We MUST include solar/geomagnetic field strength when making predictions

There are threshold levels of magnetic weakness that could result in a major, as opposed to a slight, climatic shift.

We MUST include solar/geomagnetic field strength when making predictions

By Salvatore Del Prete

Many do not seem to understand that the models do not incorporate the strengths of the solar/geomagnetic fields when making predictions, so here are my own predictions.

Earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or higher have increased more than 25% over the last few weeks. The latest geomagnetic storm (K7) may spur ) even more activity.

I’m waiting for THE ! volcanic eruption.

I said 2018 (the only one) would be a transitional year. Sure enough, global temperatures are down and overall oceanic sea surface temperatures are down.

They are going to continue down.

El Nino: Happy that is what the models are this year and were last year.

Forget Hurricanes/Tornadoes moving forward from here. They will continue trending down on a global basis.

Getting back to the models/analogs: The more extreme either way the solar/geomagnetic fields may be (in this case weakening), the more off those (inadequate) tools will be.

My simple theory is: Very weak solar/geomagnetic fields equate to lower overall global temperatures due to lower overall oceanic sea surface temperatures (less UV/NEAR UV light) and a slight uptick in albedo. The uptick will be due to an increase in major geological activity and an increase in global cloud/snow coverage tied to an increase in galactic cosmic rays. Those increases, in turn, will be in response to very weak magnetic fields.

In addition, there are threshold levels of magnetic weakness out there that could result in a major, as opposed to a slight, climatic shift. If one looks at the historical climatic record/ice core data, major/abrupt climatic changes show up more often than not.

Something is causing it, and it is not the slow gradual change of the ocean’s heat content. Besides, ocean heat content does not matter: it is the surface oceanic temperatures that matter when it comes to the climate and they can change fast.

In closing I say the so called AGW ended in late 2017.

None of the mainstream buy into this, even the ones who do not believe in AGW. They are all stuck and believe in their inadequate models, which are useless in this environment . Even Joe Bastardi, a non-believer in AGW, cannot get into this.

This is why this site (iceagenow.info) is so important, because it brings points of view similar to what I expressed and think is correct.

Salvatore Del Prete is publisher of https://climatebusters.org/

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  1. To expand some we have to monitor the items I have alluded to in my article and see how they evolve.

    This is an exciting time in the climate. The climate is at a crossroad as far as I am concerned.

  2. Great article! I think the weak geomagnetic field of the sun which I believe keeps the Earths earthquakes and volcanoes in check by keeping earth’s geomagnetic field from deviating-hence the deep quakes recently causing surface quakes around the tectonic plates all over the world.How many undersea volcanoes have to go off along with surface volcanoes to cause a new ice age. Robert has addressed this in his great books of which I have both.Thanks for your site Robert.

  3. Hi Salvatore ,
    In closing I say the so called AGW ended in late 2017.
    None of the mainstream buys into this, even the ones who do not believe in AGW. They are all stuck and believe in their inadequate models, which are useless in this environment. Even Joe Bastardi, a non-believer in AGW, cannot get into this.
    AGW was never a science proven fact, rather much barking up the wrong Lonsome Pine and lots of Mannipulation.
    What is a fact is the Modern Warm Period ended with the start of this first cycle of the Modern GSM in 2008. Since that year-date the Sun has executed a 10 year Trefoil Orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre, with four separate abrupt angular momentum changes in direction.
    Add Gravity to your list of actors, and yes volcanic activity is a lagging event. The LALIA had three major eruptions; Dalton had one at the start and Tambora at the end.
    None of the mainstream will buy into the above either.

    • Piers has it that strong solar wind streams cause earthquakes and there are more volcanic eruptions during solar minimum. Every time the solar wind ramps up, somewhere there is an earthquake and who knows that when one isn’t reported it has happened at sea – 7/8ths of the planet. With solar minimum coming are we about to see a string of eruptions – particularly of those volcanoes that are late in their cycle?

