Were the increased deaths in care homes coordinated?

Sufficient fear to make people give up their nation’s economic prosperity requires a lot of deaths.

Were the increased deaths in care homes coordinated?

Meaning, was it coordinated worldwide that all deaths, whether caused by covid or not, were reported as covid deaths?

Sufficient fear to make people give up their nation’s economic prosperity requires a lot of deaths. Is it possible that the increased deaths in care homes was coordinated? Covid may not always have even been a factor. Changes in regulations and exclusion of families appear to have been the major factors.

UK: If a resident showed any one of many nonspecific symptoms including confusion, malaise, falls he was to be assumed to have covid and little medical assistance offered. DNR’s (Do Not Resuscitate) were ordered, often without the resident or his family’s knowledge. There was a ban on hospital transfers.

In this miniscule population UK had 50-60% of her “covid” cases, amid charges of undercounting. Bodies were ordered to be hastily removed and buried or cremated without postmortems and cause of death to be determined by a coroner who’d never seen them living or dead.

Canada: Same regulation changes. *VIDEO https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/21/watch-james-corbett-interviews-rosemary-frei/

Scotland: Nursing home Island of Skye ALL the residents got covid although hotels were closed and traffic on the only bridge stopped. Covid-positive hospital transferees were “unwittingly” allowed.

France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium 40-60% of “covid” deaths in care homes.

US: *VIDEO Interview of undercover nurse at Elmhurst hospital, NY with hospital video clips. https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/21/watch-james-corbett-interviews-rosemary-frei/

https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/20/watch-the-nhs-pushing-dnrs-on-the-mildly-frail/ Video presentation of documents authorizing changes.
Scotland: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/25/world/europe/coronavirus-uk-nursing-homes.html

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  1. I can only say this – to any western government, those that are over 65 are a financial liability. At that age, we tend to be less healthy, thus need more medical care, and this is a financial burden on western governments. Also, take into consideration that often these same people are drawing a government backed/paid for pension, and you suddenly realize that if you wanted to purge any single group of citizens, retirees, especially those that do not have significant personal assets, and are the most expensive group of people, to save tax income, those in nursing homes, in particular, are the perfect ones to get rid of. Sorry about the length of that sentence. Some days I can’t figure out the best way to break it up.

    Sadly, it would not surprise me if we are targeted because we paid a lot into the system with the expectation of getting care back, but because of insurance, the costs of care have skyrocketed.

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