Well-below average cold in Europe

16C below-average across vast swathes of the continent – But where’s the balanced  reporting?

“The BBC has, to date, only gone so far as to forecast “fresher” air sweeping into Europe from across the Atlantic, yet latest models reveal temperatures will be falling as much as 16C below-average across vast swathes of the continent, which is actually a bigger drop than the rise above average was last week.

“It’s pathetic really, but at least confirms the media bias.”


Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

3 thoughts on “Well-below average cold in Europe”

  1. Ah it’s stuck in Alaska with 88 deg. They hid the cold by looking for the heat or hot zones. But they are moving or getting smaller.
    Hid the Cold, Hid the Truth, or move the truth.
    Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

  2. it’s still global warming, because:

    cold = warm
    correlation = causation
    plantfood = pollution

    So please stop asking inconvenient questions.

  3. ah, but the BBC like the aussies ABC determined they need NOT be either fair OR balanced on matters of climate!! and bragged about it to boot.
    or other issues like vaccine risks and other topics, along with extremely obvious partisan biaaswed political reportage as well
    in aus politically theyre leaning green/socialist
    govt/msm media is pretty much like the old style Pravda globally.
    on a very sad note we lost Christopher Booker this week from pancreatic cancer
    a strong voice for warning on agw idiocy sorely missed;-(( RIP
    see report at WUWT

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