  4. At least we wont have to wait long to test your theories and if you are correct the testing will be done with a critically large brush. I’m on your side. I think the cooling started earlier when you look at the crop damage done in Europe over the last few years. Wine prices will be rising as the wine from two years ago hits the market. The lost of grape vines in California to a forest fire wont help, either.

  5. Salvatore thank you for your clear viewpoints . Traditional science has taken atrack into fairy-worlds since it disregards the fully electromagnetic characteristics of the cosmos and consequently the weather here at earth Nevertheless life is hard for the visionairies like you , as it has always been .

  6. I appreciate all the commentary. This web-site is what is needed because it gives rise to alternative points of view which would otherwise be silenced.

    In addition the alternative points of view have much merit and historical data to back them up.

    The climate is at a crossroads in my opinion and now-over the next few years should be revealing.

  7. Re: lower oceanic sea surface temperatures

    NOAA says otherwise:

    “The first half of 2018 was characterized by warmer- to much-warmer-than-average conditions across much of the world’s land and ocean surfaces. ”


    Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide your source for your assertion. I am aware that NOAA might not be the most respected source around these parts, by the way.

    While you’re at it, please define “very weak solar/geomagnetic fields”.

    What constitutes a very weak solar/geomagnetic field anyway?

    • https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/ocean/global.png (Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies)

      During the summer of 2017 overall oceanic sea surface temperatures were in the range of +.34c in contrast to now.

      Weak solar/geo magnetic fields are able to be ascertained through actual measurements of both of the fields.

      The solar magnetic field is represented well by the AP index which shows how much magnetic activity is taken place on the earth due to solar activity. The weaker this number the less magnetic activity being generated by the sun.

      Swarm is a project that is being used to measure the strength of the geo magnetic field. It has shown this field to be weakening rapidly although not that weak yet in actuality but the trend is showing a rapid decrease and IF this trend continues this will be a concern.

      This web-site frequently gives updates on the earth’s geo magnetic field

  8. It will be interesting since the next Solar Cycle starts late next year. Grand Solar Minimum anyone? I’m interested to see how this diminishing of solar gravitational activity will effect the planetary core. I’ve always thought these gravitational events factor in to how the Earth contracts and Expands on a small scale, especially while following the lunar tidal bulge. It may help explain the unusual plate subductions these days along the ring of fire.

  9. Salvatore Del Prete a good piece well said.

    Have you seen the research on solar gamma rays where the gamma ray output has shot up during solar minimum. As the Scientific American piece on the subject says — “In their upcoming study, so far published on the preprint server arXiv and submitted to Physical Review Letters, Linden and his colleagues examined a decade’s worth of data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope to better analyze the sun’s emission of gamma rays—the universe’s most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation. To their surprise, the researchers found the most intense gamma rays appear strangely synced with the quietest part of the solar cycle. During the last solar minimum, from 2008 to 2009, Fermi detected eight high-energy gamma rays (each with energies greater than 100 giga–electron volts, or GeV) emitted by the sun. But over the next eight years, as solar activity built to a peak and then regressed back toward quiescence, the sun emitted no high-energy gamma rays at all. The chances of that occurring at random, Linden says, are extremely low. Most likely the gamma rays are triggered by some aspect of the sun’s activity cycle, but the details remain unclear.”

    A link to the paper — https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.05436

    • The observable difference during Solar Minimum isnt the lack of full sized Sun Spots, but the large long lasting Coronial holes, which are in tandem with SAW events – Sudden Atmospheric Warming Events. In Europe this tends to allow the Azores High to ridge up into Scandinavia and refresh part of the Arctic Vortex which is currently parked over Scandinavia. Conditions which lead to European drought, harsh winters and exception summers.
      1962/3, 1976, 2018

  10. My own thinking tells me that earthquake activity is increasing in direct proportion to the Sun’s magnetic field weakening. As the Sun’s magnetic field weakens, the cosmic rays reaching the Earth has been increasing and this is a proven fact, please refer to Spaceweather.com for more info on this. My theory builds upon the following:

    “As the Sun’s magnetic field weakens, the Earth’s own magnetic field weakens and the speed at which the magnetic poles move towards ‘reversal’ accelerates. While magnetic pole reversal is accelerating volcanic activity at the poles of the Earth increases and causes the melting of ice cover in these areas.”

