We are well into a geomagnetic reversal right now

We are well into a geomagnetic reversal right now

Important! A must-watch video from Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers. In fact, it’s worth watching more than once.

Davidson reminds us that a magnetic reversal could leave us without electricity for years.

For years!


See the article I posted yesterday about the National Geographic article that Ben is referring to:

And here’s the lame National Geographic article:

Thanks to Goran for bringing this video to my attention

14 thoughts on “We are well into a geomagnetic reversal right now”

  1. Agree there! With all the explosions and flashes of light now seen in Russia and Noctilucent clouds (cosmic rays) on the increase in Antarctica means we already are seeing increasing effects.

    • No!

      When your neighbour has a gun pointed at your head, over that last bit of food in your cupboard, ask yourself the question again.

      Sorry for being frank!

  2. Also the msm are continually looking for rational explanations for all of the birds, whales, fish etc grounding or otherwise dying!
    It is more than likely that the magnectic fields are so awry that all animal life is in peril especially those that need it for navigation!

  3. Noctilucent clouds. Also sprites, jets, proton arcs and the phenomenon known as” steve”. All on the increase.
    And, maybe just general insanity. What effect does the magnetosphere have on people?

  4. Davidson mentions it and has a slide stating it and I’m sure it is his point of view, not that of the “Scientific American”.
    That is that UV diminished ozone. “Solar UV Destroys Ozone” is the slide. Yes, looked at it five times now.
    It is well-known that Solar UV ionizes O2 to become O3, which is ozone.
    More UV more ozone.

  5. On good authority, it is worth knowing that when the Earth’s field reverses, all of the refrigerator magnets all over the world will fall off.


  6. Yes, Ben Davidson knows his stuff. Well worth checking out his sites. His book, Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun is pretty good too.

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