‘We’re basically at a pandemic now’: Mayo Clinic physician on COVID19

Video – Dr. Gregory Poland, professor of medicine and infectious diseases and the director of the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Pfizer board member and former FDA Commissioner, discuss the coronavirus.

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  1. This is getting tiresome.

    How many “Bird” flues have we had? How many “pig” flues?

    Really? This one is “killing” less than those who die every year from “normal” flu. Give me a break.

    I think it is the “excuse” for the coming food shortage, the coming “natural” flu from the weather changes, and other effects that the UN and WHO don’t want to be responsible for.

    Even Ebola doesn’t seem to be as bad as this?

    • The Wuhan Corona virus will end up killing as many or more in and around Wuhan than the flu will kill worldwide….deal with it….

    • Yes, but:
      China has locked down half a billion people. I don’t think they do that for typical flus, do they?

    • I don’t think that the topic is getting tiresome. I find it morbidly fascinating that, due to this pandemic, China’s economy is crashing and possibly will be taking the global supply chain (and economy) down with it…
      (Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/china-disintegrating-steel-demand-property-sales-traffic-all-approaching-zero)

      Besides… flues (i.e. ducts, pipes or openings in chimneys) with pictures of birds and pigs on them sounds interesting to me, since I must admit, I’ve never heard of or seen such things before. 😉

      But yes, Centurion, really and with all flue, I mean, due respect, you need to check your premise because no, the Covid-19 is not “killing” less than “normal” flu.

      Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or epidemiologist, and I’m not about to play one here… what I’m about to share is not medical advice, it’s mere recollections from what I’ve very recently read at various sources.

      The reason that I’m replying to your comment is that it may create a wrong impression about the seriousness of this pandemic with some readers by having unfairly compared the number of deaths from “normal” flu during an entire year to a pandemic that only started about two months ago, and apparently based on that unfair comparison decided that there’s not valid reasons for concern. Let’s both revisit this page after about 10 months, and then compare the number of fatalities for the past year, shall we?

      As Albert Allen Bartlett said “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

      Almost exponential growth of Covid-19 cases means that the “fun” 🙁 is about to begin for the Covid-19 pandemic party with *case rates likely doubling about every 6-7 days.
      (*Source: American College of Emergency Physicians

      Consider the “wheat/rice on the chessboard problem” to better understand what’s about to happen. (Granted, the spread of Covid-19 won’t be truly exponential due to various epidemiology modeling factors such as “contact rate”, “infection rate”, disease period, fatality rate etc. )

      Important to keep in mind that Covid-19 is a “novel” (new) variation of the Corona virus i.e. before “Patient Zero” nobody’s had it before, therefore unlike common strains of “normal” flue most people are susceptible / have no immunity against this new pandemic.

      Then consider the R0 (“R-nought”) Basic Reproduction Number:
      The 1918 “influenza” pandemic that killed 50 million worldwide had an R0 of 2-3 whereas (depending on the source) Covid-19 is estimated to have an R0 of between 1.4 & 6.6.

      Add to your comparison an incubation period of about 14 days for the Covid-19 virus during which it is highly infectious whereas with “normal” flu you are infectious about a day before showing symptoms, and for the most part infectious for about 3-4 days after the onset of symptoms.

      Before we discuss and compare the fatality rate… keep in mind that whistle-blower reports and anecdotal evidence of cremations etc. strongly suggest that the Chinese are under-reporting cases and fatalities, whereas the CDC stats annual fatalities of “normal” flu in the US are sometimes over-reported due to the inclusion of pneumonia cases (thereby creating a fear factor that boosts Big Pharma vaccine sales… but that’s another topic)

      Besides the suspect reporting of stats, how the fatality rate of Covid19 is calculated also varies. It seems that for Covid-19 most do it as dead/cases=2.3% (biased low) but some like the Taiwanese(?) prefer dead/(dead+recovered)=18.8% (biased high) so perhaps we should use the average of the two, i.e. a fatality rate of 10.54%.
      (Source: https://twitter.com/NoisyTurtle2600/status/1227914546905436165?s=20 )

      Depending on your source of stats for annual fatalities in the US from “normal” flu the fatality rate = about 0.05%
      (This is based on a report of 10000 dead / 31.4 million annual outpatient visits for flu + 200000 hospitalizations etc. = the fatality rate for “normal” influenza in the US is about 0.05%. (To be generous, since I calculated it at less, but it’ll suffice as a rough estimate that clearly illustrates the point.)

      Thus comparing Fatality rates:
      Covid19 = 2.3% – 18.8% for an average of 10.54%.
      “Normal” flu in US = about 0.05%

      So, Centurion… would you perhaps like to reconsider what you wrote?
      (i.e. “Really? This one is “killing” less than those who die every year from “normal” flu. Give me a break.”)

