We are treating the wrong disease!

In this video, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, ER and Critical Care Doctor from New York City, says many COVID-19 patients are deprived of oxygen, not respiration.

April 4, 2020 – Dr. Kyle-Sidell goes on to say he is very concerned people with COVID-19 may have their lungs destroyed when they are placed on ventilators. That does not mean the hospitals don’t need ventilators, they do, according to Dr. Kyle-Sidell. Ventilators are the only option the hospitals currently have to get even some form of oxygen relief to the COVID-19 patients, according to Dr. Kyle-Sidell.

Here is Dr. Kyle-Sidell’s YouTube page:

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  1. Personally I am uneasy of the views emanating from the States regarding this killer virus however, whether it’s media hype or just general ignorance I don’t know.

    Having said that following viewing this video it is obvious that this doctor is flying in the face of medical opinion and to be fair this is a new and emerging killer so someone needs to think outside the box.

    A couple of years ago it was mentioned that various governments, as well as private firms, were funding upper atmospheric spraying of a cocktail of chemicals in order to combat global warming. Within the article, it questioned the link between this spraying, it’s entry into the food chain and the possibility of a subsequent link to the increase in Alzheimer’s.

    Whilst viewing a related video on this a US congresswoman pointed out that one the effects of this spraying was that swath of forests were dying as the trees were being starved of vital nutrients owning to the trees drawing up these chemicals from the soil that had descended back down to earth in rainwater.

    It does seem far fetched but could our bodies just be succumbing to the pseudoscience perpetuated by the AGW gravy train? Or is it something more sinister than this?

  2. This is not the only doctor saying this. I was sent an interesting, very detailed analysis via a medical professional in Louisiana, explaining what he says many doctors are now discovering about how the C-19 virus works. In simplified terms, it renders red blood cells it comes in contact with in the lungs incapable of carrying oxygen to the rest of the body, and your organs can soon fail if this process is not halted. Ventilators are of little benefit, except for administering oxygen at low pressure, as the young doctor in the video suggests.

    Fortunately, they are finding that a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc (sometimes with Vitamin C added to the mix) quickly halts this damaging action by the virus, by some as yet unknown mechanism. Thus, the hydroxychloroquine has a similar effect as it has on malaria, which is not a virus but a protozoan parasite that feeds on red blood cells, causing a similar oxygen deprivation problem for the host. Accordingly, when some moron tells you that you can’t treat a virus with an antibiotic, they don’t know what they are talking about in this case; this combination of drugs apparently doesn’t kill the virus, like it might a parasite or bacterium, but prevents it from harming the red blood cells, in some manner not really understood, for either malaria or the novel virus. That can give the body time to marshal its defenses and begin repairs. If enough physicians get word of how effective these drugs are against the virus (if administered before too much damage is done), the media and their allies may not be able to prolong this epidemic until November by bad-mouthing these drugs and any other cure, which is their apparent goal. They MUST destroy the economy, to defeat Trump in November.

    • One has to ask why anyone would prevent the use of the CHQ/ vit C/ azithromycine/zinc mixture since it has no downsides. Of course some quacks do like it when the public decides to treat themselves, showing how little the quacks have to learn.

      • “One has to ask why anyone would prevent the use of the CHQ/ vit C/ azithromycine/zinc mixture since it has no downsides. ”

        Here in the US the negative response to this treatment from the left and from the RINO’s makes it obvious to me that they are using the virus as a tool to increase political power. These Deep State people have a saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” and preserving the crisis while appearing to solve it is their main goal.

  3. Search for ‘Medcram Corona Pandemic Virus update 53 Can mechanical ventilator make Covid 19 worse’ by Roger Seheult MD’ which seems to back up the conclusions by Dr Kyle-Sidell’s video with explanations of what is happening a the cellular level. The Medcram series are an incredibly useful tool to understand the situation at the pointy end.

  4. ventiltors are NOT the only option.
    the oxygen supplying sleep apnea units are able to provide a pressurised input too
    with NO need for sedation and intubation
    allowing patients to sit upright, cough and REMOVE the mess on their lungs
    not being used as much as staff are worried about “spray”
    well then use a shield on the patients..and Aus makers developed a clear shield to do just that.
    whereas with ventilators
    Lying flat with mucus n pus filled lungs might be worse than not using them as well as the known risk of sedation to near coma stage some appear to be using

  5. The victims in this epidemic (in worst condition) wind up going to a hospital. One disease often missed in hospital patients is Sepsis that develops after patients get to the hospital.
    Sepsis is a very likely cause of ARDS.
    1. Treat sepsis.
    2. Help the lungs clear out accumulated fluids by increasing (or possibly restoring failed) Cilia Beat Frequency. Increased intracellular Calcium levels would do this and also help lung cells reduce high fluid levels by reducing Chloride levels in the cells.

