We’re Being Stampeded Into An Unnecessary Panic

While COVID-19 deaths appear** to be skyrocketing in the United States, they trail far behind the two leading killers; cancer and heart disease.

We’re Being Stampeded Into An Unnecessary Panic

Robert W Felix

While COVID-19 deaths appear* to be skyrocketing in the United States, they trail far behind the two leading killers; cancer and heart disease.

* I say Covid-19 deaths appear to be skyrocketing, because I think a great number of those deaths are being mis-reported. I predict that both heart-related deaths and cancer-related deaths – especially lung-cancer-related deaths – will miraculously decline markedly as so-called Covid-related deaths increase.

Although innumerable sensational headlines would make it appear that Covid-19 is the greatest risk to America’s health, the number of reported Covid-19 deaths remain far below the number one and number two leading causes of death throughout the country.

As of today, 23 January 2021, the United States has reported 424,634 deaths from Covid-19. Though a reprehensible number, it remains far below the reported number of deaths from either cancer or heart disease.


According to the CDC, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. In 2018, there were 599,274 cancer deaths; 283,721 females and 315,553 males.
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for 24% of all cancer deaths.

This compares to the reported 424,634 deaths from Covid-19

Cancer was ranked as the number-two leading cause of death for 20.7% of females in the United States in 2017. This included all races and origins.

Men fared even worse, with cancer ranking as the number-two leading cause of death for 22.5% of males in the United States in 2017. This again included all races and origins.

Heart disease

Heart disease ranked even higher. Heart disease ranked as the number one female killer in 2017 in the U.S., coming in at 21.8 percent.

Men again lead the pack, with heart disease at 24.2% being the leading cause of death for males in 2017 in the United States.

Those numbers were for the United States.

Now let’s look at the world

In 2005, 7.6 million people died of cancer and based on projection, cancer deaths will continue to rise with an estimated 11.4 million dying in 2030.

Compare that to the 2.1 million Covid-19 deaths worldwide so far, and you may come to the same conclusion that I have; that we have far greater things to worry about than Covid-19.

I think we’re being stampeded into an unnecessary panic.








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  1. I think Covid-19 is a hoax, and no person has ever died from the “covids”. The way they pulled the hoax is by intense media non-stop reporting and reassigning other disease deaths as covid deaths.

    That is why influenza deaths went to zero. That is why suicide stats are not being reported.

    Doctors were told to fill out death certificates with cause of death as Covid-19 because the hospital got big bucks, here is the proof:


    The corrupt state where I live (Oregon) which is ruled by the wicked witch in Salem (Kate Brown) gets $220,000 federal dollars per covid death. Now that is some dough, and good motivation to knock off granny in the convalescent home.

    Fred, we need more money. Ok, want me to put granny on the respirator? Yeah Fred, and turn up the CO valve. Ok … oops granny just died. Oh well we’ll just have to fill out that Covid form and get $220K.

    Covid is just like CO2, both are invisible and a threat. Neither can be proven as causal. Both are hyped by the lying MSM media.

  2. Bullshit! I’ve lost a cousin to this virus and another uncle who mysteriously developed pneumonia in summer in Alabama but no covid diagnosis. I haven’t lost anyone to cancer or heart disease in a decade.

  3. The only figure worth following is total deaths, as in the UK, deaths due to influenza have miraculously ‘disappeared’ due to Covid19 i.e. there can be no trust in the ’cause of death’ figures, particularly in the US where there are hugely corrupt financial incentives to declare a death to be ‘from Covid19’.

    It should be a criminal offence for hospitals to be incentivised in that way and if Joe Biden has any credibility whatever, he will issue an Executive Order criminalising that activity today.

    He’s shown he can issue orders immediately, so if he doesn’t issue this one, he’s stating, quite clearly, that he is in on the Covid19 scam and he heartily approves of it.

    That should be an impeachment offence, by the way…..

