“We’ve never seen this much snow in Montreal”

13 Feb 2017 – Montreal Breaks Winter Snowfall Record

Last December we saw about 25 cm, but last night we got 38!

30 Dec 2015 – “We’ve never seen this much snow in Montreal”
The last time we came close was on December 29th 1954 when the city was hit with 30,5 cm of snow. But yesterday, we got a whopping 39,2 cm of snow.


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According to Kevin, the above article was written by a 12-yr old.

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  1. I lived in Montreal for many years, maybe for a 12 year old it was a lot of snow, in the early 70’s one year in late March we had approx 32 inches of snow in 30 hours, that is approx 81 CM….that was a snowfall…

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