We have all been herded like cattle into the global warming pen

“Crop failure and famine will no doubt accompany a new dawning ice age and that spells trouble for most of the world population.”
– Benito Lorez

We have all been herded like cattle into the global warming pen

Benito Lorez

Pretty sure it’s global COOLING not warming as I’ve been telling people for a long, long time now. What I’m not sure about is how long it will last. Will it be a “mini ice age” or a long term one? I think it’s anyone’s guess.

Our present warming period began about 14k-12k years ago and in that brief time civilization developed as we know it today.

Crop failure and famine will no doubt accompany a new dawning ice age and that spells trouble for most of the world population. Along with famine comes disease and that spells even more trouble, sadly.

Even NASA has warned about the possibility of a returning glaciation and, yet, their warning was drowned out by the global warming crowd. That may be to our own demise unfortunately.

Some of my relatives live in Texas and they all have horrendous stories about the ice storm last week. Many were ill prepared for it in terms of water, food, etc. They didn’t think it would be as bad and long as it was. Others had power through the entire time and now they have their electric bills which are in the 1000s of dollars for one month. Astounding!

What bothers me most about this issue is that we have not been prepared for any cooling that is coming. Instead we have all been herded like cattle into the global warming pen…..well many but not all. I do not find this surprising at all as humans tend to believe a lie that makes them comfortable rather than the truth that scares the heck out of them just thinking about it. And we humans kind of have a herd mentality even if it means going off the cliff with the leader of the pack, unfortunately.

I think the day is soon coming when we will wish we had more nuclear power plants and coal plants but, then, it will be TOO LATE.

Perhaps when the next warming period dawns those who come after us will have leaders who care more about PEOPLE than their own greed. Perhaps.

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  1. So do you think the lockdowns are some sort of preparedness test Robert? Seeing how we all behave under stress, queueing for food, lack of freedom – being couped up for months. Curfews. Punished heavily for disobedience. That’s the underlying message I’m getting. There has to be more to this than just a virus and/or corporate greed. They are expecting something big I’m sure. Like the debunking of the Mayan end times. They were predicting the end of this civilisation. The end of the present interglacial warm period. I believe 2012 just about nailed it.

  2. During the next warm period or interglacial it may be a very different world and society and the people who make it up might be very different.
    It is time to survive and to preserve what we as a species have discovered and learned.

  3. I keep saying, humans are proving to have the brain equivalent of sheep, docile, easily herded, and easy prey for wolves!

  4. “Herded like cattle” does not apply to Pareto-Pournelle’s functional Upper Quintile, among which we include ourselves. Meantime, we reprise an “Ice Age Now” post from last July:

    Skewed by the 1,200-year Younger Dryas cometary/meteorite “cold shock” (11,950 – 10,750 YBP), the 12,550-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended in AD 1350 with a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) plus a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum similar that of 1645 – 1715, whose mid-1690s phase culled two-thirds of populations from Scotland to the Polar Urals via famine and disease.

    Following a 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound from 1850/1890, now 670 years into a cyclical 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciation due to cover 60% of Earth’s habitable landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick, our system’s current “dead sun” transition to Solar Cycle 25 presages a 90-year Super-Grand Solar Minimum through c. AD 2108.

    On the record, from ~ 370 million in 1350 to 7.795 billion in AD 2000, Earth’s global population has increased at approx. 4.56% per decade, doubling every 16 years from 1800.
    So… as a serial long, dark Pleistocene Ice Time descends, Earth’s teeming hominids face demographic cataclysm reducing food-supplies by 70 – 80%+ over an evolutionary era, likely extirpating some six billion souls.

    Absent Armageddon, from c. 2050 – 2125 an enterprising Greco-Roman/Judæo-Christian remnant will either remove skyward with other ethnicities in-train, or perish as Gaia’s Holocene sunflower transforms to icicle.

  5. Just consider how often we use the term government so casually: Govern – control
    mind or mente – mind
    Latin – Italian

    It`s right in our face and we continue to
    use it Sheep indeed

  6. I have learned a few things in my 53 years on this planet.

    1. I learned a long time a go that the “experts” on any given subject tend to be flat out wrong much of the time.

    2. Never, ever believe the mainstream media, about anything.

    3. Everything goes in cycles, and this includes our climate.

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