We are NOT “all in this together”!!

Politicians and state and local officials have not given up one paycheck.

Thanks to Joe Herr for this reminder

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  1. I agree. Not one tin badged dictator has lost a penny with their draconian, psychopathic, tyrannical “executive” orders. This meme should have named names, though.

  2. Hear hear!!! Well said. If there was ever an “us and them” moment this is it. Since this is all done with the justification that they must do this due to the “deadly” SARS-Cov-2 virus and the COVID-19 named after it where are the excess deaths?

    I’ve looked up year to date deaths from the CDC site for the first 16 weeks and the average annual deaths for 9 states so far.

    In some online discussions some were suggesting using “excess deaths” to see what effect the covid-19 disease is having and I thought that would be a reasonable approach as it gets past the deaths “with/from” issue.

    Using these numbers there is no “excess deaths” of any statistical significance except for Texas and Michigan which are about 10% above average. This makes the case for lockdown at all, much less continuing, dodgy at best.

    New York: Expected 50,319 / Actual 39,005
    Georgia: Expected 27,699 / Actual 27,161
    Illinois: Expected 36,138 / Actual 37,870
    Texas: Expected 60,408 / Actual 66,071
    Washington: Expected 19,599 / Actual 19,270
    Oregon: Expected 12,028 / Actual 11,834
    Florida: Expected 66,462 / Actual 68,427
    Michigan: Expected 32,306 / Actual 35,598
    Pennsylvania: Expected 44,029 / Actual 37,383

    All 2020 deaths year to date are from this CDC page:
    Click the state and then go through weeks 1 to 16 and then get the “Total Deaths” from the bottom right.

    New York: 150,959 yearly deaths (2013-16) expected average for 4 months = 50,319 https://apps.health.ny.gov/public/tabvis/PHIG_Public/lcd/reports/#state

    Georgia: 83,098 yearly deaths (2017) expected average for 4 months = 27,699

    Illinois: 108,414 yearly deaths (2015-18) expected average for 4 months = 36,138

    Texas: 181,226 yearly deaths (2012-15) expected average for 4 months = 60,408

    Washington: 55,796 yearly deaths (2015-18) expected average for 4 months = 19,599

    Oregon: 36,085 yearly deaths (2015-18) expected average for 4 months = 12,028

    Florida: 199,385 yearly deaths (2015-18) expected average for 4 months = 66,462

    Michigan: 96,919 yearly deaths (2015-18) expected average for 4 months = 32,306

    Pennsylvania: 132,088 yearly deaths (2014-17) expected average for 4 months = 44,029

  3. well said indeed
    in Aus our Victorian premier takes home 400k and got a payrise as this happened
    hes not taken the slightest hit in his pocket while keeping the state locked down 2 weeks longer than other states.
    in fact NO public servants(isnt that a laugh of a label?) have been fired or stood down, that Ive seen mention of
    well none in offices anyway
    real contributing workers probably have been.
    Local govt workers got laid off when their jobs were NOT high contact but vital to keep things tidy and repaired. and the Fed govt didnt allow them the temp support payments others got

  4. There is no doubt about it the powers that be stand where the paychecks and profits are even if the means to pay has to be borrowed. For all the alleged history and propaganda to the contrary we in the west have not yet had fiscally and morally responsible government.

  5. Another reason why any government mandated lockdown of a state or local area would make the governing body liable for any cost incurred by a business or individual. This is no different than government taking private property by Eminent Domain. People in every state should demand this legislation.

  6. Bravo! Time for the TRUTH to be told about all of this. One thing that they have benefitted from greatly is during the lockdown they’ve made a lot of $$$ and they stand to make even MORE bucks as soon as a vaccine is developed and every human on the planet is subjected for forced vaccinations. What we are seeing is the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. America and the world had better wake up and fast. The virus is real but nowhere near what they claim it is. For the most part this has been and continues to be a global PSYCHOP! And it has worked astoundingly well. Now, excuse me while I go virtual hiking and take a virtual shower LOL.

    Oh, one other thing….does anyone realize that wearing a mask takes away your individuality and makes you just a faceless number? Make us faceless drones, take away our individuality and uniqueness, pulverize our masculinity and femininity, and by all means keep us in a state of perpetual fear. And they are surprised that more and more people are turning to alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide? Really???

    • Vaccine + microchips for tracking and tracing. (google: id2020). The mark of the Beast (Revelations 13:16) ?

  7. UK MPs voted themselves a pay RISE of £10k per annum, apparently the costs of working from home are greater than the transportation costs saved ROFL.

    They were just taking the piss, as they always do.

    I personally think any MP that took 1 pound in salary after ordering millions to lose their businesses due to lockdown have no right to even talk about human rights. They are fair game, as folks say during wars….

  8. It is the same in Brazil as well. Our politicians don’t have any sense of responsibility. Besides that, Brazilian politicians are stealing all the money they can, by putting an over price in ali necessary equipment they purchase. In most states, what they purchase is not even delivered. Our Supreme Court is composed by brigands. Most governors want to remove the president. Any similarity?

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