We’re living in a perfect climate where ice has waned due to natural processes

We’re blessed to live in these warmer times since the alternative would be far more difficult.

We’re living in a perfect climate where ice has waned due to natural processes

For some reason there’s always a set of controllers among humanity that can’t stand to see humans succeed and prosper.
Alaska Josh

24 Dec 2018 – Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington State has a 10-foot snow base (not total snowfall, the settled base) on the upper mountain. Once again for those who don’t know, the ski area is not located on Mt. Baker the volcano. It’s located 9 miles northeast of the volcano. Mt. Baker Ski Area has one of the lowest base elevations in the nation yet the deepest snow pack this season and most seasons.

The nearby active volcano, elevation 10,781 feet, is the highest peak in the North Cascades with eleven named glaciers.

Although the fake alarmist mainstream media like the Seattle Times claims that Mt. Baker’s glaciers are disappearing, that’s false. They’ve been advancing in recent years. Even the USGS states that Mt. Baker’s glaciers are healthy.

I think we’re living in a perfect climate and witnessing an interesting geologic time where glacial ice has waned due to natural processes. We’re blessed to live in these warmer times since the alternative would be far more difficult. I wish science would revert back to pure empiricism and shed itself of the activist-political yoke.

This is a perfect time to study mountains like Mt. Baker when its glaciers don’t reach down into the valleys where agriculture now thrives. Instead we’re throttled by the supposed guilt that any change in the natural environment was and is caused by humans and that we should give up all of our modern technologies that have provided the greatest level of health, comfort and prosperity for humans since the end of the Younger Dryas 10,500 years ago (I happen to believe that an advanced civilization was virtually wiped clean from Earth during the cataclysms of the Younger Dryas period, and there’s more and more evidence emerging that this was the case).

For some reason there’s always a set of controllers among humanity that can’t stand to see humans succeed and prosper. They’ve existed throughout history always working to destroy not build. And now in our time they’re using carbon dioxide, a trace gas necessary for all life on Earth, as a weapon to control and destroy our modern civilization.

This is the destroyer class of humans, always working to tear down and suppress humanity. They’re not innovators, builders or creators. They’re leeches, rats and parasites with no ability to create, only to destroy everything they touch. Nothing good or wholesome may exist according to their philosophy. Humans are evil they say. Well I say to them go to hell you demons – I’m not evil, and I believe in humanity. Yes we have some problems to work out, but we’re good and once unleashed from these destroyers we’ll achieve greater heights than we can imagine. Begin to set ourselves free simply by not letting them control our minds. Everything else follows.

Don’t feel guilty for being human and being alive on this planet. It’s a blessing not a curse.

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  1. Those blessed times are done by now. The interglacial is quickly coming to an end and the ice is growing rather quickly.

  2. I wonder if the end of the Younger Dryas coincides with what was recorded in Genesis as The Flood. I have read Biblical scholars who say that the years recorded in the old testament are not precise.

      • Yes, I think so. Obviously the ancients who lived in the Middle East would not have been aware of Ice Ages, which is why there is no mention of the Ice Age in Scripture. I also believe that there was an advanced Nephilim ruled civilization during the latter part of the last Ice Age, which God wished to wipe out due to its wickedness. In fact the Garden of Eden may have existed somewhere in the Arabia peninsula. Such a location would have indeed been a paradise 18 000 years ago, being cool and temperate due to the glacial conditions further north, and not having the fiery heat of today’s climate in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. I am very anxious to try to reconcile Ice Age history with the history in Scripture relating to the Fall and our subsequent salvation through Christ.

    • You mean this:
      The younger Dryas were well before this event and several K years after the 8500K cooling event plunge.
      The implication is the Glacial advance was still retreating several thousand years after the Holocene Max and probably continued to do so until about 4500 years Before present day, and that two thirds of the Holocene Interglacial was required to return the Glacial advance to two meters in sea level than now, and with the glaciation since 3500 yrs. Ago, to where it is now, and a 1C margin between a tepid average worldwide temperatures we have now, and a return to a full on Glacial advance. No wonder this interglacial is a stunted affair compared to the previous three much warmer Interglacial periods than this one. We are more at danger of a glacial advance than a return to the benign temperatures of the Roman warm period.
      The fact is, our current sea level may well below the mark given the state of the earth orbit, tilt and progression as well as a stable solar output from 2056 to 2144, when another cycle like SC20 is due, after that is another three output cycles, before the next GSM starts

  3. So they are demons. What are you going to do about it? It really is not enough to keep saying AGW is false. The science is absurd but that is not the point. The point is political dominance. AGW is clearly an evil doctrine; a destroyer of mankind, put forward by those who hope to profit from the submission and destruction of the human race. This last is the fundamentally important point.

    Man is the measure of all things; not X is the measure of all things where X is anything other than man. Clearly if X is the important thing man will be sacrificed to X whenever it is deemed a conflict arises between the two. The logic is not escapable. Those who are the priests of X do not seek to escape it but to use it to their benefit. They seek to put a collar around the neck of mankind stamped with the name of X and ride mankind.

