the author reveals a strong correlation between periods of authoritarian oppression with catastrophic, [electroverse, plasma astrophysics cosmic ray] – induced natural disasters.

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