We’re losing our freedoms, and we’re likely going to have to fight to regain them

There’s an old saying, “Socialism… a political ideology which you can vote yourself into, but which you have to shoot your way out of.”.

We’re losing our freedoms, and we’re likely going to have to fight to regain them

LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

Any study of history will show that when socialists take over, they purge society of the weak and the political activists… in our case, that means the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, and the Antifa types.

If history holds true, look for the Antifa types to be the next target.

My take is that this is a scare-tactic, orchestrated by socialists / communists in the UN, assisted by the equally socialist WHO (which is in China’s pocket), promulgated by socialists in media to sustain the panic, with reassurances and pandemic-paychecks from socialist politicians to keep the sheeple compliant.

There’s an old saying, “Socialism… a political ideology which you can vote yourself into, but which you have to shoot your way out of.”.

In this case, I do believe they’re attempting to implement ‘socialism’ without so much as even a vote… which means it’s not socialism, it’s communism, backed up by the firepower of the government.

We see this already in pastors being arrested (violating their right to free expression of their religion, and their right to peaceably assemble), people being arrested for taking a walk alone (violating their right to freedom from undue search and seizure and the right of free passage), people having their right to free speech violated, people having their right to keep and bear arms violated… we’re losing our freedoms, and we’re likely going to have to fight to regain them.

Arm yourselves, stock up on ammunition, prepare for a guerrilla war in which we target those pushing this. It may not come to that, but if it does, if you’re not prepared for it, you’ll never get the chance to prepare.

Once (if) that warfare starts, keep in mind historical perspective… the biggest mistake made in the past is allowing even one of the perpetrators to get away scot-free. We must eradicate those who would destroy the world in order to rule it, to send a strong message to future would-be tyrants.

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  1. The almost universal governmental refusal to use Hydroxychloroquine therapy show how deep rooted the problem is. This virus is a New World Order tool to strip us of our freedoms. The puppet masters do not want a quick cure they want total control.

  2. I believe there is no doubt that this is all a well-coordinated effort to take down Trump. Fauci the Weasel is integral to this. I hope it doesn’t come to civil warfare, but it might get close. Trump has to understand that the Deep State will stop at nothing to take him down. Add 5G to the formula, and I can’t even think about it. See this:

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, but I can’t see that the banks robbing us of billions upon billions is socialism; looks more like capitalism w/o limits– or class warfare by the richest 1% against the 99%, which has nothing in common with socialism.

    Capitalism has come to mean total freedom– for the very rich, to do anything they like to the rest of us. We’ve been propagandized diligently for many years to believe that capitalism means freedom, but I’ve come to believe that Michael Hudson is correct in this video https://michael-hudson.com/2020/03/debt-and-power/

    Socialism isn’t communism, but it does acknowledge that some things are to be done by the govt as services; not everything is to be for as much profit as can be squeezed out of it, as has happened to our healthcare.

    Here’s an article that indicates how it is that Black Rock & Vanguard have taken over healthcare. We’ve the most expensive healthcare in the world, but have fallen to 33d place in life expectancy. http://thesaker.is/the-oligarch-takeover-of-us-pharma-and-healthcare-and-the-resulting-human-crisis/

    Btw the WHO is in Bill Gates pocket, not that of the Chinese; he subsidizes it heavily. And the villain has given $1 billion to manufacture an unnecessary vaccine for covid19. (Shades of ID2020)

    • Yes and fachism you can vote in but somebody else has to come drag you out of. Not convinced Trump is up to it. Flirting with Mabus (MBS). Anybody hear about comet Atlas, ,Comet of the Century’?
      “When princes die the heavens blaze forth” in a couple of weeks from NOW !

  4. I want a license to print money backed by nothing and then everybody pays ME the interest on the debt FOREVER in increasing amounts.
    Not going to happen though, it’s only ok for Uncle Sugar.
    In debt we trust.

  5. Socialism or Marxism is just a tactic like democracy or even capitalism which is instituted by the globalist oligarchy and the tribe to get what they want.

    Preferring one tactic over another does not deal with the basic problem. The rule of mafias over you.

  6. HA ! the county is never getting them back. as the people have shown how easily they can be manipulated at the cost of their livelihood, their future and the country’s future over the rational thought that not even 1 hundreds of 1 percent has been infected ? why would any group that kind of control over a population. what a pathetic country we have become.

  7. You are not getting socialism, you are going to get fascism.

    In socialism, it is not the billionaires in charge.

    In fascism, it is the billionaires and the military.

    BIg difference.

  8. Wow, an article with some teeth in it and
    so VERY true. I`m not so sure the people who comment here will be in agreement
    Too bad though This will be necessary to take this country back
    No voting is going to get us out of this mess

  9. The core of Marxism is the marriage of big government with big business. Marxism comes in two flavors—communism and fascism. Under communism, big government owns big business. Under fascism, big government and big business work together for mutual benefit, though big business is under the control of big government while still in private hands. In both cases, big government controls big business.

    I used to wonder why big businesses tend to support leftist, socialist causes. Why would capitalists support socialism? But after learning about the Marxist/socialist roots of fascism and National Socialism, I then looked at what is happening in our country, the actions of the big “capitalist” companies, then a light went on—those companies are Marxist/fascist, not capitalist. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sergei Bryn, and others like them, are just as Marxist as George Soros, Bernie Sanders and many others in our society.

    Do we have it in us to fight to win against these enemies who have already declared war against us?

  10. The Antifa are aligned with Socialists and the Antifa often carry Soviet flags (a yellow hammer and sickle on a red background) at their rallies. Although the Antifa pay lip service to Palestinian rights, many Antifa members are Jewish and the Antifa fanatically support Israel. Although the Antifa preach against Islamophobia, the Antifa strongly support the USA’s “War on Terrorism”. Although “Nazis”, “Fascists”, and “Antisemites” are the Antifa’s stated arch-enemies, the Antifa aspire to be a paramilitary like the Nazi Brownshirts. Although the Antifa claim to be “Anarchists”, they actually want to replace the Police as the enforcers of a community-based “law and order”. Although the Antifa claim to oppose the current political Establishment, they support it in some important ways that escape the attention of the Antifa rank-and-file. It is quite likely that the Antifa are a pseudo-insurgency that is covertly supported by the Establishment itself to perform social engineering, extra-judicial policing, and to push forward agendas that the Establishment does not want to openly endorse. I don’t think that the Establishment wants to eliminate the Antifa; it’s more likely that the Establishment helped create the Antifa and will continue to use them as puppets.

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