The wettest and now the COLDEST! Britons shiver as temperatures plunge to record lows

Set to be the fourth wettest summer since records began in 1727.

“Heating back on as record cold night ends wettest summer,” reads the headline in the Telegraph.

“The second wettest(summer)  in the UK since records began – and the wettest summer in 100 years,” says BBC news.

On same day Met Office reveals it’s been the wettest summer ever, temperatures plunged to almost record summer lows overnight, while other areas did reach record lows.

Bradford for example dropped to 2.8C last night, its lowest August temperature since 1908

Braemar is Scotland was the coldest, dropping to 28.22 F (-2.1C), followed by Aviemore near Loch Ness on -1.8C and -0.7C in north-east England.

There has only been one August night colder, August 21 1973, when Lagganlia in the Highlands suffered -4.5C

The Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Northumberland saw frost while most parts of the UK were close to freezing as most Britons shivered in their beds.

The wettest in a century

Data released by MeteoGroup showed that 14.25 inches (362mm) of rain fell in June, July and August so far, outstripping the previous worst period in 1912.

MeteoGroup forecaster Nick Prebble said this summer is set to be the fourth wettest since records began in 1727.

June 2012 was the wettest since 1860, had the least sunshine since 1909 and was the coldest since 1991.

I’m guessing that the Brits would like a little global warming right about now.

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“I wonder what this winter will bring?” aska Aubrey. “Looks like it could be starting early.”

26 thoughts on “The wettest and now the COLDEST! Britons shiver as temperatures plunge to record lows”

  1. So much for the heat waves some forecasters were talking about it just further proof are climate cooling off despite northern Britain having very little of the good white stuff us in the UK this winter I betting a nasty winter this year

    • You can’t judge earths overall climate just from your local weather; where I live it has been an above average temperature summer. I look at the stats everyday. Just yesterday it was 33 C. and the average for this time of year is 23 C. And this was the general trend the entire summer. I don’t believe there is such thing as man-made global warming. I do believe our overall weather patterns are changing, but not necessarily going towards warm or cold overall.

  2. I have an unfortunate feeling that very soon we will be reading another article similar to the one that was published last year concerning the European elderly passing in record numbers as a result of the increasing cold. To those in Britain and the Continent; please look after your oldsters. All things come full cirlce.

  3. So much for the heat waves some forecasters were talking about it just further proves nature is sticking the fingers to met office and these other warmists to anyone who believes in global warming wake up and stop dreaming the heat is gone get over it there’s one good thing with frozen coasts free holidays in another country plus no boarders

  4. In 2002 we travelled to the UK on September 11 – only day there were hundreds of seats available, wonder why ?

    We drove to Bath where it was 25 C – warmer than Brisbane at the time. We spent 2 weeks plus, had nothing but mostly balmy weather around mid 20s in the day and only cool at night. Spent 4 weeks in Europe where the weather was similar – balmy sunny days.

    Returned to Englandlate October where it had become much cooler – like is being reported now.

    Just shows things can vary – this is some weeks earlier than 2002 for a cold snap.

  5. So much for global warming…

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley…”—Robert Burns

    And they’re likely to gang even more aft agley when you try to say cooling is warming, and assume everyone in the world is too stupid to tell the difference.

  6. ‘I’m guessing that the Brits would like a little global warming right about now’ I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea on that lol, asthma in summer knocks my socks off, arthiritis in wet weather and winter cripples me so its steroids inhalers one half, painkillers and hot water bottles the other half, sometimes both! lol. I’ll settle for reasonable warmth with no pollen nor grass cutting *winks* and reasonable rain prefferable at night while im all tucked up in bed lol.

  7. Although Winter last was quite warm, in fact hardly any snow at all, and this followed a similar type of Summer in 2011. I think it’s just a bit of natural cooling that will end soon and man-made global warming will take over again 🙂

  8. A single night minimum below freezing does not necessarily mean a cold winter ahead. The figure of -4.5C quoted for the Scottish Highlands in August, 1973, is a case in point. The UK winter of 1973-74 was mostly rather mild but with some severe gales in January, 1974. Similarly,early snow in October or November does not necessarily point to a severe winter ahead. The severe cold in December 2010 had eased considerably during the last week of the month. At my location no snow at all fell during the following January and February.

    • Yes, in Scotlamd we cannot use weather in Autumn to predict the winter ahead. Octobers in 1980 and 1981 were unusually cool and snowy and they were followed by a White Xmas in Glasgow (1980) and by the record cold of January 1982, but there were also other cold snaps in other Octobers that were not followed by cold winters. However some Warmo-Panickers would have us believe that record night minima, such as recorded at Braemar/Aviemore( noted frost spots) are increasingly unlikely to happen because of the anthropogenic CO2 blanket( yet here they are happening nonetheless) I see too that the Warmo-Panickers are sneaking in comments about ocean current changes and Jet Stream shifts, presumably to cover for a cold NH winter this year.

