Weekend at Bidens – Video

Maybe more people should have seen this video a few months ago.

Maybe they should’ve stayed in the basement… Joe Biden, career politician, is propped up for the Presidential Debate, with strings attached!

The radical left and Chinese Communist Party have their hooks into this Manchurian puppet.

And the only way they’re going to survive the election is to make it look like Biden has! Will they make it through Sleepy Joe’s cognitive decline? Or will America and Freedom persist in the face of the radical left, and new world order?

A political ad from No To Joe PAC released the night of the final presidential debate, two weeks from the 2020 US Presidential election.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

5 thoughts on “Weekend at Bidens – Video”

  1. This is too much honor for the Biden Family . Here he is shown as somebody that cannot do any harm and totally helpless. In reality he is bringing the whole of the usa into the abyss and judging the disgusting actions of his son with chinese and russian prostitutes , the father will have shown himself as a moral pervert by stealing the wife of his nightclubbuddy and by doing obamas dirty work , which he is still executing until today .

  2. Ice Age Now [class, style, logos and credibility] is still the best cross pollination site between deep classified full spectrum true (not woo) and many other alternative sites.

    Globalists are in full panic (censorship) mode now as they were likely pushed ahead of schedule from 2050 back to 2020 by ‘real’ onset climate cooling/cosmic ray dimming, mag/rev weakening and volcanic sub-cap/ocean warming.
    Liberals looking at internet kill switch
    “Could we envision having blocking orders? Maybe. It would likely be a last resort, a nuclear bomb in a toolbox of mechanisms for a regulator.”
    Published 1 day ago on April 10, 2021

    https://greatmountainpublishing.com/2020/06/17/dr-russell-blaylock-says-that-face-masks-pose-serious-risks-to-the-healthy/ [note the embedded vid titled: Below is a Video Censored by YouTube of a News Conference With Doctors Criticizing the Safety and Effectiveness of Masks]

    Socialist/Communist Eugenics Tyranny has now become the mainstream topic/focus in the alernative news world… while cyclical geophysical cooling/dimming/volcanism is gradually seeping it’s way into the mix along with the CO2/Climate Denier [warming] hoax. This is still the only site with the view from fifty light-years away with the multi-million year perspective on the relationship between geophysical ice age cycles and the cyclical multi-era globalist agendas and histories. What else can be said… location, location, location, timing, timing, timing, foresight, perseverance and guts.

    The only way to control the speed of the slide into global [Vaccine Passport/Eugenics] tyranny is to hang’em high in the court of public opinion… right here, right now. Much appreciated as always. Cheers.

  3. Hi Robert – I wish they’d made that into a movie. It would be comedy gold.

    There’s one line, though, that sends chills down anyone spine: “All we have to do is get him elected and we can do whatever we want”

    • The main storyline was written long ago, well before most of the ’guest star’ here today gone tomorrow (20&21st century) White House actors were even born.

  4. https://thetruereporter.com/warning-covid-19-vaccine-is-a-killing-machine-dr-judy-mikovitz/

    8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can [and Will] Kill You – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    Plandemic – A Must-See Micro-Doc About The Medical Mafia & Dr. Fauci May 21, 2020

    All faked theatre from the get-go full spectrum just like the Aim4truth guys said… like Big Pharma, “fossil” fuels, fusion sun, WW’s, NASA, JFK, 911, Covid… the last 500 years of history.

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