Weakening magnetic field a precursor to a reversal

Weakening magnetic field a precursor to a reversal

“Scientists say earth’s magnetic field is weakening and could all but disappear in as little as 500 years as a precursor to flipping upside down.”

“Magnetic north has migrated more than 1,500 kilometers over the past century,” said Conall Mac Niocaill, an earth scientist at Oxford University. “In the past 150 years, the strength of the magnetic field has lessened by 10 percent, which could indicate a reversal is on the cards.”


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  1. Surely a 10% reduction in the magnetic field strength in the last 150 years could conceivably explain at least some of the temperature changes on Earth over that time frame – weaker field strength on Earth – stronger Solar effect in terms of energy in to Earth’s biosphere.

    Oh, sorry – CO2 isn’t magnetic – silly me.

  2. Blamed on Co2 or my SUV? These eco idiots should study some history, read books on this topic by Robert and others. Poles shift, magnetic field reverses, cosmic irradiation bombards the earth and the majority of species are destroyed…..

  3. ..if the Earths magnetic field is generated by the spinning iron core then how can the pole of the field move or reverse? Is it influenced perhaps polarized by the Sun which obviously is far stronger ?

    • Tony ,
      Earth`s magnetic field isn`t generated by the solid (from pressure )inner core spinning but by the liquid outer core , the field is both induced and maintained by the convection of liquid iron in the outer core


      those convection currents have a tendency to align themselves into N/S or S/N orientated spirals but that`s it ,it`s just a tendency , nothing fixed and when things start to go out of alignment , magnetic field strength decreases which allows it to wander further etc . etc. until either a full reversal happens or in the case of an excursion , the currents re-align themselves back to where they were

    • hi Tony,

      the standard geology explanation of the earth’s magnetic field and heat content make little sense to me.

      1. I agree with you — rapid pole reversals are isconsistent with the massive iron convection geodynamo theory
      2. I think after 4 Billion years, the interior would no longer be at the same temperature as the sun’s surface, it would be a LOT cooler.

      this guy’s ideas are speculative [but so is the mainstream theory], but an active nuclear fission reactor at the earth’s core explains:

      1. the high interior temperature; and
      2. the fast mag pole reversals.




      • I’m not interest in why it’s happening. I’m more interested in what will happen to ME?

  4. They don’t account for the increasing speed the north pole is now moving at. It is exponentially speeding up each day. I estimate we only have 2 years before the poles may reverse, sorry. 🙁

  5. I thought the Earths core was heating up which is weakening the Magnetic strength it produces? Also you have proof of the heating with Volcanoes going of and the Earthquakes etc. Only a matter of time, Ice Age along with Pole Shift, great news for our kids.

  6. Tony, you should read Robert’s book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. You’ll find the answer to your question there…

  7. There are conflicting theories on whether, during a reversal, Earth would lose all magnetic field protection. There was a brief complete reversal 41,000 years ago which led to the magnetic field strength dropping to an estimated 5% of normal during the reversal. That is well within the full human timeline and there is no evidence of mass extinction. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be adverse effects, but we, the human race, as well as most species on the planet, would probably survive.

    • But there is evidence of extinction at the Gothenburg magnetic reversal of 11,500 years ago, and at the Mono Lake magnetic reversal of 23,000 years ago.

  8. Unfortunately there’s a lot that we don’t know about the core of the earth and the exact mechanics of how the magnetic field is generated to begin with. I have seen at least one somewhat convincing argument that the earth’s core is actually a “natural” nuclear reactor in permanent melt down (uranium is heavier than iron).

    Now, if you want to look just at the “iron” core, then we are in the sun’s magnetic field, and relative motion between a conductor and a magnetic field is how one normally generates a potential difference/makes electricity. Given that ends up generating a serious electric current within the earth, then that current will in turn generate its own magnetic field.

    Thus there are at least a couple of different theories which could be used to explain just why the earth’s core is so hot, and each of them has different potential ramifications for how the earth’s magnetic field is actually generated and could fluctuate through time.

  9. I read a bogus article the other day that blamed the pole shift on the “Melting Greenland Ice sheet”. Since when is ice magnetic???

  10. Although we won’t see it if a total reversal occurs what would be the noticeable effect on us?.

    • I am probably being too simplistic but compass’s would point the opposite direction, aviation would be affected as well as ships at sea in regards to how they would decipher their location and direction of travel. Not sure if GPS would be effected. Since the magnetic field effects solar radiation strength arriving on the surface of the earth and directly protects us from that radiation, if the actual strength of the magnetic field lessens during the pole shift and then takes time to restrengthen after the shift, you could have higher incidences of cancer, birth defects, etc.

  11. The video contained in the link shows how the north pole has progressed over what appears to be a couple of centuries with an apparent acceleration in the recent couple of decades. If someone has the actual data can you do a curve fit? It seems like the resulting graph of future time and position would appear to yield a pretty shocking picture. Hopefully the rate of the pole movement is not actually increasing more rapidly. Hopefully it is more of linear phenomenon than it visually appears.

  12. I read somewhere that the Earth’s magnetic field was influenced by the Sun’s magnetic field. The sun’s field gains or loses strength due to cyclical changes in the sun’s angular momentum which, in turn, is influenced by gravitational effects (tidal forces) from the orbiting planets and their respective alignments and positions in relation to the sun. The more massive gas giants have especially strong influences upon the sun, either adding to the sun’s angular momentum or subtracting from it. It’s analogous to a hand-cranked generator, where just a small amount of force applied to the crank can increase the electronic field in the attached wires and the magnetic field in an attached electro-magnet.

  13. Earth is in a goldilocks zone for reason far beyond all our comprehensions. The moon as well as mars are also in the goldilocks zone of life but seem to be as dead ashell…I just can not see the magnetosphere of earth being the sole physical property of all our well being. There are thousands of reasons why were all here..the countless ingrediants of lifes compound atoms,atmospheric pressure(allows water to exist on earth)endless properties of fate,that allow earths existence.I’m not saying our magnetosphere,isn’t of the greatest importance to life but one of them,there’s too many to list. Just my 2 cents.

  14. We’re likely to see a magnetic reversal far sooner than that. It could easily reverse in our lifetime – within the next 5 to 20 years. If you read the book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps it explains why this reversal is actually due very soon. I don’t think it’ll take much longer.

  15. Hi, There is lot of interst in this subject. A simple question ? We have a Nort and South Pole where is the south pole going ?!, or it stationary. We might end up with Single pole planet.!!

  16. This fellow has been keeping track of the NMP and has put out this video:
    I have a compass in a stationary position on a shelf. Over the last few weeks I have noticed the needle move to the lines on either side of it. The guy in this video suggests taking a compass and marking a reference point near you and one far away with your compass. That way you can see over time if the MNP has shifted.

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