West Coast vs East Coast

West Coast vs East Coast

Hmmm. Let’s see. Do I prefer warm? Or do I prefer cold?

Earlier this week I posted a photo of the magnolia tree in my front yard to show how warm it is in the Seattle area.


Long-time reader Shirlee Mays, who lives north of Montreal, thought you’d like to see a photo of her magnolia.

Our magnolia - near Montreal

Dear Robert,

This is reference to your article about snowfall in Nebraska and you included your picture of your beautiful magnolia.

In the center of this picture is our magnolia, taken on 28 March, just a week ago.  Sure looks forlorn eh?  It was snowing at the time too.

I must not forget to tell you where I am.  I live halfway between Montreal and Ottawa in the east of Canada.

Thank you for all the news on your website – I’ve been following it for years.

Sincerely, Shirlee Mays

Hmmm. Let’s see. Do plants prefer warm? Or do they prefer cold?

8 thoughts on “West Coast vs East Coast”

  1. The magnolias here in Lane County,OR have been blooming as well…but with all the rain the buds and blossoms are dying quickly.
    It may be wet…but i would rather be here than in the midwest or east…
    i am also a long time follower of Robert/IceAgeNowInfo.com. When there is major news i come here before anywhere else…usually the media is tight lipped about stuff they don’t want ppl to know…Felix usually has stuff on events 2-3 weeks before the media lets out even a squeek…Thanks so much Felix!!! We all really appreciate it! 🙂

    • It doesn’t matter. There are probably no magnolias in bloom in Canada so far. It’s hard to tell, tho, when snow is piled up to the second story of houses in some areas. The time it will take for the ground to thaw in southern Canada may affect the amount of wheat available from there, along with our Northern tier states. If I’m wrong I will be glad to be educated by those living there.

  2. My daughter, an environmental lawyer, lives in the Bay area and at the height of our snowy winter here in NE Pa asked how I liked the cold and ice and walking the puppy a mile or two in the snow several times a day.
    I asked her if she likes to drink water and take a shower.
    Nuff said.

    Besides, if global warming is so bad, why are folks all retiring to the southern USA and places like Costa Rica and Belize?

  3. I don’t have a magnolia tree. I do, however, have a golden rain tree that supports my currently blooming climbing roses. The little pond I dug a year ago is full of newly hatched tadpoles. The ferns around it are threatening to take over. In short, things are lush and green here in my west-central Florida yard. Give me warm any day of the year. I love it.

  4. So her Magnolia tree is at about the same latitude as yours. Looks to be a couple weeks behind at least! The winter has been really tough in the east

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