“When I see that picture of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt being blown up, my temperature goes up”

Video – David Bellamy: Man Made Global Warming is a Scam Designed to Control People and Increase Taxes

“When I see that picture of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt being blown up, my temperature goes up … followed by the CO2 as I breathe out,” says Bellamy at the start of this video.

“And when we look at all the ice cores that we’ve studied, that’s exactly what happens. The temperature goes up, and then CO2 follows, pouring out of the sea. So it’s not the driver of global warming.”

“If you look at the real data, which is the sunspots, on the sun, we are headed for 30 damn cold years.”

“When we don’t have sunspots, we don’t have that energy coming from the sun, we get colder.”

“We only hear one side from the media. If you travel into the Sahara, because of the CO2 going up in the atmosphere, because plants need CO2, 300,000 sq km (115,831 sq miles) is growing trees now. And we’re never told that. We’re never told that!”

Now we have carbon indulgences, you know, like the church offered indulgences in Medieval times.


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  1. My questions to an aggressive interviewer such as that guy started to become would be –

    1. I have a million molecules of ordinary air how many do you think are CO2 ? We should all know there are less than 400.

    2. I have a million molecules of ordinary air how many do you think are methane ? We should all know there are less than 2.

    3. Why do you think that such insignificant amounts of stable gases can cause the temperature of the remaining 999,958 molecules of air to rise by any significant amount.

    The alarmists are seriously deluded. The IPCC, established in 1988 was charged with establishing that mankind was causing global warming by emitting tiny amounts of a stable non flammable gas.

    32 years and billions of wasted dollars later they best they can come up with is fake data, fake graphs, a child advocate who dropped out of school and the ridiculous claim that today’s children from wealthy countries suffer climate degradation worse than child sex slavery or the equivalent of forced labour in the “salt mines” and the hyping of the misery of those who have lost possessions or, worse, their lives due to completely natural disasters.

    All in the name of how many failed attempts to overthrow democracy, introduce a regressive carbon tax, and probably prepare to remove a large proportion of the human race from the planet permanently.

    Seriously – how deluded and gullible are people who subscribe to this nonsense ?

    Of course it’s a scam !

  2. “Now we have carbon indulgences, you know, like the church offered indulgences in Medieval times.”

    The secular progressives have removed God from our daily lives. They have substituted Gaia as a replacement. AGW is a perfect replacement for religion in that it lets everyone assuage their guilt by “Saving the Earth”1

  3. That video is 10 years old – but still mostly correct. Sadly, David passed away just before Christmas. He was a straight talking no-nonsense sort of bloke with a gift for direct communication. He will be sorely missed.

  4. Russia Today caption: “Germany opposes UN ruling that asylum should not be denied to climate change refugees.” Shows the UN, the chief instigator of the AGW fraud, considers itself as Global Government.
    Aljazeera caption: “Norwegian court dismisses Greenpeace lawsuit against Norwegian government to permit Arctic oil drilling”. Any setback for Greens warms my heart. Wait for little Greta to tell the Judge, “How dare you!”

  5. My grandfather, Erwin Bezler, had a small greenhouse and some hot beds at the edge of his big garden that had many big crab apple trees, raspberries, saskatoons and you name it, in Redcliff, AB back in the 50’s and 60’s. He always talked as straight up as David Bellamy like in the video above and the other ’Ice Age’ common sense scientists and men like RWF… and he always had a ton of stories to tell about when he was younger.