    No matter how important the Earth is to humans it must always come second to the welfare of humanity. This is true for the rest of the universe as well. It would seem that as the Greens have founded a new and evil philosophy or, perhaps, religion by claiming X other than man, the opponents of the Greens must found also a new philosophy or religion which asserts that X is man.

    Something explicitly meant to counter the Greens. The ideas need not be new and probably will not be. As man is the measure of all things is hardly an original thought so will the rest of it likely not be original. It is simply a new package designed for the fight ahead.

    But that does not mean the package is not important. The backers of the Greens have infinite financial resources behind them. The opponents of the Greens do not. Something else is needed to catch the attention of the population which will generate the power to overturn the evil elites of this world who seek to mesmerize the population.

    Satan incarnate is loose again in the world and claiming to be God. What will you do to stop this treasonous angel from destroying the children of God?

    • Quote:
      Something explicitly meant to counter the Greens. The ideas need not be new and probably will not be. As man is the measure of all things is hardly an original thought, so will the rest of it likely not be original. It is simply a new package designed for the fight ahead.

      The so-called Greens are just a new manifestation of technology/energy Ludditeism carried to extremes. The greens want to return the world to a pre metal-age environment, with humans living in so-called harmony within a golden age with nature, subject to its solar cyclic nature of bounty and famine, heat and cold. In doing so, the population of humans will be required to crash to a few millions, or worse, far fewer.
      Given that DNA evidence suggests a population of just over 12,000 individuals at the start of the Holocene Interglacial, this wish is a recipe for the extinction of the human race.

      Greenism is placing all humans in an emergency condition, particularly if a socialist UN World Government is seduced into atmospheric particulate geoengineering by the very same Ologists luddites who have corrupted human science over the last 40 years. Because once a glacial advance starts, there is nothing on earth or the solar system to stop it, other than working through 140K years of a glacial advance and the extinction event of other animal life that would occur.

  4. I suggest that the best “new philosophy” needed to overcome the sick “global warming etc” campaign that is wrecking western civilisation – not least by deceiving the young through fake, unscientific education – is the philosophy expressed at spacerenaissance.space (with which I am associated).
    A key point is that fully-reusable passenger space vehicles have been feasible for half-a-century already, but space agencies are not interested. Several companies are now developing sub-orbital vehicles to start Space Tourism – for which there is limitless potential demand.
    Once fully-reusable orbital vehicles are developed, all space activities will get cheaper and cheaper forever – creating limitless opportunities for economic growth decoupled from the Earth’s environment. Space tourism alone will grow for decades to huge scale, just like air travel (currently 3 Billion passengers/year) – through sub-orbital, orbital and then lunar tourism. The first Lunar Olympics could be held in the 2040s.
    Perhaps best of all is that this vision of space travel becoming as common as air travel, and thereby creating an open-ended future raising living standards for everyone forever, is very popular with young people. It knocks “global warming” scare-mongering nonsense out of the park.

  5. While scrolling through TV-channels this morning I picked up a caption, “activists to sue French Government for not doing enough to combat climate change”. Presumably because Macron backed down to the protest against increasing carbon tax on fuel. Could readers confirm this?
    If so, i.m.o. this will be a good thing. It will drive a wedge between environmentalists and the protest movement in France and elsewhere. And between environmentalist and the hitherto silent majority.

    • For confirmation Google “activists sue French government …”. A group of NGOs including Oxfam and Greenpeace. If those have physical addresses in Paris, the yellow vests could pay them a visit to discuss carbon taxes.

  6. A geology graduate here and a skeptic. It’s a nice post and surely caught my interest. So I have included it in my new daily news segment World In Brief posted on my blog Word Matters!.

  7. Most winters in Ireland now are like having three Novembers in a row. I didn’t even need to have my heating on for the whole of xmas day and I am at almost 55 degrees north. Cattle are still grazing high on the hills, whereas in the past they would have been taken down to lower pastures by the end of October.

    • All the benefit of a meridional oceanic climate, and living in the prevailing wind from a much warmer South West Atlantic, enjoy it while you can.
      I would suggest looking at weather reports for the period 1770 to 1820, and 1870 to 1920 for a climate similar to what we are experiencing at the moment.
      How warm was it in 1947, 1962/63, 2010, those kind of winters may become more prevalent over the next 20 years as this GSM continues to bite.
      After all the Vikings were perfectly happy farming in South Western/Southern Greenland at the end of the Medieval Warm Period, until the Wolf GSM came along soon to be followed by Spoorer, Maunder and concluded with Dalton.

  8. Don’t get too complacent with current UK and Ireland mild weather.
    IF a High Pressure builds over Southern Sweden this winter, it will swing the wind CLOCKWISE around the High, so the wind will come from Siberia. It is minus 40 Celsius in parts of Mongolia now. THAT is the type of cold air that would blow our way.
    It happened last March with the Beast from the East. I mentioned he risk last Xmas, 3 months prior to the occurence.


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