Well over 2 ft of snow headed for Washington, Oregon and Idaho

“Upcoming snow in the PNW should amount to very heavy amounts,” says reader H.B. Schmidt.

“It’s amazing how much water these storms put out in the form of snow and ice. The Weather Channel shows large areas across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho that will get well over two feet (60 cm) of snow between now and next weekend.


“No wonder these states are excited about building a snowpack to refill their reservoirs. A few events like this over the course of a long winter, and suddenly all that snow provides much more than a pretty backdrop for photo opportunities,” says H.B.

“Rough estimates of the area that will get 2+ feet of snow:
165 miles x 475 miles = 78,375 sq miles

“At a snow water equivalent average across all of that at the standard 10:1 inches, that would be 2.5 inches snow water equivalent (SWE): 24 ÷ 10 = 2.5 inches, or 0.2083 feet

1 sq mile = 5,280 feet x 5,280 feet = 27,878,400 sq ft

27,878,400 sq ft x 78,375 sq miles x 0.2083 ft SWE = 455,202,000,000 cubic feet SWE

“There are 43,560 cubic feet per acre-foot of water, so 455,202,000,000 ÷ 43560 = 10,450,000 acre-feet of potential water run-off from this ONE event.”


4 thoughts on “Well over 2 ft of snow headed for Washington, Oregon and Idaho”

  1. It kind of seems like the best of both worlds with the ENSO right now, it’s La Nina, and also vestiges of El Nino, so the Pacific Northwest and Northern California are both getting abundant rain. Not that you would EVER hear any such optimism from the media. What I mean is that the water has turned over centrally off Peru, though there’s still warm water in the same general area too. About half and half.

    • Yes, but did you hear anything about the drought relief in the MSM this autumn? All I saw was more rhetoric about how La Niña was going to cause drier than normal conditions for the upcoming winter and expand the drought situation.

      When it doesn’t rain in one place, it rains elsewhere. We cannot control when or where the rain will fall, and certainly not by stopping up the exhaust from our vehicles and power plants.

  2. so? how long will we wait for the cessation of guff re the expected 100yr drought for Cali?
    they spent so much time screaming it was happening already
    crickets again:-)

  3. hey?
    do they HAVE any dams left to actually store this water IN???
    or did that (very fishy)smelt matter so much they kept ripping dams out?
    if they did
    the floodings going to be HUUUUGE later isnt it.

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