    Well one of them was about the little open natural gas flame ’burner’ (basically a little old brass valve with kind of a skeleton key handle on the end of a gas pipe) that he “rigged up“ in his greenhouse to keep the temperature up when it would start getting colder in the fall and even pretty much through the early winter in southern Alberta – I gave him some Amaryllis seeds I’d help pollinate from a store bought plant and he’d create an absolute Amaryllis jungle in that greenhouse every fall and give them away to folks around x-mas. One day back in the 50’s an old Glass Factory co-worker buddy of his told him he was going to “gas” himself if he didn’t put a chimney on his little greenhouse ’burner’… so he rigged up a chimney… the temperature went down, the humidity went down, the CO2 went down and the plants went down…so he quickly shit-canned the whole chimney idea… and it was always, always a jungle in his little greenhouse after that. He was ’the’ master gardener on the planet as far as I, and lots of folks in Redcliff, could tell back then. No joke.
    Soooo… when they started to go full-tilt building greenhouses commercially in Redcliff, literally right beside and all around his house, (Grandma and Grandpa’s house was barely on the edge of town back in the 60’s/70’s) one of the commercial glass/plastic greenhouse managers came by one day while they were still constructing and asked him what his secret was to having such a green thumb and wanted to know very specifically about the details of his greenhouse design, (his gardening skills had become sort of common knowledge around small town Redcliff) so he told him there was basically no ’grand design’ and the story about the chimney boondoggle and showed him his ’dangerous’, that’s what the guy said, that it was an illegal open flame burner “a secret CO2, heat and water generator”, and it was likely a bit of “secret” (he had it hidden in the ’insulated air gap’ double wall at the back of the wood shack half glass fronted greenhouse) because even then the commercial side cash aspect and also the globalists want to keep this more to themselves (packed cities don’t have individuals with green houses with open flames) and especially from the general masses for the “control the food and you control the people” crowd etc. – and especially as it might mess up some of their eugenics, agricultural commercialization, Agenda 2030, vegan anti-meat Soylent Green plans – think-tanks like RAND Corp, Tavistock, CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs – Fabian Societies – the UN – Agenda 2030 etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Think_tanks_based_in_Canadahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_think_tanks_in_the_United_States – with lots making the long term big-ball ranch eugenics management plans. So now it looks like CO2 supplementation has become the new ’high-tech’ norm (that the globalists want to demonize and tax especially as we enter this GSM eugenics cull and natural selection per usual – rinse and repeat over and over throughout history – look at the years especially since 536, the dark ages, the inquisitions, witch trials, the Bolsheviks – 260 million killed by democide just in the last century – 6.5 billion on the books for this century https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones) for greenhouses in Redcliff, AB, the Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies. https://redcliff.ca So as Paul Harvey would say, “So now you know the rest of the story”. Grandpa didn’t invent CO2 but he did build, literally from scratch, a ton of other contraptions, gadgets and homemade inventions while puttering about in his little garage, mostly for his greenhouse and yard – his main hobby. I don’t know when folks started first pumping extra CO2 into greenhouses but this is the story my grandfather told me when we used to hang out together when I was a young boy in his greenhouse and shop/garage back in the mid/early 50’/60’s. He used to make all his own fishing spoons too. I sure do miss that old boy, old Grandpa Bezler, especially like right now. (He also took me fishing, just the two of us, caught my first pike from his boat with a Huck Finn style fishing rod and reel that he made and I still have, learned a lot from him, pocket knives, gopher strings, pocket watches, hunting, killing rattlers in the yard, we did a ton of other stuff together, he use to have a hunting springer spaniel dog named ’Sporty’ – no joke, that’s pretty close to Spotty, like below and Grandpa’s nick-name to friends was “eagle-eye” – No joke)

    Like in Jim Stafford’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjEQEUkRAQU
    Me and little Spotty, we seen it all
    I wonder why it is that a dog don’t get to live too long
    But he still has to die old
    I reckon just as well cuz
    I wouldn’t want little Spotty to see me like I am now anyway
    But you know something mister?
    I sure do miss that old dog…

