Western Australia – Big freeze continues as Jandakot hits -0.4C

Numerous regional centers record below-freezing temperatures.

In Perth the temperature dropped to 1.6C while Jandakot dipped to -0.4C, below freezing for the second morning in a row.

Pearce recorded an even 0C at 6.27am and Perth Airport fell to 0.5C.

The big chill follows the coldest night for two years when Perth dropped to 0.4C and Jandakot recorded -1.6C.

Inland, Warburton plunged to -1.5C overnight and in the Goldfields, Laverton also went below zero, recording -0.4C.

In the Central Wheatbelt, Cunderdin was again the cold spot with -0.8C, but that was warmer than yesterday’s -2.7C.

In the Great Southern, Wandering dropped to 0.3C.


Thanks to Laurel for this link

“Its a bit nippy for west aus this winter,” says Laurel.

6 thoughts on “Western Australia – Big freeze continues as Jandakot hits -0.4C”

    • having ICEicles hanging off the oranges in Florida and Iguanas falling out of the trees for the last 2? years I know of..I think YES, it could ,Julie.

      and in the WA/perth item, consider its a rather large city, take away the UHI and it would have been round the 1 to 0 C as well I bet.

  1. Ironic that just days after Australia began implementing their carbon tax to forestall global warming they are hit with extended periods of record cold.

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