Western Hudson Bay freeze-up earlier than average for 1980s for 3rd year in a row

After five good sea ice seasons in a row for WH polar bears, this repeat of an early freeze-up means a sixth good ice season is now possible for 2019-2020.

This is the third year in a row that freeze-up of Western Hudson Bay (WH) ice has come earlier than the average of 16 November documented in the 1980s.

Reports by folks on the ground near Churchill confirm polar bears are starting to move onto the sea ice that’s developing along the shore after almost 5 months on land.


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4 thoughts on “Western Hudson Bay freeze-up earlier than average for 1980s for 3rd year in a row”

  1. If they actually cared about bears they would be concerned about other actually critically endangered bears. 40,000 bears wandering from Alaska to Greenland to Norway to Siberia isn’t endangered by any measure. And there is a lot of ice, despite what they might want to convince people that Florida is 500 feet underwater already.

  2. Yet the chukchi and Bering sea are still well below normal in ice. We know that temperatures during the maunder minimum in that part of the world warmed up, but those who still support AGW will clamor that is proof.

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