We must fight CO2 by reversing prosperity

CO2 is very sneaky. It will unleash catastrophe sometime very soon, or maybe in a century, or maybe in a millennium. In the meantime, it will continue to cause acne in teens.

We must fight CO2 by reversing prosperity. Only when we live in mud huts shivering in the cold and eating bugs will the battle be won. And we will praise our globalist masters living in luxury and comfort for saving Earth.

Thanks to Josh for these words of wisdom.

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  1. Nothing is cast in stone. In fact, some of the biggest dynasties have fallen during times of extreme climate. Although the climate change proponents think they have the outcome sealed in their favour, nothing could be farther from the truth. They are just as delusional about their odds for success as they are about their ill-conceived climate change arguments.

  2. Australia ,Japan , China , India and some others are undertaking an effort to compensate for the Western madness through construction of more coal-fired powerstations . We should be grateful to them for the possible prevention of another ice-age and reward them only after the fact and not nowadays before the act as signified in the Paris agreement . From CO2 with love …..

  3. Remember Robert, that as we all move to a new decarbonized world your handmade soap will wash virtuously whiter, your hand-ground toothpaste on a stick will give you that certain smile, and your joy will be almost unbound as you use your own hand-woven Hessian sack cloth as bathroom tissue.

    A cool future looking backwards — restoring nature.

  4. Truth will out!
    The problem for the CAGW crew is that science in other fields is now exceeding their limited understanding of how our Earth-Sun-monderated Gravity well energy system really works.
    It is no secret that the climate follows the energy output of the Sun, it is also known that the orbit of the earth varies, as dose the tilt of the Earth over 40,000 year cycles.
    Its also known that the Sun own energy output varies over many different cycles with the primary ones being 172 year and 4627 years.

    Nicola Scafetta: On the Astronomical Origin of the Hallstatt Oscillation found in Radiocarbon and Climate Records throughout the Holocene.

    Nicola’s paper 14C record he was using (INTCAL04)


    The red dots are from the right the centre of the LIA at 1472 and then separation of 4627 years. So now the major LIA events ARE separated by 4627 years which should be a big boost for my theory. The green dots show the smaller LIA events that come between

  5. well theyre getting closer to us eating bugs, wether we are aware or not as they start to add cricket flour n mealworm goo into cookies snackbars n breads etc
    at high prices I might add!
    the sitting in the cold and dark is well underway-
    however mudhuts or caves are in short supply and will require expensive planning permissions
    as well as making sure no bugs bats frogs etc are inconvenienced by us nasty humans doing so.

      • actually i bred mealworms for feeding to birds n frogs n turtles;-) best use for them and feeding chooks which we then eat
        proper order of things as “twere;-0
        cockroach milk and cricket bits in my muesli are something id be throwing out not buying in, frankly;-)
        and i am qualkified to build mudbrick homes
        if i didnt live on pure sand over clay, id rip the weatherboard disaster i now reside in down in a flash and use mudbrick or haybale, save a motza on heating and have a far better quality of life. Id also go stand alone solar with batteries(old lead acid is fine by me) and help send the mongrels screwing us over co2 broke.
        best way to stop them gouging is to NOT be a paying customer
        its why i dont buy anything new and wouldnt have any I -diot brand objects even if given to me.
        you could say im an old time hippie type except i never was, i grew up with a mother who survived poverty in the depression so whats “new and green” to many is standard coping for me.

  6. Caption this afternoon on eNCA news channel (South Africa):
    “Australia to ditch climate targets bill”. Can someone provide more info on this?

    • It is bullshit !

      The Liberal government (in Australia Liberals are conservative) had Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister until late August 2018 when he was removed by his party and he resigned from Parliament in a fit of spite !

      Turnbull is a died in the wool alarmist who was Opposition leader in 2009 and tried to get the Liberals to agree to the then Labor Government’s plan to introduce emissions trading.

      Funnily enough the Greens opposed this because it didn’t result in complete economic havoc and they preferred unlimited CO2 emissions to emissions trading !

