We are clearly entering a Grand Solar Minimum

Lowest October Temp Ever Recorded in Continental US: -43.6F in NE Utah

We are clearly entering a Grand Solar Minimum

W.T. Sellers

We are clearly entering a Grand Solar Minimum, where “Winter” starts full-bore in November, and may run into March. The Question is how long will it last? years? or decades? and will it set the stage for something deeper, if other natural processes (volcanism, gravitational tilt, solar system angle thru the galaxy, etc) overlap?

Consider that Utah has seen record cold of -43.6 ºF – ‘Perhaps the lowest October temperature ever recorded’ in continental U.S.”

Meteorologist Paul Dorian:  “Perhaps the most amazing temperature recorded in this unusual cold spell for the western US took place earlier today in the remote observing station of Peter Sinks, Utah…the unofficial overnight low temperature there of -43.6 ºF is pretty amazing for this time of year and perhaps the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Lower 48 during the month of October. Nearby Salt Lake City, Utah provided some supporting evidence of the extreme cold as it set a low temperature record of 14 ºF for the date and records there go all the way back to 1874. “


Thanks to Bill Sellers and Benjamin Napier for this link

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  1. meanwhile on the strength of another TINY sunspot on the sth of the sun
    nasa then follows by saying cycle 25 wil begin in 2023
    bit soon to make tht call I suspect
    so far theres been maybe 3? teeny reversed polaity spots and all months apart and faded fast

  2. It’s longer than that!
    Winter appears to start full blown in November thru April in many areas outside the deep south.
    Far North and Rockies winter starts October thru May as of late. Last winter we had a snowstorm in early May in Minnesota and snow thru late June in the Rockies. And now 44 below in Utah in October.
    Plus with a weakening magnetic field and increasing cosmic rays, this one is setting the stage for a much deeper cold period for a very long time. Remember that all 4 ice age cycles are due immediately:

    1. Orbital eccentricity (104,000 year cycle)
    2. 1,400 year moderate cycle
    3. Magnetic reversal 11,700 year cycle
    4. Grand Solar Minimum (now starting)

    The worst is yet to come!

    • Correct Kenneth. This GSM commenced with the start of the 10 years trefoil orbit of the Sun around the Solar System BarryCentre at the start of Solar Cycle 24 in 2008. NASA is now suggesting another low power solar cycle no higher than SC24 and possibly much lower in output. A recovery cycle SC26 similar to SC20 follows, prior to the start of a tepid 90 yrs. Gleissberg period.
      According to Swiss researchers investigating LALIA period 585 to 640 AD it takes 10 years for the effects of the GSM to become locked in the fossil record, other researcher in the US have reported similar finding in North America fresh water lakes. They reported the abrupt 10 yrs. climate change as from, warm and benign to cold, wet and very windy.
      It would seem that those pesky little shell fish whether fresh or salt are the markers for Geological events throughout the last 600M yrs. have done it again.

  3. The thing people need to realise is the south never really got too cold doing the ice ages When you look back at the max glacier of the ice ages it shows there was a insane temperture gradient from south Carolina south which was warm mostly vers south Carolina north which was very cold.which would show that the deep south like Texas and south Carolina below would be over all good places to be doing deep glacier cycles.

      • Never mind Robert, Texans will have to make room for all those Rust State Human Induced Climate Change Democrats.
        But when the tipping point is reached and Agriculture in the NH Grain belts fails there wont be many of them left.

      • Southeast/south of South Carolina is somewhat protected by the Appalachian Mts., so the jet stream, usually take a sharp turn north when it reaches Northern Alabama. There’s no mountains to protect Texas form the frigid air coming down from Canada. That’s why you had snow in Texas panhandle in October while the SE had a balmy weather. 1st frost came two weeks later in the SE compared to average, and September was unusually hot.
        But yes, I do agree that it will be a good thing to be in TX in cold weather, much better than Washington State and DC for that matter.

  4. I hear you, Robert! TN will be cooler in future, but we’ll still be able to harvest some crops. I received a sprouter and seeds from Walmart today, and will get more of both. And, though I can still hear Fredo’s stupid, warmunnist, commie brother from down here, it’s just a faint squawking; his political boot is no longer on my neck.

  5. Good point JimBob.

    We have to presume that liberals, for the most part, do not own guns, so when the foodstuffs disappear, they will be the first to be invited to lunch.

    I can just see fat Al with an apple in his mouth! ; )

    • Deb: Long Pig – but knowing Gore’s reputation as a Global Warming Master of the Universe Liar, and a professional kiddies lollypop stealer, he would be a stringy bit of gristle not worth cooking.

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