    Please refer to ‘Mud Volcanoes Beaufort Sea’ as well as ‘Antarctica Volcanoes Melt Ice’ as Internet search terms. So if it were not for these scientific studies, I could not have put it all together.

    As for the lowering temperatures on Earth, it has everything to do with the lower number of Sun Spots and the corresponding decrease in heat energy output. On the subject of climate change we are not as powerful an influence as the Sun and never will be.

    All it takes is for someone to look at the big picture and fit all the pieces to the puzzle. It’s not really a big challenge or achievement to do this. I have much admiration for the scientists that perform all these studies and make them available on the Internet and so we should all be thankful for this and continue to encourage and support their work.

  11. dont discount geoengineering, they sprayed all day yesterday. over uk and in north of america. they are trying to help the ice age happen. crazy, but it may work.

  12. im also watching low ocean temps off aus top and sides as well as bottom
    its why the usual rains have been lacking for the majority of aus
    a little warmer water would enable some rain for the places in dire need.
    we prefer La nina down under;-)

  13. “There are threshold levels of magnetic weakness that could result in a major, as opposed to a slight, climatic shift.”

    The article doesn’t delineate these ‘threshold levels’.

    Unless we are going to put out strong arguments we are no different than the Global Warmists

    • Because I do not know(no one knows) exactly what they are, that would cause a major climatic shift. Although I will say they are now low enough to cause a minor climatic shift and that will be in the direction of cooling.

  14. Yes, the electromagnetic nature of the earth and sun very important! Magnetic field reversals, central to Robert’s thesis causing fast changes extinctions, ice ages!

  15. This is a very interesting article and I totally agree with your observations Salvatore, and we will soon find out. Thank you for your insightful information.

  16. The article basically rest on a lot of assumptions. Of course, ALL science rests on assumptions as very little of it can actually be proven emphatically. Yes, there are experiments that support them to some degree, but we DO assume much and our further knowledge is based on those assumptions. Shoot all you want, it doesn’t matter.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to look at what is presumed to be the climate record and be able to suggest that we are in line for “climate change,” and the records point to it being colder. I’ve accepted that since the 1970s when the first warning came out.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to look at the glowing ball in the sky, feel the heat burning down from it, and realize that that probably has a great influence on the temperature, but it does take someone capable of looking up at it as opposed to sitting at a computer desk. As for magnetic connections and the rest of the assumptions, I am not concerned since it is rather obvious that the climate is not what it was 60 years ago when I was a kid. then again, when has climate not changed?

    Whether or not the theory proposed in the article is “the one in the driver’s seat” is still conjecture. The climate changes for reasons built into the system, a system too self correcting to be an accident, and to complex to be “controlled” by any one factor.

    As for Joe Bastardi, remember this – he is a weather man, not a climatologist, whatever that is. Weathermen are not concerned with predicting climate, they are concerned with predicting what the infinitely variable weather is going to be like. There are no “climate signals,” short of turning off that glowing ball in the sky, that will help him better predict the weather. If someone DOES turn off that glowing ball in the sky, my guess is that Joe will stop worrying about weather and start praying for forgiveness of anything that he may have done during his lifetime – just like most of the atheists in the world would suddenly be doing as well.

    • By the way, I am not saying Bastardi is an atheist as I believe he has said he was Catholic. I am saying when faced with death, few atheists won’t be concerned that maybe they’ve been wrong and take a shot at praying for forgiveness – just in case.

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