  4. Imagine you are a general about to launch an attack in the belief that you have twice as many divisions than the enemy, only to then find out you intelligence was badly wrong and they have twice as many as you. That’s the importance of accurate figures for people who are perfectly fit and die from from Covid. Then you need honesty – yes, unlikely I know – over nosocomial deaths. Finally you list those who were already weakened by illness. That’s the easy part. But pointing to work from an eminent German microbiologist, there is the life-shortening effect on the elderly of denying them their normal lives with lockdowns. No personal contact, no getting out and about to stay active, no mental stimulation from theatre, film, concerts etc.

  5. In my 40+ years of working inside industry I observed that there were Managers (a.k.a “Leaders”) who tackled new problems and issues head-on. There were also those who tried to avoid those situations by creating or magnifying a minor known issue into a catastrophe, because they thought they knew how to deal with it and could take credit for solving it. Often though they’d push it too far and it would go completely out of control. Unfortunately, most Managers seemed to fall into the latter category and that seems to be where the vast majority of politicians reside (the Swamp).

  6. What makes those numbers even more horrible is that recent research points to sub-clinical low Vit-C as the cause of heart disease / atherosclerosis… yet you don’t see PSAs nagging you to take your gram of Vit-C, do you?


    Mice and Gorillas don’t get human like heart disease, but mice with their Vit-C creation ability knocked out do, and Gorillas with Vit-C removed from their otherwise high Vit-c leaf diet do…


    High Levels Of Vit-C Reduce Heart Disease Risk

    A group of researchers from the University of Ulsan in South Korea after a recent study has claimed that people who have low amount of Vitamin C in their body are 2.4 times more prone to have high levels of a protein named hsCRP. hsCRP is responsible for developing inflammation or swelling and heart diseases in people. The researcher group has mentioned that people who have low levels of Vit-C and hsCRP protein in the amount over 3 mg/liter are two times more prone to die from cardiovascular diseases than others. Researchers have claimed that the study is the first to disclose the link between Vit – C in body and heart diseases.

    We could reduce dramatically both Chinese Wuhan Covid deaths and cardiovascular deaths with common over the counter drugs and suppliments.

  7. We should celebrate the “end of pneumonia.”

    Apparently, the pneumococcus bacterium and viral pneumonia have taken off on holiday during the COVID pandemic. While I can’t find the link again, I read recently that the total number of COVID deaths + pneumonia deaths (few) being reported over the last year are eerily similar to the typical number of pneumonia deaths. Not too surprising, since the CDC directive for death certificates told doctors to report pneumonia deaths that might be from COVID as COVID deaths, even if no tests were done. Not to mention the financial incentives for hospitals to report any death as a COVID death, as noted by one of the posts above.

    In a real pandemic, many of the people around you become ill or die. To date, not a single relative of mine has even tested positive, although the father-in-law of my grand nephew became ill with COVID, but his doctor prescribed HCL, zinc, and azithromycin and in 2 days he was fine. Of all my friends and acquaintances, one person I went to high school with, who was 76, diabetic, obese, had had a quadruple bypass, and was in poor health, became ill with COVID and died, although the immediate cause was a heart attack, but was probably brought on by his severe case of the disease. Several other high school friends also died in the last year (we’re all getting old), but all of them died from cancer.

    As a NY Times article pointed out last year, up to 90% of “positives” are false, due to the excessive number (40) of cycles of the PCR test, which will detect even the presence of virus particles that are so minimal as to not cause any illness of the person or risk of contagion to others. But the show must go on.

  8. It makes me absolutely sick to see how distorted CDC has become in they way they are counting deaths. I know most people the way I see it because of my background, but … I spent 13 years of my life where the main focus of my job was analyzing death data, calculating mortality rates, and interpreting these. This was for the Boston Public Health Commission, then for the County of San Diego (including there influenza surveillance), and for the State of NC.