    So imagine if there wasn’t one forum type Ice Age current extreme weather reporting, reality reporting website just exactly, exactly like this with non-PC Ice Age “real” men running them like there are today. None of us would have just heard old David Bellamy above talking straight up just like my grandfather used to, or real straight up talk from another old guys like RWF, Rolf and even me, like right now. I can see this site, ((((if the modern day Bolsheviks don’t succeed in shutting it down, or taking us out https://libcom.org/history/bim-bom-bang-bang-chekists-clowns (both sides of my family escaped from the Bolsheviks, pretty much just in time, back in the early 1900’s, and like Rolf Witzsche had to, or wanted to, leave Germany way back when too, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germans_from_Russia – there is nowhere to run today – we’ll have to stand our ground and clean house of the modern Socialist Bolsheviks who would put us up against the wall or the doors again. https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/14/greta-thunberg-world-leaders-against-the-wall/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_RSDqBn0bA H.G. Wells will be right… and if everyone doesn’t know who he worked for, they should. Don’t let this quote spook you – it’s just another NWO quotes list psyop attempt at predictive programming fear porn. http://libertytree.ca/quotes/H..G..Wells.Quote.0B33 )))) becoming something like the ’Ice Age Now Renegades of the Intellectual not Dark Web’ – there is no really dark anything on the internet – like the https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/08/opinion/intellectual-dark-web.html with everyone talking straight up and standing up and calling out these… well… that was a fairly long sentence. Another thing Grandpa told me one time was, “Never let the rotten b……ds get you down.”… (or something to that effect but not too PC today, maybe we’ll end up substituting ’Bolshevics’ eventually) and that was long before the IPCC and these Grumpy Grinch type psyops, false-flags and the ’invisible’ chemtrail planes (nano metal particle and ethylene dibromide chemical and other heavy metals like mercury mixed with red blood cells bombers – and where do the red blood cells come from?) overhead non-stop over populated areas or upwind offshore and upwind countryside so to speak, were not as common or as frequently staged… for me it all started with Ike’s, JFK/RFKs speeches, killings, moon landings faked or not… but the speeches definitely weren’t faked… 911 to the recent Greta psyops… not everyone will back down, at least not those of us who still have ’skin’ in the game. .. they’ll take the cold dead steer, from my cold dead hands or just zap us all with 5G https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9GlB0TPDp4 …(I don`t cut my grass-fed wild raised Angus beef cattle – young bull meat is way better tasting with ten times the testosterone that they are also phasing out, both beef and T – no beef – no testosterone – no hydrocarbons – few “real men” – and lots of men with ’Cover Girl Fake-up on MSM – no common sense – no civilization – figure it out)
    Herr Robert… IceAgeNow.info, your books and all the ’Ice Agers’ could already be the ’ne plus ultra’ underground/overground positive-self selecting for survival eugenics forum and that’s why they’ll either have to crash the net or the grid when the time is right in their think-tank “Technocracy” world, but it always comes back to weather and tectonics as the main drivers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technocracy and I’d say with the GSM becoming more obvious by the hours and day a bunch of negative eugenics for the many is likely getting closer… with the internet it’s temporarily a small world, (up to us I guess) so we don’t, or don’t take this site, your books, Rolf, Alan and all the professional eugenics exposers, the net, pre-censorship or free speech for granted. Muchas gracias, for everything you guys do, mi amigo(s) hermoso.
    A way more on the same page Robert RWB– Winston Smith

    these numbers below will be achieved:
    by doing this

    http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/General/JohnnyGotHisGun.html (we all like being on this side of the grass roots – but there is no place to run to this time in this Technocracy)

    It’s either DEM(s) Bolsheviks or “us“ … does that sound reGretably corny or what?

    • A “funny” thing I thought about after this long speech including the pure fluke of one of the grandson(s) of an Erwin Bezler, David Bellamy or even Rolf Witzsche relating their common sense stories, is that none of of their ancestors or most of the world or mankind will or would have ever found out that men like these inadvertently helped to “save the Redcliffs” or “save the world” with their straight up common sense Pythagoras level http://www.iceagetheatre.ca/h264_1920/Truth_720_1.mp4 of truth and common sense talk that is going to be needed during this next 90,000 years on “The Time Machine”.
      Cheers from a way more on the same page as Rolf and Robert RWB – Winston Smith

      • OK Dad….. I finally get it. Family is the name of the game, not just our immediate family, it’s the family of… wait for it, that “evil” word… “man” or ” mankind”…. and not “peoplekind” and we’re probably going to need guys like you and Rolf, and whichever crazy “Robert” you and that other Robert you are today to help get us through this next IceAgeNow. Love, Kell-Belly xoxo

        p.s. I really miss Greatgrandpa Bezler too….
        and thank you to all your Ice Age “crazies” friend “geniuses” including Quick Dick McDick. Dangit anyway’s, you and your “evil” twin(s) really know how to make me cry and laugh and cry sometimes…xo

        p.p,s. – don’t forget it’s was Prof Valentina Zharkova who really figured it all out for you “guys”.

  6. “6.5 billion on the books for this century“ – should read “this decade“ – Agenda 21 (21st century) got re-named to Agenda 2030 for a “Deagelly“ good reason.

  7. David Bellamy was ostracised for saying this, while Greta Thunberg gets maximum media attention for preaching the lies, and they call it science. Look in the mirror humanity you may be able to see the ring in your nose.

  8. What analogies!

    Purgatory and man-made climate change!
    Indulgences and carbon credits!

    I’m a Christian, and know that purgatory was invented so that indulgences could be sold. As Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.”

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