    The victims of CovId-19 don’t get the Sepsis until after they get to the hospital, so it isn’t what put them there. It is what is finishing them off.

  6. A further note:
    The plasma from a CovId survivor contains ‘Immunoglobulin’ antibodies. These antibodies are both anti-biologic and anti-viral.
    The success of the plasma therapy therefore must be viewed as being applicable to viral infections and also biological infections. This specifically includes Sepsis.

  7. I have been thinking this for several weeks now, so it is good to see other folks thinking the same. BTW I am an RN and a Nutritional Biochemist in former times.

    The Malaria-COVID-19 connection is explained VERY well here in this link..

    I am unpacking this to a VERY simple level so all of you can understand why Z-Pak, also known as azithromycin or Zithromax, works, as does the Quinine derivative chloroquine! That doctor compares the presentation to that of altitude sickness, and he is spot-on!

    LIKE Malaria, The Coronavirus “ROBS” red blood cells of the ability to “collect and transfer” oxygen to wherever it is needed. This results in lower and lower Oxygen levels.. organs start to fail as they can’t get enough oxygen to function properly.. people die…. this alone is likely why those who already have eg Kidney or Heart, or Liver Failure, have a high morbidity.. also anyone who doesn’t have a SPLEEN is at VERY high risk as the spleen is involved with filtering your blood. The spleen affects the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body, by breaking down and removing cells that are abnormal, old, or damaged.. also If you have COPD, or are a smoker, and/or have Cardiovascular Disease, you ALREADY have impaired Oxygen transport mechanisms, so this is another perfectly logical co-morbidity!

    In this article, the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) are compared to truck cabs running around furiously with no payload (OXYGEN).. SO simply pumping oxygen into the lungs under pressure will NOT work, unless you address the “DISEASED” Red Blood Cells, which are the OXYGEN CARRIERS. which both Quinine derivatives AND Z-Pak address, along with (interestingly!) Vitamin C and other “cell-protective” Antioxidants address. . NOW it makes perfect sense.. the biggest clue is that the “pneumonia” is ALWAYS bilateral with COVID-19, unlike almost every other case of pneumonia which typically affects just ONE lung! .

    The body’s response to low Oxygen levels is to make MORE RBCs, so that is why HIGH RBC levels are also found in the sickest patients.

    • It’s not worse than the flu as far as death rate but the problem is it spreads about 5 times more easily than the flu. Just someone normally exhaling can send out enough virus into the air that someone walking through the area where someone just exhaled can catch it if that person had the virus. But with an average flu virus it might take a good set of coughs or a sneeze or two to spread it to someone. An average flu virus is a bit harder to spread.

    • Deb, yes, especially since most people have moderate or no symptoms whatever. Only the medically-fragile have any likelihood of dying. I don’t know the incidence of respiratory distress, except that most people do not experience this.

      While antibiotics aren’t helpful against a virus, they are indicated for pneumonia and for sepsis. Although not widely applied in this off-label use, I think it’s been known that chloroquine is helpful against a virus– probably because of its oxygenating properties.

      I don’t think we should succumb to “the virus is unlike any other, and attacks the red blood cells”, etc without more expert verification. Seems a bit unlikely that just this one doctor should’ve made unique observations of his patients.

      Sorry to be the skeptic, but it’s possible TPTB want to keep the fear porn going, and they have been losing traction just lately as more people begin to think.

      Also the mortality spike caused by this virus has not been higher than other seasonal flu spikes of the last few years, even in Italy.

      “According to Italian Professor Walter Ricciardi, „only 12% of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus“, whereas in public reports „all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus“. This means that Italian death figures reported by the media have to be reduced by at least a factor of 8 to obtain actual deaths caused by the virus. Thus one ends up with at most a few dozen deaths per day, compared to an overall daily mortality of 1800 deaths and up to 20,000 flu deaths per year.”

    • Norman Grant Smith,
      Terrific link. He is extraordinarily outspoken about our political & medical systems. He explained some of the things in the bill that’s going to give some people $1000. Shocking.

      For those interested in watching this– https://youtu.be/1BiM1YYIPCo the first 23 minutes are about his background; he invented email. So if you like, you can begin at 23 minutes. Very informative.

  8. All about VA medical care

    All about Medicare

    All about Medicaid

    All about Obamacare

    Keep putting politicians / bureaucrats
    in charge of medicine and its availability


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