    In those years I always counted on the National Center for Health Statistics/NCHS (part of CDC) for expert guidance in how to go about analyzing this type of data and very much enjoyed reading their research methods for interpreting trends in mortality. Seeing NCHS fall from it’s previous position as a highly professional and respected world leader in the field of health statistics and guidance for analyzing mortality data to the fraud they currently are absolutely makes me ill.

    Without accurate reporting and analysis of covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths… we will NEVER be able to gain an understanding of how this disease is affecting us and it’s true impact on public health. In other words, GIGO (garbage in…. garbage out).

  9. I realized this some time back. In 2018 alone 57 million people died worldwide of all causes, 57 million, and that’s just in 1 year. Yes Covid is a nasty bug but nowhere near being the biggest thing Humanity needs to worry about. Non stop hysterical headlines from the media ( surprise surprise ) and Government overreaction have turned this thing into a far bigger problem than it needed to be.

  10. Please dont spread disinformations !

    1. Almost in every country on planet deaths from covid are underestimated (NOT overestimated). There are clear numbers from excessive deaths in every country that published death statistics.
    (Curve of these excessive deaths indeed copy the curve of Covid confirmed deaths. With week to week, if not day to day precision).
    In my country, the number of deaths per year has surpassed all records following World War II. (with only small fraction (10%) of population contracted Covid).

    2. Neither cancer nor heart attack is an infectious disease. Every human is mortal, but Covid deaths are avoidable and unnecessary.

    3. 2020/2021 Influenza season is suppressed by a planetwide travel ban and 3W measures (also planetwide). So measures are pretty effective (but Covid is harder enemy than flu).
    Ironically, scientists have trouble collecting enough flu samples to decide which flu strains should be in the vaccine for next season (because that small number of influenza patients now).

      • Because Covid is harder enemy (order of magnitude) than seasonal flu. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

        Without (effective) measures, covid cases would rise like a rocket (and thus occupancy of ICU beds and death cases).

        PS: It is certain that the measures are (in some cases) wrongly designed, or (more likely) wrongly followed.

    • Most cancers and heart attacks are avoidable and unnecessary as well. Many are caused by the excessive consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or fast foods. All of which Governments worldwide support, all because they can claim tax revue from them. Governments don’t care how many people Covid kills, it simply bothers them because they can control it or tax it.

      • Government of USA maybe don’t care (willingly). But in Europe health care are public and mandatory. And at least cancer treatment is damn expensive, so there’s interest in prevention.

        It is not possible to completely prevent cancer or heart attack (we are all mortal), but only to reduce it or move it to a later age (which is what happens, life expectancy is still increasing).

        And finally I really do not (so much) care about the opinion of national governments. I just describe the facts that covid deaths are always underestimated (and Infectious disease is a more current problem than chronic diseases)

  11. Stampeded yes. Never let a good crisis go to waste. If you don’t have a crisis, make one up and keep repeating how real it is.

  12. They Are Bribing Youth to Take the Vax with Weed

    The experimental genetic “vaccine” is so unpopular that DC Marijuana Justice is offering to bribe youth with a free bag of weed.

  13. Also we’re getting two season’s cold/flu seasons wrapped up into one C19 season. So that takes the Covid total down in statistical analysis as well.

  14. In England and Wales the BBC reports that COVID deaths are heading towards 100,000!
    So Enganders stay alarmed and ignore the FACT that the UK statistics do not differentiate between people dying of COVID from those dying with COVID.
    Ignore too that seasonal flu statistics are not being taken during the same period.
    Also note the conflation of infection with positive PCR tested ‘cases’ that the BBC is guilty of continually reporting in order to hype-up the alarm. PCR ‘case’ numbers are not the same as the number of people with infections!

    • Please read my comments above. And stop ignoring reality.

      Even if the number of positives tested is completely false (NO they are not!), the numbers of all cases deaths (daily, annually) are rising to records not seen since WW2.

      Covid is the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu (1918), period.

      And it’s ridiculous to try to compare seasonal flu with covid. Like comparing a domestic cat to a tiger.

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