      That sums up the peculiar insanity that Greens believe in – they’d remove 1/4 of Australia’s mineral export earnings, coking coal, just for the fun of it !

      The Liberals sacked Turnbull as Opposition Leader in 2009.

      Labor sacked Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and replaced him with Prime Minister Julia Gillard who promised never to introduce a carbon tax and then did so anyway.

      The Liberals elected Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader who won a landside electoral victory for the Liberals in 2013.

      Turnbull somehow convinced his party to sack Abbott in 2015 – OK Abbott made some blunders !

      Turnbull lost all but one of the seats Abbott won (in 2013) in the 2016 election – they managed to cling to a majority of 1 from the previous absolute majority of 15 Abbott won by his vigourous campaigning in 2013.

      Back to 2018.

      Alarmed by poor polling and ever increasing electricity prices Turnbull concocted some scheme to “control” electricity prices called the “National Energy Guarantee” – NEG.

      Now you have to realise that probably 15 or more of the 76 Government members of Parliament are likely to lose their jobs in the coming election and they are panicked !

      Turnbull tried to sneak legislating that Australia would cut emissions by our Paris agreement into law – making Australia the only country in the world to show such utter stupidity !

      Of course about half of the Government remembered that Abbott won a landside election destroying the carbon tax, Turnbull almost destroyed the Government in less than 3 years and now he wanted to bring in some form of carbon tax again disguised as the NEG.

      So they rightly dumped him !

      Now the new Prime Minister has dumped the NEG – mainly the bit about legislating the emissions cuts.

      However this leaves a precarious proposition. In Australia a Government can regulate things like emissions cuts if there is an authorizing law in place – and there is !

      So, if Labor win the next election, as is highly likely, they can simply regulate emissions cuts of 45% of ALL emissions – their absurd policy – instead of what Turnbull wanted to legislate into law which was 26 – 28% of ELECTRICITY emissions only !

      If it WAS legislated into law, making us the stupidest country in the world, then it can ONLY be changed by Parliament !

      A regulation can be changed without a vote in Parliament !

      See the predicament !

      Back to your question ““Australia to ditch climate targets bill”. Can someone provide more info on this?”

      Well NO – the new Prime Minister has dumped the NEG, wants to reduce electricity prices BUT remains committed to our Paris agreement !

      He should be committed if he thinks this is possible !

      The alternate Government wants to make everything even worse so they are even more insane than the current lot of idiots.

      The only thing that might save Australia from an act of meaningless harikari ( A few Chinese cities probably consume twice the electricity Australia does ) is to have another 2013 election campaign.

      But I don’t expect that.

      The US need to keep Trump else they will quickly return to the insane world where a trace gas controls everything climate !

      I bet you the Democrats wish they had a “Westminster” style of Parliament where they could get rid of Trump if they had the numbers as can happen here – or in th UK for that matter but they seem to be a bit shy over sacking Prime Ministers.

      • Thanks for the info, Rosco. Having visited Australia in 1993, 1998 and again 2012, I am naturally interested in what happens there. Last time Julia Gilliard was prime minister, but then there was such a turnover that I lost count.
        I did not have sleepless nights over the Springboks’ defeat against the Wallabies on Saturday.

    • I recommend you visit Joanne Nova’s blog page as she covers it all in detail there. But, yes, it is true that there is change as the new energy minister wants to make electricity cheaper and as we know that can only be done by ditching the renewable crap.

        • The idiots that call themselves the Government remain committed to their Paris targets so as I said before they need to be committed if they believe they can reduce electricity prices by backing wind and solar.

  7. And then, after a time, we will be told that our oversized mud huts and over consumption of bugs is creating envy in Third World countries.

    • Thanks for the compliment Bob. The line doesn’t exist outside of this post. I had forgotten that I wrote it, until Robert posted the paragraph. Thanks Robert for all you do. Ice Age Now helped awaken me back in 2005. I had become suspicious of the pervasive “man-made global warming” rhetoric that smelled fishy and discovered your website among others that rightfully questioned the CAGW premises.

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