What good will solar panels and wind farms be?

Includes a  video showing how the ice sheets built up on Baffin Island and then descended far into the United States.

What good will solar panels and wind farms be?

By tomOmason

Given all this worry and angst about “Affordable Clean Energy” (ACE)” and whether or not you can afford a health plan, consider that if the sun’s output stays low then we’re back to 1960s or 1977 winter weather. If (some) astrophysicists, solar science researchers, and meteorologists are correct with their calculations, then in less than 5 years we’ll all relive this kind of winter weather.

Here’s a video showcasing Leonard Nimoy (Spock), who presents an ice-age scenario.

This scenario is at least as reasonable and likely (IMO more reasonable and likely) than the idea that a rare atmospheric gas called CO2 is overheating the planet, but no one in power will talk about it.

When it comes to pass (when, not if ), what good will solar panels and windfarms be then?

How will your health withstand such weather and the shortages of vital resources?

By all accounts very few (if any) governments are preparing for such an eventuality.

Are you prepared?

Beginning at about 4:35 in, the above video shows how the ice sheets built up on Baffin Island and then descended far into the United States. I (Robert) don’t agree with all of that scenario because much of Alaska was not covered by ice during the last glacial advance. However, the ice-extent into the rest of the United States looks essentially correct. 

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  1. Wish there was a better video than this. It shows all of Alaska glaciated when in fact much of it was unglaciated.

  2. Right now I am sitting in a location in Washington State that was buried under a mile of ice during the last glacial max. It is hard to fathom. Warming is good. How have millions of people been brainwashed to believe the opposite is true?

  3. I live in Vancouver B.C. where the ice was 1.1 miles deep. 🙂
    Seriously, all it takes for an ice age to start is that each melt season does not melt the previous winter’s accumulation.
    The snow-ice cover for the NH for Melt 2017 was above the high side of the median band.
    It has been at this level since April, into this week.
    I did not note what it was for Melt 2016.

  4. How indeed do we prepare for this? Gary is bang on with that comment. Buy land in Mexico or Hawaii (they’re making more 🙂

    The only good news is that we come out of a glacial period like a rocket but go back in like a downhill ski run. At least that

  5. well under the solar panels if theyre on ground not on roof could be a shelter for animals or wood…briefly
    birdshredders would be wayposts and little else

  6. Back in the early 80’s there was a brutally cold winter in the NE. I was working on SCADA systems in the gas & oil industry and was in the control room in Houston that controls the main gas pipeline to the NE. It was running flat out and most indicators were alarming and in the red – they were pushing as much gas as they could. No major new pipelines to the NE have been constructed since, population has increased and they’ve closed some of the refineries up there. Another brutal cold winter up there and there will be a LOT of folks freezing in the dark.

  7. Re: Video – Dr. Gifford Miller is still alive 40 years after this video was made. He is currently still researching climate. In this video he says that the warming ended on Baffin island 3,000 years ago.
    I was if that fact still holds true today??

  8. Spock, your logic is inescapable, as is your Vulcan scientific integrity. Although since the time of this film there has been a 30 year period of warming, with very mild winters over Europe and North America, we are beginning to come out of this warm period, due to the Grand Solar Minimum. However during the same period the Western global elite have been pushing the AGW narrative, with great success due to their control of the media and also the late 20th/early 21st Century warm phase. Another problem is that unlike during the time of the video, there has been a total corruption of scientific integrity in the field of climatology due to pressure on scientists to conform to the AGW belief for fear of losing their jobs or funding. This means that when we have winters again such as the 1977 winter in the USA or the 1963 winter in Britain and Europe, everyone will freak out, being totally unprepared. Spock’s video is totally correct (apart from the Alaska detail) but I would say exactly one generation late.

    • Just a thought: I understand that TPTB have been thinking of way to reduce the world’s population and perhaps this is it. Push the idea that the world is overheating due to the population’s use of fossil fuels, get rid of those, replace with windmills and solar panels which don’t really work, don’t let the under-developed peoples develop — and just let a new ice age do the rest.

  9. In response to Brad Allen’s question about the cooling in Baffin Island, yes, according to results from the Greenland ice core samples, Greenland (and hence the Northern Hemisphere) has been cooling since 1000 BC (about the time of King David and the prophets). See the blog entry on this website of 1st September entitled “The declining Holocene. GISP2 data centuries and millennia: Tipping point at 1000 BC.

  10. What if oil and gas are finite resources and we run through the economically recoverable supply, and we have no alternatives such as solar and wind?

    Is anyone still pretending that oil and gas are infinite resources?

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