      Consider that Covid-19’s 2.3% fatality rate is 46 times more deadly than that of the “normal” flu at 0.05%.

      Consider that effective containment is impossible.
      Why? Because of asymptomatic infected persons.
      The strict, draconian containment will slow the pandemic down, but it can’t stop it… it will spread to the rest of the world.

      Give credit where credit is due… and kudos for trying, i.e. the truly unprecedented in the history of the world, incredible Chinese government response of locking down an entire city of 11 million people, then 60+ million people etc.

      Consider what will happen not if, but when this pandemic hits Africa, that is utterly unprepared and will not be able to cope (the first asymptomatic case of a non-citizen has already been registered in Egypt) etc. etc.

      In the US, the CDC Director already warned that it will become widespread throughout the US
      (Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/health/its-coming-cdc-director-warns-coronavirus-become-widespread-throughout-united-states)

      I can go on explaining but I’ll end by briefly addressing your last point. Ebola has an R0 of 1.5-2.5 spreads via body fluids so in that sense, indeed, Ebola is not as bad (since Covid-19 spreads via Airborne droplets with a possibly higher R0), however, Ebola is far, far worse in terms of prognosis with 25%-90% mortality.

      So… tiresome? Yes… I agree, the sensationalism of the mainstream media as well as blogs using this as click-bait… definitely tiresome, and so toouninformed or misinformed comments but, we’re all here to share and learn. 🙂

      Bottom line: No need to worry. Just wash your hands regularly with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer and cover your mouth when you cough, preferably with something other than your hand. Stay informed, stay away from crowds and when it arrives in your area, wear a mask (that fits properly) in public and remember goggles (Covid-19 can spread via contact with your eyes – glasses or goggles will at least keep you from touching ’em.)

      This too shall pass. 🙂

      Best wishes,

    • Addressing Centurion,

      Do you see biohazard suits being used by medical personnel for influenza? No!! That alone should tell you just HOW bad this is likely to get!

      Since Guangzhou joined the quarantine, 400 Million People are now on lockdown In China. That is the equivalent of 240 million Americans being confined to their homes, with ONE family member allowed out to get supplies every three days. Even with China’s MASSIVE bureaucracy and military manpower, they have huge problems policing this. Can you imagine trying to police this in the US?

      I THINK that Covid-19 is WAY out of the league of eg MERS/SARS/Ebola, if only for the reason that you can be asymptomatic but shedding virus for at least 14 days. This virus has the ability to survive outside of the human body on an inert surface for a minimum of 5 days. Think pumps at gas stations, keypads at checkouts, elevator buttons in offices and hospitals, baskets/carts at the store. let alone the endless possibilities of transmission in a public restroom!

      NOW – some folks are a bit more “WOKE” than you.. try and find a box of 10 N95 masks for sale right now. A box of ten with valve SHOULD retail at about $12, but individual MASKS are selling for up to $19.99 on Amazon and EBAY, and almost everyone is sold out!

      Some of us ARE ready.

      Just a brief aside on the lethality of a novel virus… we farm rare and heritage chickens, and have a breed that only arrived in the US in April 2019. We got 43 day-olds at $100 each. We did NOT know that we had Marek’s Disease (an alphaherpes virus) on our land, and over the past 5 months it has KILLED all but 9 of them. That is an 80% loss rate!! Our other chickens obviously have immunity, although we think we know of a few that died from it, retrospectively, but THAT virus can stay on the surface of the ground for 13 months and survives 5 years underground. Imagine that scenario with a new viral strain like COVID 19 and humans.. it HAS been suggested by the WHO that up to 60% of the world’s population could be affected, under the worst case scenario. In the US, using that ratio,t 210 million people could be infected, and at a 2% death rate, 4.2 million in this country could die.

      The most awful video I caught was of three young Chinese children being placed in a “man-size” body bag. This virus hits the young AND the old and everyone in between, so start researching AND prepping NOW!


  2. I am afraid the unprincipled charlatan who uttered those words needs to be struck off the medical register for gross and terminal breach of the Hippocratic Oath.

    This rubbish will continue until brutal punishments are meted out to these charlatans and the media liars who give them a platform.

  3. One big problem that I see is… public health is basically run by liberals and has been since the AIDS epidemic started when a lot of gays and lesbians got into positions of power in that field. I know, I worked in public health for most of my career (1992-2018).

    I remember back when I was a liberal myself, which is probably how I got into that field myself (later regretting it). In1993 or thereabouts the American Public Health Association meeting had as it’s main guest speakers some people from the former USSR. That old fart Bernie would have felt right at home!

  4. A pandemic ? I am leaning to yes. I know that we are a “world” commerce. BUT in just a short time line, look how fast it has spread. We dont know yet if it is a “killer” virus or just one to make you real sick for a time.
    The telling is that the doctor that warned of it was silenced and later died. There is more to the story here than we are being told.

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