What if …

What if this climate-change thing is all about money and power.

No! That couldn’t possibly be the case, could it? Could it?

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

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  1. “What if this climate-change thing is all about money and power?”

    It is as is this Covid -19 thing. It is essentially scare tactics to get people to give up their freedom, their wealth and assets and ultimately their life so that the few can have the world as their own private country club without 7 billion plus people getting in the way. Just a select group of servants serving their masters. The war on terror thing is also part of the same strategy…. They pick away at us a bit at a time pushing their agendas forward and having convincing cover stories to persuade most people to go along with the new laws and regulations without resistance until it is too late to turn back the clock without violence. It is a strategy of crisis, reaction and solution done gradually. eventually they get you into the FEMA camp or the body bag without a fight.
    This is one of the reasons why the term conspiracy theory was coined. It helps to keep people from believing the truth and doing something about it.

  2. On PBS today was a Nova program called

    Can We Cool the Planet?

    Scientists look to geoengineering and other methods to cool the planet.

    Everything presented was 100% wrong and inverted reality.

    They actually want to stop sunlight because they think that is the only way to keep us from frying on the planet – and they say they want to do this even if we get carbon neutral.

    Well, someone needs to tell Nova that if we stop or reduce sunlight at the end of Holocene, on the onset of a little ice age that may be the last thing our specie does before it goes extinct.

    There are no adults in the room at Nova, they have bought the global warming hoax hook, line, and sinker. The damage they are doing by broadcasting this one sided fantasy of global warming is incalculable. They want to stop our carbon based economy at peak population. I mean that is completely suicidal.

    I surmise the reason for our downfall was the fascist tendency to not allow contravening opinions into this debate, as a result so many bought the program, and not to mention all the money goes to those who affirm the CO2 warming hoax.

    • “Can we cool the planet?”

      Are you serious? We just had an ice storm in October, the first time in Oklahoma City history. It was brutal. We’ll be cleaning up downed trees for weeks. What a mess. This was likely an introduction to Ice Age Now!

  3. Has been the plan since the “Green” socialists mounted their coup within the English speaking Climate academia, then spend the next 40 years indoctrinating the majority of the science based civil service into their political control and mind set.
    Politicians came last about 20 years ago place holders to rise thought the ranks. The Democratic party being the main house hold for these rising hero’s of Socialism, the infection has spread far and wide though out the Western countries economies and political arenas.
    With them comes the thug organisations, the shock troops of lone wolf fire starters, the race hate BLM movement designed to funnel funds in the Democratic party world wide and at the same time destroying much of the Afro-American communities while playing the blame game against the European based communities. The world is in a revolution, which at present is at a stalemate until the election is voted on and the result defined by the State and NOT the Democrat MSM.
    What ever happens, the Democrats will not accept the results of this election just as they haven’t accepted the 2016. election.

  4. Of course that is the case.

    We are sick and tired of taxpayers’ money being used to betray the interest of taxpayers to reward tax avoiders who are already far more than rich enough.

    It is absolutely disgusting.

  5. The only problem is … you can’t adopt to climate change if you are looking the other way! We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, generalized by colder temperatures, while the MSM/social media have the sheep looking at man-caused global warming! It’s like looking ‘left’ while crossing the street and not seeing the speeding car, coming from the other direction. The ‘sheep’ are being fooled in so many ways, politics, climate, healthcare, etc.!

  6. GSM is survivable, provided we start preventing the rest of the world from thinking we are a freeforall guest house.

    The next glacial period will mean the end of the western world, or at least the upper half of it.

    With a little luck, the world will have been demolished before then.

    We really NEED that Hyperspace Bypass!

    Share and Enjoy.

  7. It was good to here from JimBob,

    Society and prosperity is based on truth which is the opposite of lies. The history books have been rewritten to hide that the medieval warm period was warmer then now. What we see in our society and universities is a response of years of twisting the truth.
    We are told we have to change, when in reality the weather is just doing it’s thing, and in no way is out of the normal. It has 60 year cycles, 200 year cycles , 1200 year cycles and 1000,000 cycles. The lies are part of effort to destroy our great nation.

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