  9. There was a program series on PBC here in the states that told of the history of a town in England from the time of the Anglo-Saxons to the present.

    In the early days of the 14th century the weather turned cold. This period, now called the little ice age, began with a series of very wet and cold summers in England followed by famine.

    This could be a harbinger of bad things to come in the next few years.

  10. Her Majesty was recently seen on her way to a rap concert in her Rover, sporting a fashionable hoodie, dawg:

    You know we’re heading for hard times when QE II goes ghetto. What next, Prince Philip with a gold tooth, cornrows, and a Mercedes hood logo around his neck?

    God save the queen? Hell, what about us?!

  11. THIS kind of environmentalist attitude started by the Nazis which funded Darwism.

    The idea of Darwisim went back to the early 1800s but no word was coined until the 1860s by a German environmentalist who led farmers to insane environment laws similar to laws today such as limited hunting.

  12. Wonder if Piers Corbyn would be willing to come forward and add some commit on the coming winter for Europe and North America.

  13. Only PORTIONS of the United States,the midwest mainly,had the highest temps in the entire northern hemisphere.There was no real outbreaks of above average heat, except in those protions of the US,and even then it didnt seem to be record breakers so much overall, except for the day they occured on….June and July was rather hot here,in North Carolina,but no real record breakers,but….Ive noticed that this August, has been at or below normal.Yet you hear nothing about this fact.Its been a really different kind of August around here this year.Usually August is pretty toasty.

  14. What you fail to add is that there is no likelihood of such low temperatures continuing.

    In London the low dropped to 9C and is predicted that temperatures will be 18 – 22C highs and lows of 12 – 15C the next 5 days.

    Nothing abnormal at all. Just one cool night.

      • Today Aberdeen in Scotland recorded 25.2C – its highest ever September maximum. Just part of the natural variability in the climate. If that temperature was recorded in December, I just might start taking global warming seriously.

  15. I’ll have to agree with Mr. Lost, hardly a winter. September 1st already in southeast Texas, hard to believe, a little rain here which is welcome. Almost got sick two days ago it was so hot and humid. Yesterday it was so hot and humid, the humidity is the real killer, when I got home from work all I do is collapse from exhaustion and try to recuperate. Getting old being on the roof top. I grew up without A/C, now I can’t live without it. Shows you how weak we’ve gotten, I guess. I laugh when I see other articles calling the labor day holiday the last holiday or the official end of summer. Summer doesn’t end here until November, if we’re fortunate. After the “year without a winter”, and the sizzling hot summer which is still full on, I think we are going to have another mild winter. Don’t think we need to worry about falling temperatures. Yes, there is global warming, but its not man-made!!!!

    • Dale, I too live in SE Texas, and the MSM must have fooled you too, because the temperature in SE Texas has been BELOW AVERAGE. It just goes to show you how being bombarded with “hot” comments can sway a person’s perspective.

  16. Cold records are seldom mentioned in the MSM. And when they are, it’s always just weather. Warm records are headline news and they are never just weather, but they “proove” global warming.
    People rely for their information about the world on the MSM and in this way they are being brainwashed to believe the nonsense of global warming. So it is good that Iceagenow pays attention to cold records. There will be a lot of those when the new little ice age starts, after the present weak solar cycle 24 will have reached its maximum in the second half of next year or in the following year(s) .

    • So Argiris, when do you think we’ll ever see any cold temperatures down here in South East Texas, specifically those that entail records being set?… I’ve been reading articles in the “Ice Age Now” web-site for almost a decade now. And more recently, posts from readers about a new “Little Ice Age”, combined with comments on our past and present weak solar cycles. That of which I’ve been reading about since 2008… But all this waiting and hoping for a change in the weather is getting old, especially when our winterless winters and sizzling summers continue… So what do you, are anyone else think about this? I just hope I’m still around when some sort of a cooling trend does actually happen.

  17. I believe that nature has a way of creating a balance. After the wettest summer in the UK since 1912, I am expecting some fine, warm and dry weather this autumn. After the hot, dry summer of 1976, the skies opened up at the beginning of September and the rain poured down for weeks afterwards.

    Even in a severe winter the cold spells rarely last for 6 weeks or more. The notably snowy winter of 1946/47 didn’t get underway properly until the fourth week of January. It was late December before the winter of 1962/63 really started to bite.

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