Whale trapped in ice off Newfoundland – Video

This week’s storm lead to wildlife fatalities

Whales and dolphins became stranded near shore due to the large chunks of sea ice blown by strong winds.

Unfortunately, the whale succumbed.

For a story with a happier ending, see how humans braved the blizzard in order to save dolphins trapped in thick pack ice


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    • The 1960s were still in the cooling part of the cycle (ca 1940-1977) preceding the warming to 1998(which triggered the Al Gore/Michael Mann-made global warming). At the time newspapers still speculated on an imminent ice age.

  1. And to think, if it hadn’t been for that guy using a SUV to get to where they could film that picture of the whale, that whale probably would have been swimming merrily out in the Atlantic, because everybody knows – except maybe those that produced this film, that carbon dioxide causes global warming which causes colder weather and more extreme storms. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Goracile.

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